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    172FF Vs Fiesta ST

    i got properly humped by a X reg zetec s a few months ago in my 172. from 30 ish right up to 100 and odd. it was stripped out and probably had other mods but jesus it was fast. P.S. he drove like a normal driver. lmao @ the clio sport drivers have a better driving position comment. I know one...
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    It not very often i post on here nowadays but i just thought i would pop out of my hole under my rock to say "Mat your a prize c**k" See you all in another 4-5 months ;) Oh and sorry to hear about the accident F0xy and "Hey" Maz, long time no see
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    engine cutting out!!

    Its encouraged! :D
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    engine cutting out!!

    Wasn't actually meaning pictures of the car. We have seen a clio before :) Only joking, you sat on the car will do just fine :rasp:
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    engine cutting out!!

    Never heard of posting a picture ;)
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    engine cutting out!!

    Exactly my thoughts lol
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    why cant i log on cs from my mobile??

    Because your phone is too full of gay p0rn benny boi, the cache cant hold anymore info
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    Heel toe and double de-clutch video...

    Now thats a skillful driving technique
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    What do we make of this? Cat C

    I like people like you, you and the people with the misinformed "All cat C,D's" are bad and should be steered clear off keep all the prices of them down ;) Seriously tho in some ways a cat C would be better than a D as at least they are inspected to a certain extent, and as also said a lot...
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    Modded clio from South Africa pix!

    Car not to my tastes Driver is the opposite! They do however have something in common. Both car and driver would look better with the kit off!
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    Quick steering alignment Q

    ^^^^^^^ lol On my way back i will call in at the well known but little advertised wh*re house and say i know you, might get that 63 year old you use for £30 too ad :rasp:
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    Quick steering alignment Q

    Cheers me dear :D Bloody tweeks isnt the easiest place to get booked in at. Well unless your you and on first name terms with all the staff! Last time i was in there the guys on the service desk were talking about you :rasp: Might try and nip it in somewhere this week more local
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    Quick steering alignment Q

    Hey, Just a quicky. My steering wheel is slightly off centre. I.E. top centre (12 o clock) is actually about 2 o clock when moving. Is this something that getting the tracking done will sort out? If not how much extra ontop of tracking does it usually cost. Obviously one of the previous...
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    Quick steering alignment Q

    Hey, Just a quicky. My steering wheel is slightly off centre. I.E. top centre (12 o clock) is actually about 2 o clock when moving. Is this something that getting the tracking done will sort out? If not how much extra ontop of tracking does it usually cost. Obviously one of the previous...
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    New Member :)

    So true Welcome to CS tho ;)
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    Stainless 172 exhaust systems

    Yep it is. Also as for sound deadening i have gone the opposite route. Currently mostly stripped out now, cobras going in as soon as i have time and thats about it ;) With me driving it for about 2 hours a week on average tho its a nice change to driving my daily drive of a Vectra
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    who can remove my middle section?

    There is a powerflow dealer in warrington. Think its behind Mr Smiths. But forget the name. Never been there and they always seem to be busy from what i hear so could be ok. If not i know of one in stockport thats not to bad. I had them weld me a bracket in for my magnex on my old 172. If...
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    Stainless 172 exhaust systems

    It is a VERY good system. I love mine. The reason i love it is because i dont have to drive it everyday ;) Only on the weekends and maybe a night or 2. It is a little loud for an everyday car. My garage is under my house and when i take it out or put it in the plates all rattle in the...
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    106 gti Vs clio 16v?

    he was lying then. i have seen 106s running @155bhp own a clio. I drove Ben_ps when he had his and it was easily williams pace if not a bit more. Also between 0-70mph a standard 182 would struggle. Also its not a car you could lose in the "twisties". in fact the opposite could be said
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    Pics of my 172 {56K=NO!}

    Its a no from me :nono:
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    eba warning seller id : 106parts

    Yeah thats they one mate. As i have already said i have spent a fair bit there too in years gone and service has been top notch. They have even put jobs off to fit me in and parts have always been promptly delivered.
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    Stainless 172 exhaust systems

    If you can live with the noise then Yozzasport gets my vote
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    throttle body kit(s)

    Was a touch bored so just had a quick look on a website, just incase you have been deluding yourself for a while. Below are the stats. Hairdressers car maybe, great at shopping also true. Fact is tho its faster on paper than your V6 and also highly acclaimed in all the motoring press which is...
  24. L

    throttle body kit(s)

    Think you will find it is most variations of the K series engine mate. You really know your rovers i will give you that :S Not so much on the underperforming heavy V6 tho.... ......Little thought, where does the MG come on the topgear powerlap tables? Best time round the Ring? 2nd thoughts...
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    !Sport Headlights!

    I find it hard to believe that between reading the FT and the Guardian while smoking your pipe you dont have the time to open Whatcar/Autocar/Topgear etc and look at the performance figures page. Or indeed any review of the cliosport hatches. This would save you the trouble of registering on...
  26. L

    Help From phs1 172 owner required.

    Well if you still need it confirming by the time i get in from work tomorrow then i will go and measure it for you and drop you a PM mate
  27. L

    got blue flame today!!

    Gain wise i dont think your looking at much, maybe a 1-2bhp increase. Again heard mixed reviews about them, infact you hear that about all of them. I had one on order but then cancelled at the last minute and stumped up a bit extra and went to yozzasport instead
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    Help From phs1 172 owner required.

    Did you get the info you needed mate?
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    eba warning seller id : 106parts

    tbh mate i used to have a lot of dealings with this company and they were always spot on with me and a lot more people. (rally register and pgti) If its the same company your on about i know they have a lot of dealings on ebay. Its awkward sometimes as they dont have a...
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    Advice on cost of a cat d clio

    Doesnt have to be crash damage either. Mine had vandal damage to all the interior and all the windows put through along with some light panel damage. To be honest since the incident its had a respray, and brand new panels etc its actually a lot tidier than my previous newer ph2 172