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    LY 182! (With a little bit of vee)

    So, some of you know that I bought a LY182 off eBay on Thursday (I was only after some Recaro seats for the vee and was bored scrolling through eBay for them and came across this LY). So me and @Stu- set off at 5am On a 700 mile round trip. It said on the sat nav it would take around 6 hours to...
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    Radio dea

    Got in the car, started it, radio worked. After being in shop, got back in started it, no radio, no fuses blown. Any idea anyone?
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    Dreaded bonnet flip

    Not mine, but happened to someone I know yesterday travelling 60mph and bang. Outside lane of a dual carrige way so coulda been a lot worse! Iv kindly volunteered to help sort it. Typical damage, shattered windscreen, bent bonnet and dinted the roof. Surprisingly it didn't crack the arches...
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    Team valley tonight.

    A few of us are going up tonight if anyone fancies a drive out. Me @Stu- and jonw279 will be there about 730. come say hi!!
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    Lakes Meet 2014

    So Saturday gone we had our yearly meet over at the Lake District. A bit different from last year in terms of car wise, we had a couple of trophy's and a couple of ph1 172's (including Craig's supercharged one, what an animal, dare say it stole the show too!) ,they are v6 owners, but...
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    Let's organise a meet....

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    North East Car List

    Following on from the 'how many sports in and around the north east' I thought it would be a good idea to get a list together to see what we have. The other thread is getting on 3 years old and I imagine we have members who have left / or joined. So, to add your self to the list don't quote...
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    Spotted myself!

    Searching through twitter and this came up. Tickled me, strange seeing some complete stranger, find, edit and post a picture of my car!
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    Carbon bonnet Vs standard bonnet

    I cannot for the life of me decide. Iv almost had the tools out on numerous occasions to change it over. How it sits at the moment, the bonnet sticker has gone though! Or back with the standard bonnet and sell the carbon fibre one. Oh and I'm going to get quotes for putting back to...
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    Lodge lights in seaham, 7:50 am this morning.
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    Wheel & Pod respray

    I'm after somewhere up here thats decent at spraying wheels. I'm going to price up getting my car back to silver pods and wheels. I'v thought long and hard about doing this, to me the car looks fantastic in the flesh the way it is, on photos i think differently. I think it would also stand...
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    Chick magnet. Erm. Yeah....
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    BG V6.

    After picking up the vee just over a week ago iv finally today been able to enjoy it for what it is. Went for a little mooch about and took a few snaps. Only used an Iphone so pictures arent fantastic. As for the black on black, it is growing on me, however i may be tempted to put it back to how...
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    Rolling road

    Where's the closest, most believable rolling road around this way? ​I wouldn't mind sticking the vee on see what's she's giving.
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    Toyosport exhaust.

    I'm after a new exhaust for my car, seen a toyosport one for ebay for £200, unfortunaltey i missed out on it, the seller claimed he decided to keep the current powerflow one he had on so thats the reason for him selling... Now the guy who bought it has relisted it at double the price...
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    Trophy rep. Seaham.

    Lodge lights at half 1? Lookin good with the 3/4 plates, may be tempted myself.
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    Insuring your excess...

    I was talking to my mate last night, he was talking about his dad (police officer) and how some of his work colleges are buying a 'retirement' car with there lump sum they get when they retire, so im guessing some flash sports, or at least high insurance group. He said how they plan to put the...
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    LY, Sunderland cinema car park, 830ish: YE51

    Parked 4 spaces along from me.
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    Black 182 A19

    Heading towards testo's roundabout, 3:20pm :D
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    Headlight module unit?

    So after having an auto eletrician out to sort out my xenon headlight, turns out the 'module headlight unit' as he called it has gone. Its the little silver box that is underneath the headlight, you can only just say see it on the passenger side. He says to either replace that, or more...
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    Xenon not working.

    My front drivers xenon is not working. I have put the bulb into the passenger side and it works, meaning there is nothing wrong with the bulb nor ballast. Is there any other common problems that occur with xenons?
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    Xenon bulb replacing.

    My drivers side light has stopped working, i only have standard ones in. Where would be the cheapest place to buy new ones? It looks to be a right pain in the bum to fit too!
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    Trophy going past dalton park. 8:50pm

    I'm sure i'v seen you around before too. :)
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    Mk 1 Silver V6

    Going through Tyne Tunnel at 12:45pm.
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    Artic 182 Wetherby Services M1

    2 o clock ish maybe. Seen the Cliosport sticker so I purposely parked 2 up from you at the services! Went in.... grabbed some food..came out and you were still there :o
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    Blue 182, Seaham Grange

    Followed me along past the indutrial estate, turning left onto A19. 1130 ish?
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    Halfords Sunderland... 172.

    Nice looking 172 at halfords sunderland, 12ish today.
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    FAO Renault Techys - Car check please?

    I'm going to view a 182 very soon, however, with it having different alloys im unsure if it has both cup packs, Could it be possilbe for someone to check YH54LYA to see what it was specced with from new? Many thanks.
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    I see a clio sport sticker! 1.2 with a 2.0 lump in :)
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