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  1. Jack-C

    Let's see your Black Gold's

    Few pictures of mine over 8 years of ownership and counting.
  2. Jack-C

    New Alpine F1 livery

    This black colour scheme is a temporary winter livery and is a tribute to the A500 F1 prototype from 1975.
  3. Jack-C

    500bhp mk4 Clio Hillclimb Monster

    From the brief description on the video it says the car has been under development for 3 years and its still in the testing stages. I think once the car is in its final form it will be quick in the fwd class.
  4. Jack-C

    500bhp mk4 Clio Hillclimb Monster

    This mk4 Clio features a totally bespoke wide body kit and is powered by a 500bhp Megane engine. The car weighs 1100kgs and competes in hill climb events across Europe.
  5. Jack-C

    Rear arches scrubbing

    I ran the same set up for a brief period with new dampers and also had scrubbing issues, I changed to 195 tyres which cured the problem. The most straight forward fix would be to remove the stub axel spacer.
  6. Jack-C

    PMS 240 engine

    Having personally seen the tricolore cars as mentioned above over a number of seasons I can echo what Bob has said in that they are ultra reliable and very quick. A well sorted Clio with a pms 240 engine makes for a great all round package and in both cars the engines were built by pms as far...
  7. Jack-C

    Snapped Cooksport spring- what next?

    So making good use of the bank holiday weekend I had some spare time to swap my Cooksport springs over to the new H&R ones. Last year I had a full suspension refresh so everything was easily removed and the car was a pleasure to work on. First impressions of the new H&R springs after a short...
  8. Jack-C

    Snapped Cooksport spring- what next?

    Thanks for the input Davo. Yes I remember the Cooksport hype very well, cant believe it was so long ago now! That’s great feedback, I’m set on the H&R’s and will be ordering them tonight ? Cheers! Thanks for your input, Sportlines are very popular and have been for so many years on here...
  9. Jack-C

    Snapped Cooksport spring- what next?

    That’s good to know Thanks!
  10. Jack-C

    Snapped Cooksport spring- what next?

    Thanks for the feedback, it’s always nice to have more options to look into. I have seen the Grams on Kam Racing’s website so it’s good to hear how they are performing. Eibach Sportlines are certainly a contender. I thought snapped Cooksports were quite common on the Megane’s but now I guess...
  11. Jack-C

    Snapped Cooksport spring- what next?

    Whilst I was out driving a few days ago my front nearside Cooksport spring snapped. I’ve tried to get in contact with Cooksport to see what they have to say but they haven’t got back to me. I’ve had these springs on my 182 for 6 years and 20,000 miles. In the last picture you can see the anti...
  12. Jack-C

    EFI Parts 1000bhp F4rt Renault 5

    Chris at EFI Parts ever so close to a 1000bhp F4r but had to stop due to blowing a boost pipe off at 55 psi.
  13. Jack-C

    ClioSport 2019 Calendar

    My calendar came in the post today, great quality and the photos look excellent! I was surprised to find one persons photos have made 5 months and the front cover though! I think there are some superb photos in this thread that have missed out on this occasion but that’s a minor gripe of what...
  14. Jack-C

    ClioSport 2019 Calendar

  15. Jack-C

    Electric ratchets

    That’s me sold on the sealey then! I’ll get one ordered. Thanks for the fast reply @Mash.
  16. Jack-C

    Electric ratchets

    I’ve been looking at these recently and I’m trying to decide between the Milwaukee and sealey. @Mash. How is your Sealey one holding up one year on?
  17. Jack-C

    Ricardo's Pearl White 220 Trophy

    That is a great looking car! I really like those Silver details with the pearl white paint. Enjoy!
  18. Jack-C

    Colour ideas for track alloys on BG

    White or anthracite always looks good however racing blue wheels look great on bg if you decide to be bold! Here's mine on silver ultraleggera's, I like the silver or lighter colours on bg because you can see the shape of the wheel without everything being too black. Ultras's again but in...
  19. Jack-C

    Saffron Yellow V6 Ph1

    Jean Ragnotti - Renault rally legend
  20. Jack-C

    Budget suspension refresh..

    Renault Parts Direct have got cup front dampers on offer at £71.84. They also have other suspension components on offer which could be worth a look Hope this helps
  21. Jack-C

    Virgin Cancellation

    Yeah I know it's not great. I do get vivid 200 as part of the mates rates but other than that it's just the basic package. The price has gone up so much in just over a year, like I said I started paying £26.99 12 months promo price that has now risen to £33 as a new customer. I was then paying...
  22. Jack-C

    Virgin Cancellation

    I also signed up to virgin media with mates rates from the member on here and I started off paying £26.99 a month for phone, broadband and tv which then went up to £35 after 12 months which I was fairly happy with. We had a price increase a while back and I've just received a letter today...
  23. Jack-C

    Steering Wheels (Snappy Ones)

    I've had my snappy wheel fitted on my car for just over a year and it still looks as good as they day it got delivered. Perforated leather thumb grips and bottom section with silver stitching. Very pleased with it and would defiantly recommend getting it done.
  24. Jack-C

    Car related YouTube channels?

    @GrahamS A lot of people start up a channel just using their phone and it makes a lot of sense because you can film, edit and upload all on the same device.
  25. Jack-C

    Show Me You Door Bullets! [Black Gold]

    16mm spacers and ET38.5 cup turinis. I've also got 10mm spacers on the back which works really well. @brohoward71
  26. Jack-C

    Show Me You Door Bullets! [Black Gold]

    Anthracite bullets with titanium silver.
  27. Jack-C

    The Chris Harris thread

    Incredible! A fantastic video and three truly amazing cars.
  28. Jack-C

    Steves Black 197 soon to be boosted!!

    wow! Love your attention to detail. This is an impressive build and your car will be awesome once complete. Welcome to the forum!