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  1. imprezaworks

    Snappy contact number

    Anyone got this chaps contact number. Ref a wheel that needs sending. Thanks
  2. imprezaworks

    Leaky boiler, found the leak....

    Over the past few weeks the boiler has been losing pressure and I've had to top it up. How I haven't spotted this before I don't know. Its leaking from the pipe going onto the expansion vessel?. I have booked British gas who are coming out a week on Tuesday. The heating before topping it up...
  3. imprezaworks

    My iPhone 11.
  4. imprezaworks

    24/27” Gaming Monitor. Who’s got which...

    Curious as maybe looking to change mine. Only play FPS games so high refresh rate etc. Can see me getting a ps5 but not anytime soon.
  5. imprezaworks

    My P20 Pro. Ends Thursday.
  6. imprezaworks

    Whattsapp Transfer

    So going from Android to iphone. What's the best way of transferring stuff over guys?.
  7. imprezaworks

    Mercedes Alloys.

    Any questions please ask.
  8. imprezaworks

    98 R Nissan Micra 1.3. £260
  9. imprezaworks

    iPhone 12

    Who's waiting to get one.... Im due an upgrade so decided to wait and see what this brings.
  10. imprezaworks

    500 litre Waste oil container

    No idea what it's worth really. That or not alot. We've had it years. Suppose ideal for garage or home use maybe...
  11. imprezaworks

    Detailing stuff
  12. imprezaworks

    4k Monitor or better 1080p monitor?

    Looking to upgrade the Ben Q rl2455. I have the Ps4 Pro and wondered would I get a better quality experience with either of the above?.Cost is a factor. Lets say £300. I would be after a tn panel due to refresh rates etc.
  13. imprezaworks

    Phone, which one.

    Currently got a p20 pro, due an upgrade in July. It has been faultless. Do fancy an iPhone again but not at £70 a month. So the newer ones are a no go. I currently pay £34 with EE. Options are. iPhone 8 plus, maybe buy outright (its my birthday in two weeks) and go sim only at £15/£20 a...
  14. imprezaworks

    Bouncers car wax
  15. imprezaworks

    MacBook Air Issue

    Think it's about 12/18 months old. Now water was spilt on it and we assumed it was knackered. But, it works. Only If you leave the charger plugged in. Battery status bar is stuck at 59% and poor battery. So. 1. Can you replace the battery?. 2. This issue wasn't there before flood. 3. Is...
  16. imprezaworks

    05 Inferno. Wirral.

    Out for a daily walk and spotted it. Anyone on here?
  17. imprezaworks

    Deleted Voice mail

    I deleted one by mistake a couple of days ago. Can they be undeleted?. Android phone. Cheers.
  18. imprezaworks


  19. imprezaworks

    Who's was this YouTube featured inferno

    Kind of recognise the reg.
  20. imprezaworks

    Clarke Compressor
  21. imprezaworks

    A mature drivers car.
  22. imprezaworks

    Car Insurance

    Just ran some quotes through on the Golf. Sky/Brentacre are the most competitive 'modified;' at £450. Adrian Flux, over £900 ;/ A lot seem to stipulate not being able to drive other cars. Currently with Hastings which do so i may stay with them. I work in the trade and on the policy in...
  23. imprezaworks

    iPad advice.

    Been offered a 2018 model iPad (not sure on memory size or if there are particular models?) Has a crack on the screen that can be rectified through a mate of a mate for £40. Is that a good price? As it is it's £60.
  24. imprezaworks

    Current daily for sale

    Thought I'd pop it on here too
  25. imprezaworks

    Gaming headphones

    What we using and do you rate them etc. My Kingston hyper cloud are good, think I paid 60 ISH a couple of years ago. Think the mic needs to be better though. Anyone tried a few sets and settled on one pair. Astro A40 seems a good shout. Along with the razor V2.
  26. imprezaworks

    For the parents. Pram content.

    Nice condition.
  27. imprezaworks

    Hold the phone it's been reduced

    Been for sale forever.