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  1. Stacy82

    172 Cup Kings Head Bristol

    Clean looking 172 cup near the kings head pub on the A38 IN South Bristol. Anyone on here?
  2. Stacy82

    Black 182 Portway Bristol

    Saw a black 182 with grey stripe on the A4 Portway in Bristol, anyone on here?
  3. Stacy82

    182 Heater temperature stuck on hot

    Hi, yesterday I was feeling a bit toasty so put the A/C on min to cool down, but noticed the temperature was stuck on hot. The fan speed still works as does the direction control but I cant adjust the temperature. I looked on here and saw the issue with the gears on the heater box and their...
  4. Stacy82

    Black 182 and Red 200 Bristol

    Saw a black 182 at Cribbs Causeway and a red 200 in Filton this afternoon/evening. Anyone on here?
  5. Stacy82

    Black 1*2 on turbines, Cheddar

    Black 172/182 on clio turbines parked up in Cheddar Gorge
  6. Stacy82

    White wide bodied mk2 track car Bristol

    Hartcliffe roundabout Bristol, looked like a bit of a beast.
  7. Stacy82

    Black 200t Hengrove Bristol

    Black 200t spotted on the A4174 in Bristol, looked mean in my mirrors.
  8. Stacy82

    Breakfast Club Bristol

    Saw a Monaco 172, RB 182, Artic Blue 182 and an Albi Blue 197 or 200.
  9. Stacy82

    My first Renault RB 182

    I've always fancied a 182, mainly been into Golfs but after a spell with an unreliable MK5 GTI i decided to bite the bullet and go back to N/A. I was looking at 182's and EP3 Type R's but after looking at numerous cars most being either not quite as described or total sheds I was giving up...