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  1. leeds_182

    My New Volvo 240

    Despite owing several volvos, I have never owned a 240. Well, that’s changed now as I am now the proud owner of this late 1993 Volvo 240 2.0 8v. Previous owner has had it since 1995 so I will be the third owner. I had to speak to him when the courier was there and he was choking up, 93 years...
  2. leeds_182

    Volvo Project Fail

    I tried to make some money on this volvo. I think I’m going to fail. It was for sale up Cumbria way. Last owner since 2011, mot ran out in January, 153k miles. It looked pretty tidy in the pictures so I thought I’d buy it to see if I could flip it on. Bought it blind and paid £195 to have it...
  3. leeds_182

    Scene Safe Dub

    Just out a deposit down on this ready for show season.....oh wait. Never mind, it’ll look nice in the garage!
  4. leeds_182

    Volvo 740 D24tic

    People have their dream cars, the GTRs, the lambos, the ferraris but ever since I got into volvos this has been the one that I wanted. I normally wouldn’t have bought this as I’ve got two other volvos at the moment but they’re getting rare and with the sale of the forester I had somewhere to...
  5. leeds_182

    New Volvo Mistake

    I’m doing a bit of an @Ant1 and starting a thread before the car has arrived so hope nothing goes wrong or I’ll never live it down. My other volvo is down due to a blow turbo and after 6 weeks I’m not any closer to getting it fixed so the solution - buy another! This time its a saloon. It has...
  6. leeds_182

    My New Forester Sti

    I decided to sell all my shite and buy something less shite. I like scoobys and have had three before. Just something about the sound that I liked. I’ve never had a forester so decided to take the plunge and get an Sti. There was literally none within 200 miles of me but this one came up in...
  7. leeds_182

    The NEW LOLVO Barge

    Here she is, the new LOLVO. To take the pressure of buying a more expensive car I have bought myself a new 940. It’s a 1995 2.3 Turbo manual with a few mods; 19T turbo bigger injectors 3 inch exhaust 960 maf It’s on Volans which I’ll be sellling for something a little more ‘scene’. The body...
  8. leeds_182

    Blackberry Volvo 940

    This came up on one of the volvo forums and thought it was good value so decided to take a punt. Bought sight unseen from a chap in Glasgow and delivered to me for £140. Im pleasantly surprised with it. Really tidy on the body, air con, electric seats, sun roof, cruise control so a decent...
  9. leeds_182

    My New Subaru VW

    Had this delivered today. T25 single cab with the addition of a 2 litre Subaru engine (non turbo). Cost me a fair bit but made more sense than doing a swap on the panel van.
  10. leeds_182

    When It Used To Snow

    I miss the snow. 10 years ago I was blasting about in my exclusive in the white stuff.
  11. leeds_182

    Ah The Memories

    I do quite like the Facebook memories thing. 10 years ago I picked this exclusive up from Edinburgh. It had FK Coilovers, ktec stealth exhaust, loads of history and I paid £1200 for it. It would be worth at least £1300 now.
  12. leeds_182

    VW T3/T25 Project

    Did a bit of a deal with my brother for a scene safe VW van. He gets; And I get a Pile of rust and a large welding bill. Plans are to get a mot on it, slam it and put some banded steels on.
  13. leeds_182

    Volvo 940 Turbo

    It’s a 940 turbo and it says brown on the log book so I couldn’t resist! Currently sat in a travel lodge in Wales as couldn’t face the four and a half hour drive back. Its got some nice bits, egg crate grille, roof rack, and hydra wheels with full size spare. I’ll get some more pictures when...
  14. leeds_182

    My New Volvo 740

    This one is my garage queen. Had a lot of money spent on it by previous owners and pretty quick for a late 80s car. Just need to find some decent wheels and then potentially bring the rear up as it’s borderline reverse rake. Some pics;
  15. leeds_182

    The Green Machine

    Yes, back in a volvo and another diesel with the 6 cylinder turbo Diesel engine. The paint work is pretty rough. I think I’m gonna have to get the DA out one evening to try get it back. Barely run in at a quarter of a million miles. I also think I probably paid well over the odds for it but I...
  16. leeds_182

