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  1. Leeshez

    MR Billy UK.

    Hi i saw you on Friday about 12.30PM, I let you out of the Shell fuel station on Bolton Road, I was in the black Berlingo. :).
  2. Leeshez

    French Car Show,

    Hi is anoyone from the Northwest traveling down to the show this year?
  3. Leeshez

    Blue 172

    This afternoon in Blackburn behind Strawberry Bank. YE52 JTX
  4. Leeshez

    Black 182

    YL04CKU On Morrisons car park in Great Harwood, Yesterday at 1900ish.
  5. Leeshez

    High level brake light.

    Is this easy to remove or is it spoiler off? Also are the bulbs individual or is it soldered on a strip? Thanks :).
  6. Leeshez

    Black 182

    9am Today in Colne, I think the plate was S12OAR. Looking good :).
  7. Leeshez

    Recommend me a tv

    Hi guys, I'm after a Full HD 32 LED TV for my bedroom, It has to have 2 HDMI ports, one for the Virgin Media and the PC. What do you guys have? Thanks Lee.
  8. Leeshez

    Thumb grips.

    Thanks to Russo for supplying them. My drivers side was shot at. It took around 10-15 mins to complete. All i used was a fine flat head screwdriver. I will let the photos do the talking. Removed. Finished. Thanks Lee.
  9. Leeshez

    182 Blackpool

    A black / gold 55 reg on Progress way at 12.30 today.
  10. Leeshez

    Which Sat Nav

    Hi there i was wondering which sat nav's you guys use? I have a tom-tom one XL. The maps are out of date. It will cost about £45 to update them. So i was wondering should i upgrade or just buy one with lifetime map upgrades. I am not bothered over Bluetooth but it has to be European maps...
  11. Leeshez

    Spanish 182

    I saw a black one at Gran China in Torrevieja on mothers day.
  12. Leeshez


    Just seen a 55 reg on Lynfield Road in Great Harwood.
  13. Leeshez


    Saw one tonight about 6ish on a drive in Newchurch at Pendle. I think the plate was T5???.
  14. Leeshez

    Dragons Breath

    No i don,t mean the Mrs shouting and talking rubbish LOL. I mean the wheel cleaner. Has anyone used it? If so what result and what do you think of it.
  15. Leeshez

    Galaxy S4 help.

    Hi guys, I have just bought one of these phones. My dab radio docking radio charges my iPhone 4. This is the one. I was wondering if i could buy an adaptor which would convert from iPhone 4 to the Galaxy S4. I have been looking but i am confused, which is not hard. Or they are the wrong way...
  16. Leeshez

    Head light correction

    I spent 2 1/2 hours doing mine today. It took so long as the neighbours kept talking to me and towards the end the battery on the cordless drill could not keep up. I kept charging it but i was using too fast. Drivers side was worse.
  17. Leeshez

    E 1 DJT

    Hi Darren i saw you today on Whitebirk Road at 11AM. Car was looking good.
  18. Leeshez

    Cigarette Lighter Question

    Hi guys and girls, Is there away of making the lighter a permanent live? ​Thanks Lee.
  19. Leeshez

    A quick question

    Hi guys i am thinking of getting one of these. Is there a device i could wire in my car so if it detected the car battery getting low it will turn it off and saving power. I have tried to google power / energy saver but not sure what it is...
  20. Leeshez

    Blue 182

    A 55 reg today at 5PM at a petrol station in Read. With stripes and the word trophy in white on the side trim.
  21. Leeshez

    BG 182, Blackpool

    Turning off Progress way in Blackpool about 13.15 today. It looked ever so shiny.
  22. Leeshez

    Exhaust size

    Hi does anyone know the width of the center section pipe. The thinner part not the flange. Thanks Lee.
  23. Leeshez

    182 Blackpool.

    Just seen a 04 silver one on a car park across from screw fix in Blackpool. YH 04
  24. Leeshez

    Blue 182 04

    Yesterday about 15.00 at Sycamore Farm Burnley. Looked good :D.
  25. Leeshez

    Trophy 55 Reg.

    East bound on the M65 about 11AM near J3.
  26. Leeshez

    54 Inferno

    Near Dave Fishwick van sales in Colne, On a car park.
  27. Leeshez

    Silver 172 02.

    This morning at foulridge about 11.15. Looked nice and shinny.
  28. Leeshez

    Silver 172 02.

    On the main road in Darwen about 13.30ish. It had red rims on the wheels.
  29. Leeshez

    Silver 04 182.

    Just off Montague Street in Blackburn today about 12ish.
  30. Leeshez

    Silver 172

    I saw an 02 today on Sett End Road in Blackburn at 10AMish. Looked good.