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  1. andy_con

    what web site builder to use?

    any recommendations on what to use to build a web site. about 10 years ago i used to be pretty handy with joomla and could build a decent site. but that was a long time ago now. not interested in like godaddy or anything like that. will be for selling items
  2. andy_con

    Paint experts - paint for doing inlay

    I currently use nail paint/varnish to do inlay colouring on aluminium. At the moment it's just lines so pretty simple. I now need to do larger whole shape infills, ideally using a syringe. Anyone got any paint recommendations, ideally runny I can put into syringe.
  3. andy_con

    Ive Ordered A New CNC Router

    Im like a kid waiting for Christmas!! (excited) the time has come for me to get a bigger cnc router, my current one does 525mm by 280mm. which is pretty limiting. Been speaking to the chap for a few months about requirements/spec etc... and i finally ordered one -...
  4. andy_con

    Embedding HTML into outlook email?

    i want to embed this into an outlook email, is it possible? <iframe width='1280' height='720' src='' frameborder='0' webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> ive tried a few methods from google but none are working?
  5. andy_con

    Web sites building and 360 degree photos?

    is there a way to get a 360 degree photo to work on web sites? those ones where you move your phone around to move the photo. i used site pro to build my site, it was free with my hosting :)
  6. andy_con

    Broken Laptop Help

    purchased a hp x360 convertible two years ago, after 10 months the screen popped out of the plastic surround. Took it back to currys and they happily sent it off to HP for a repair, 6 months after that repair the screen popped out again. contacted currys again who said its now out of warranty...
  7. andy_con

    Home Cloud Storage

    With more phones now doing away with memory cards I refuse to pay a monthly subscription for cloud storage. From a quick google cheap cloud storage could cost around £50-60 a year. I know nothing about home cloud storage but are there any good options? Mainly for me and wife to store photos...
  8. andy_con

    Wooden Car Signs/Logos

    Bit bored tonight, so heres some more bits ive made during lockdown. given i dont have any form of license to sell any of these i have to be careful when posting on FB! made from a mixture of solid oak and solid beech. its really hard to find large flat sheets of oak that is affordable, so i...
  9. andy_con

    Kids Lamps

    been making a few of these of recent, they come out really well. kids love em bases are just cheap ones off ebay and in using 3mm clear acrylic.
  10. andy_con

    Wavelength Division Multiplexing

    So… this is a project I undertook last year, im sure a number of people know I love to play with lasers. The technique is called wavelength division multiplexing, in simple terms its how you get lots of data down a fibre optic cable. So you combine (overlay) different frequencies of light into...
  11. andy_con

    Bluetooth lantern

    I'll start small and simple before I do a big thread at some point this week. The wife and I saw a large wooden lantetn at a garden centre and said looks really nice, not sure what we will do with it, it's only £25 let's get it. It sat around for a good few months then I had the idea to use...
  12. andy_con

    Photo Editing Software (HDR)

    what options are there for doing AEB/HDR photos? just looked at lightroom but seems pretty expensive given im just messing around with photos from my drone. all comments welcome
  13. andy_con

    What happened to...

    The legendry photoshop request thread? Can someone put a squirrel sunbathing on this garden chair?
  14. andy_con

    Something similar to Dropbox?

    I use Dropbox a lot, but they now limit free accounts to a max of 3 devices. If you want to link more it's $12 a month. Is there anything similar to dropbox that's free?
  15. andy_con

    Social Media Managment Apps/Help

    anyone use any apps to help manage a very busy social media life? I need help but not sure how or what im after to be honest, just keen to see if there is anything out there and if anyone else uses anything? business posts I do on FB get around 1000 likes, many many comments and today along...
  16. andy_con

    Water droplets - how amazing

    How f**king Cool is this
  17. andy_con

    Faster Broadband

    am currently with BT and my internet is slow, really really slow... ive ditched the BT HH and got a decent wireless router, but not changed anything. god knows why I pay £50 a month for it! my post code is CM7 9NF no one really seems to offer superfast in my street, I assume there is nothing...
  18. andy_con

    New Wireless Router Help

    given the current situation ive been told to work from home until further notice, which is fine we are fully set up to do so. but my wireless router in the workshop is a bit old and slow and skype doesn't work when im connected to it. its a cheap probably 5 year old TP link jobby. we are with...
  19. andy_con

    Lets Talk Printers?

    two weeks ago I purchased a small (a3) vinyl cutter, size wise its all I need. I have an existing cheap A4 printer that takes cartridges. im looking to replace this with an A3 printer that I can refill with ink bottles, rather than cartridges. I only do a handful of prints a week, so do not...
  20. andy_con

    Anyone use Inkscape?

    As title, today is my first day using it 😔
  21. andy_con

    Reliable source of 18650 Batteries

    as title, anyone know of a good source for quality 18650 batteries?
  22. andy_con

    Alexa help?

    So we have a single Alexa which the kids love, we pay the £4 a month for amazon music. We move it from room to room which can be a pain. The wife wants to get the kids an Alexa each, but from some googling it looks like its going to cost me £15 per month to enable all 3 alexa's to have...
  23. andy_con

    Triggering External Flash on Android

    CS knows everything right? ;-) google hasn't come up with any proper solutions. anyone know of anything? I want to be able to trigger a external flash from a tablet/smart phone
  24. andy_con

    BG smart socket help

    I purchased one of the above from screwfix, its not till you open the box and start reading the instruction your realise its not that advanced!! it only works with 2.4 not 5. ive got a BT HH5, so ive split the signal into 2.4g and 5g but it will wont connect. anyone got any suggestions
  25. andy_con

    Number Plate Spec / dimensions

    there is plenty of info on the web about how to design a number plate, size of plate and letter font etc... but whats missing is corner radius. is there a standard corner radius? or are they all different?
  26. andy_con

    mHUB Chicago Tour

    Wish things like this were around when I was young! How amazing
  27. andy_con

    Lets talk house alarms

    So some friends round the corner got broken into whilst out trick or treating on Halloween, smashed a rear window and climbed in. So I'm now looking at house alarms. I dont want a battery powered alarms, proper alarms don't run on batteries. Batteries are for girls! Go with me here, I see...
  28. andy_con

    what size bolt in 182 foot rest

    as title, the bolt is an m...?
  29. andy_con

    Smart WiFi Double Plug Socket

    will this burn my house down?
  30. andy_con

    Todays Random Wifi Question?

    so... when you go into say a big office complex they have multiple wireless routes around the building so the whole building has wifi coverage. but you only enter the password once and from then on your phone will just switch between them all so you have coverage. how would you do this at home...