    My New VXR (Holden content)

    Yeah yeah yeah, I know I’ve had one before but that was an auto and this is a manual. The fuel consumption is still comical but what else can I expect from a 6.0 V8. 61k with full history and standard. Might have to get an exhaust but doesn’t sound that bad as standard. Obligatory shell photo.
  17. leeds_182

    New Daily Beater

    I wasn’t going to make a thread on this but what the hell. There was nothing wrong with the T5, it was lovely, comfortable, fast, smooth but also only did 20mpg on my commute. I knew they weren’t good on juice but it really did start to get on my nerves the amount of times I was stopping at the...
  18. leeds_182

    15 years ago today...

    I picked up my brand new Clio 182 from Renault Leeds. I paid £13400 for the car with both cup packs and metallic paint. My first brand new car. These were taken a few months after when I’d had chance to chav it with a custom exhaust, gaz coilovers and Clio sport sticker.
  19. leeds_182

    My New Volvo 850 T5

    Picked this up today as a replacement for the volvo 360. It’s blue with a blue leather interior and some beautiful fake wood. It’s a factory manual so getting pretty rare these days. I probably paid too much money for it but you only live once and I’m hoping that these are now creeping up in...
  20. leeds_182

    2018 Mini Cooper S

    Borrowing my mums mini for a few days. When you drive around in older cars you really forgot how many toys the modern stuff comes with. Anyway, gave it a wash, polish and a wax as payment. Pretty nippy and pops and bangs on the over run - just what my 65yr old mother needs.
  21. leeds_182

    Another Volvo 360

    So, @craigyt couldnt handle how cool I was with my 360 so thought he’d join the party. I was looking at this car myself when I was on the hunt but ended up buying the red one. This one is quite rare in black and has an awesome retro sound system in it that sounds pretty sweet! Went down to...
  22. leeds_182

    Volvo 360 Daily

    Picked up the 940s replacement. 1983 Volvo 360. 52k from new and smashed the 100 odd mile trip home with no issues. She’s old but not in bad nick! I’ll get some better pictures tomorrow after a clean.
  23. leeds_182

    My Saxo History

    Was going through some old pics and found a few of my old saxos. I’ve got none of my first which was a facelift VTR but have managed to find some of the rest. My first vts was this mk1 amazon which I bought for £750. I ‘stripped’ it, stuck some buckets in, a pro comp filter (which I bought off...
  24. leeds_182

    New Track Saxo

    My new saxo has been picked up and is on its way from Scotland. I’ve bought it blind from Scotland so fingers crossed it’s not a total shitter! Should be coming tomorrow night so I’ll update when it’s arrived but here’s a picture on the truck. Alas it’s not boosted or on bodies but seems a...
  25. leeds_182

    Potential Volvo Purchase

    As you know, I like Volvos. This has come up for sale and I can’t make my mind up whether to go for it or not. I’ve wantes a v8 Volvo for a few years - they’re few and far between. This one has the 3.5 litre rover v8 with the addition of boost. It’s running around 300bhp. I’d have to sell my...
  26. leeds_182

    RIP Audi Daily Driver

    So my Audi has died. It’s been with my for 8 years and I’ve done around 150k miles on it - a total of 225k miles on the clock. I put this post on Instagram yesterday after i treated it to a wash. Drove down to Doncaster to get some service parts as I always do the oil every six months as...
  27. leeds_182

    White 200 at Squires, Sherburn

    Anyone off here?
  28. leeds_182

    Wheel colour choice (with poll)

    Sent the banded steels in for a refurb today. I had my heart set on a bright silver but after looking at some of the other colours I found myself drawn to the anthracite colours. I’ve opted for silver but I’ve got until the end of the day to change my mind. I’ve added a pole so cast your vote...
  29. leeds_182

    Volvo 940 TDIC Project

    I bought this today. It’s not perfect, it has some rust but is still a tidy looking car for 23 years old. Plans are to turn up the fuel, turn up the boost and make a lot of smoke. Not sure I’ll be going to the extremes I’ve gone to on the other 940 but we will see what happens. It’s not fast...
  30. leeds_182

    My E34 on eBay

    Here she is.