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  1. Adeyspec

    Coilover suspension height

    Hey all, for those who drive their Clio's more aggressively what heights do you have the car set at front and rear? This is for my Twingo with its engine swap but as its basically a Clio 172 but 4 inches shorter I though id rough it out similarly. Plus I'm more likely to get decent answers here...
  2. Adeyspec

    F4RT and gearbox options

    What Renault gearbox's would fit a F4RT engine even with some fettling? Will a TL4 gearbox bolt up to one? I have previously mated a JC5 box to a 197 lump using the sump and flywheel off a 172 for alignment and then drilling the block, the castings were there for the bolts just not drilled or...
  3. Adeyspec

    Looking for Twingo 2 wiring diagrams

    I know its a Clio forum but you are all so good at finding info so you might be able to help. My Twingo 2 isn't pre wired for cruise control but I am told it can be wired in. So say 3 maybe 4 wires to the ECU itself and 1 to the fuse box. Other than that its the same setup, switches and...
  4. Adeyspec

    Black 197 Newent, Ross Road

    Spotted today 20/12/20 at 1pm. looked lowered and wider than normal (y)
  5. Adeyspec

    1957 Renault Dauphine "Dope"

    I havent posted this up here as i didnt think it was too many peoples thing. Rusty old clapped out renault with a small engine swap and its suspension removed. I like it though, obviously. Its been a long project which ive had on and off over the last 4/5 years (recurring theme here) Its a...
  6. Adeyspec

    Clio 3 Cruise control retrofit

    I know its a pretty simple job on a clio 2 but has anyone done it to a clio 3? I have a cheap dci I'm rolling around in on a 06 plate, cruise would be a nice touch for the commute. I can't see any extra wiring behind the side panel though? any pointers?
  7. Adeyspec

    Adeys Twingo GT, grab a bargain
  8. Adeyspec

    Adeys F4RT Twingo GT

    Thought id bosh a quick thread up on here, i do have a full one over at but thought id share it here too. Please move it over if its in the wrong section. A few people might know me here, ive owned many RS clios, Ph1 on itbs cams and standalone about 11 years back, i built a...
  9. Adeyspec Southern rolling road day ARC Gloucester

    Southern Dyno day and a bit of a season opener. £45 a run with printouts, all cars will be checked on a ramp by a technician prior to running on the dyno (y) a £10 deposit will be required to secure your place. The estate where its located can hold 50-100 cars so spectators are welcome (y) Tea...
  10. Adeyspec

    Adaptronic 420d ecu

    listed my ecu on ebay for anyone whos interested
  11. Adeyspec

    Forge Motorsport Brunch Club

    Forge are holding the fourth Forge Brunch club meeting on Saturday 26th May, starting at 10.00am at our Gloucester UK HQ. Entry is free with no booking necessary, so bring your car and family along. All makes and models are welcome. Come along, hang out, have some food, see the workshop as well...
  12. Adeyspec

    Dynodaze RR day 31st March 9am start are having a dyno shoot out day if any other renault nuts want to attend So we have got together with Dynodaze in Nuneaton to host a Dyno shoot out day for you all as a bit of a 2018 season opener. It would be great to have a good old catch up whilst taking in the aroma of...
  13. Adeyspec

    Pass side inner cv boot leak

    Picked up a cup last week, the car seems to be leaking gearbox fluid from the bearing in the inner cv. Things to note are the bearing seems to slide up and down the driveshaft, im sure this isnt meant to happen? can anyone confirm? I mean the movement rather than the leak. Any way to fix it?
  14. Adeyspec

    UCH Fault? windows

    I have a strange problem with a clio cup i have just picked up. The drivers side window work but in reverse. Pressing down drives it up and up makes it go down.... the pas window does nothing. The passenger door switch also does nothing. No clicking or firing of relays to be heard. I have...
  15. Adeyspec

    172 turbo air filter

    Can those with turbo clios post a pic of the air filter arrangements you have gone for? From the turbo inlet to the filter would be good. Cheers
  16. Adeyspec

    JMS RS2 Extra?

    evening all, i have had a search and cant find the info or the pictures i am looking for. Has any one here fitted and ran the RS2 Extra with the longer runners? pics would be great if possible. I run an rs2 on my trophy and am looking for a few more bits to improve it before i get a full...
  17. Adeyspec

    ECU and UCH swap issues

    ok here's an odd one for people, hopefully an easy fix. I have a trophy and have fitted an rs2 inlet and it came with a mapped ecu, matching uch and fob. Im sure the ecu is from an early ph2 clio. all installed totally fine, plugged in clip and set up the uch as n2 as it was previously and...
  18. Adeyspec

    Gloucester(shire) (old) spots

    So i see a fair few RS's locally and thought id stick them all in the same place, feel free to add to it and say hi. Give me a wave of you see me in the trophy :up: Today 24th blue 197 Hucclecote, pulled upon brookfield road as i was out walking the dog blue 172/182 stonehouse A419 off the m5...
  19. Adeyspec

    300mm brembo conversion sizes

    is there anyone here running the 300mm setup? could you measure from the center of the hub to the outside of the caliper for me please? i run 15 inch pro race 1's (not 1.2's) they have more space in them than most 15inch wheels so wanted to measure up as see if i could squeeze them in, cheers
  20. Adeyspec

    Classic French Renault R5 LeCar 2 Turbo £4700 on ebay

    my car has been up for a sale for a while but i have now added it onto ebay so i have decided to share it here
  21. Adeyspec's South West Rolling Road Day 20/09/14

    Hi all, were hosting a rolling road day at powerstation on the 20th sept. Open to all especially renaults, dont fear you dont really need a turbo, i will probably be coming in my trophy rather than my le car 2 turbo. Any way if your interested please add yourself to the list, i think some of the...
  22. Adeyspec

    172 exclusive Gloucester ( scrap content :-( )

    While doing my usual jaunt to the scrap yard for a look around i found this thing looking sorry for itself at the back. Anyone know the car? Unless the cambelt let go i couldn't see a reason for it being there. trim from door shuts was missing so couldn't see what number it was if that's...
  23. Adeyspec

    Anyone here vouch for Weeksy?

    As above really, any one had dealing with him? Or know him to vouch for or have contact details for him? cheers adey
  24. Adeyspec

    raspy chav like exhaust probem

    Ok when i got my latest clio it already had a decat and janspeed catback on. The thing is, it just sounds a bit raspy/tinny on acceleration. Is this normal for them? would putting the cat back in get rid of the god awfull rasp? it just makes me think of a saxo with a powerflow on lol.
  25. Adeyspec

    Blue 1*2 main post office barnwood gloucester

    Looks super clean, cheers for the friendly welcome back into clio ownership only had her a few days
  26. Adeyspec

    Kw part number

    Hi can any one tell me what coilover this is based on part number 900 1004? I've asked kw but waiting on email back. I know there for a Clio but I'm not sure if they are the inox or not? Cheers
  27. Adeyspec

    1.2 16v worries?

    Have got myself a daily Clio dynamique with the 1.2 16v engine, it needed a bit of work including head gasket cam belt and water pump before I could use it. It's all up and running now but sounds a little tappy? Is this normal for the engine, gets louder when warm and high revving tho once hot...
  28. Adeyspec

    D4f torque settings

    Does anyone have to hand the torque settings for the cam caps on the 1.2 16v engine please?
  29. Adeyspec

    part of the renault group

    if dacia is owned by renault why dont they build some mad car like this? would be awesome to see a pikes peak meggy or 200
  30. Adeyspec

    Blue ph1 gloucester

    Saw you in traffic just outside of longlevens heading towards walls' roundabout. Gave you a nod