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  1. Flat Eric

    L60 CUP.

    @BaileyWolves is this you? I was on the way to work yesterday and you were heading the other way towards Perton. Nice looking motor
  2. Flat Eric

    182 feeling restricted after being sat on incline.

    Did a quick search but couldn't find exactly what I'm after. So, I first noticed this other week when car was parked on the drive at new house, it's on a slight incline but nothing ridiculous. I start the car up and pull off drive to find that the car is restricted and won't move above 2.5/3k...
  3. Flat Eric

    Adjusting Rear Anti Roll Bar (soft to hard)

    Hi all, was wondering if I have gone about this the right way Managed to get the clio on some ramps earlier. I started by removing the bolt either side which connected the drop links to the bar itself. Then to attach the drop links to the closer hole (hard setting) I needed to loosen the upper...
  4. Flat Eric

    Trophy in Aberystwyth near cliff railway

    Seen today whilst I was there to view the mrs Uni dorms Wondered if it's a member on here
  5. Flat Eric

    Advice on monthly plan and network

    Going to get a 5s today if I can I then want to get a sim only deal, I'm currently on orange, and the deal offered is 3gb 4g data unlimited minutes and texts for £31 a month Or..... I've had a quick browse on Vodafone, and they've got an offer on, 6gb data, Unlimited texts and minutes with...
  6. Flat Eric

    West Mids Christmas night out in Brum...

    I know it's a while away, but thought with plenty of notice we could sort something more solid this year with sorting a night (preferably Friday or Saturday) and maybe hotel for some? What do you lot think? Get some food down us then hit the bars and clubs? Just an idea...... Chris
  7. Flat Eric

    Sunflower Ph1 172 A404

    Seen just on way back from Wokingham. (2:25pm) :)
  8. Flat Eric

    Yamaha GP800cc WaveRunner JetSki PM's welcome for any details :)...
  9. Flat Eric

    What size wiper blades? Tried searching

    Need some for the 182. Looked on Internet but I'm getting all different sizes and not sure which is which before I place am order. I did try searching on here but had no joy Don't mind going for aero wipers or the normal style ones Cheers Chris
  10. Flat Eric

    Liquid Yellow 200 M42 17:50 BV10 BAD

    Soon caught my eye went it went past. Stunning Chris
  11. Flat Eric

    LY R27 Bilbrook near Wolverhampton

    Spotted just parked on a drive, I was in my 182. Don't see many LY R27's about near me too :) Chris
  12. Flat Eric

    10 plate 200 MOD Stafford

    White 200 Seen this today too. Cup spoiler on the rear. Chris
  13. Flat Eric

    Inferno 182FF MOD Stafford

    Seen this morning when I pulled up for work. Looked nice Chris
  14. Flat Eric

    Black mountains meet Just wondered if anyone fancied it this year, it'll be the week after the big meet on the 17th. But I'm game. Last year was a good turnout. I owe Tom C a lift too if your up for it :)
  15. Flat Eric

    Will these fit 182 alloys

    As title. Will these fit onto a 182 alloy? I understand that 182 tyres are usually 205/45/16. Cheers.
  16. Flat Eric

    What size speakers can I fit into the Clio

    Just wondering what size speakers I can get in the Clio or am I stuck with standard size? Standard size is 10cm iirc(been a while)? I want to know because I'm thinking of upgrading sound system after Christmas with a head unit, amplifier, speakers and a sub. If anyone knows if its possible...
  17. Flat Eric

    RAF cosford, 172 cup and LY R26

    Starting work here today for 3-4 weeks and spotted these straight away. Wondered if the cup was on here at all. Looks like a minter as well
  18. Flat Eric

    Looking at lowering the 182

    As title states. I'm considering lowering the 182 and am wondering what options to go for. I can't afford to go for coilovers so am thinking more on the line of lowering springs. But which to go for??? Ive read a few threads on people saying they can mess up dampers etc but how true is this...
  19. Flat Eric

    Discount code for auto brite?

    Anyone know it? Tried a search on phone but no joy.
  20. Flat Eric

    Cd player won't eject!!

    Got in car just. Popped a cd in the head unit. It's a standard 182 cabasse tuner list cd player. Realised I put wrong disc in. So pressed eject. And bam. Nothing. Pressed again. And again. Nothing. You can hear something going on when I press eject but nothings happening. Wondered if it's...
  21. Flat Eric


    Looked stunning. Never seen one before on road. Very nice.
  22. Flat Eric

    Hi pitched whistling noise?????

    No idea which section to put this so I've whacked it here. So, when I drive my 182 up to around 93/95/100 ish mph I get a really loud high pitched whistling noise. It doesn't go away either the faster I go? I know these speeds are silly but I noticed it on motorway before :-/ Thought it...
  23. Flat Eric

    I know this is really thick, but......

    I keep seeing 1*2 around on here Is this just people saying 182 differently or something totally different? Just wanted to ask.
  24. Flat Eric

    NG04 NGN??? Any1 know this arctic 182 up in Scotland?

    As title states, I'm trying to source out previous owner of car, I'm guessing it was on forum as I noticed an old sticker on it yesterday whilst washing it. Cheers It's arctic blue, FF. reg is NG04 NGN
  25. Flat Eric

    In need of a panel filter..... ITG or Ktec?

    As title states I'm looking to buy a panel filter to replace original one Which is better? Or they both the same? I know ITG is more money but is there a reason behind it? Cheers
  26. Flat Eric

    In need of a new cat pipe

    As title I'm in need of a new cat pipe as the flange is all cracked where it connects to the cat back. How much am I going to have to fork out? It would be cheaper to have a de-cat I know but I'm unsure if it's best option regarding MOT's Any help much appreciated Chris
  27. Flat Eric

    In need of some new discs and pads... Help :-/

    Hi all. My 182 is in at the garage today to have some bits sorted, blowing exhaust, squeaky brakes etc Mechanics rang just saying I need new discs and pads on the front. The rear are fine. Just want to know what I'm looking for really. I've got around 200-300 pound budget on these. Less would...
  28. Flat Eric

    Warning lights on dash? What does it mean? Help!

    On way home from college today, the SERV light, ABS and ESP lights were displayed. They stayed on all the way home, and when I turned ignition on and off just they were not displayed? What did or does this mean? They may be displayed again later as I will be driving again. But was a little...
  29. Flat Eric

    Petrol blue alloys????

    Just googled petrol blue 182 and it come up with these alloys on images, they have Renault diamond in centre. Just wondering If they were a Optional extra,
  30. Flat Eric

    Speedline 2118's on a 182

    Was looking on ktec just. Are these a straight fit for the 182? Don't know too much about alloys, and offsets etc Help is much appreciated Thank you Here's the link