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    Defected to Ze Germans...

    Well after 4 years with my old 225 it was time to change for something else and after a fruitless 3 month search for the right spec 250 so come along I decided to try something else and was very suprised. Took a little longer to find a decent spec one again but here it is, only option missing is...
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    GOOD Bodyshops Coventry/Nuneaton/Brum Area?

    Anyone know of any? Want the rear quarters of the megane repspraying to take the stonechips out as the paint is beginning to bubble. But i'm a perfectionist so need a place that is 110% bang on, no runs, no dodgy colour matches, no broken clips etc. Don't mind paying for the privelge either...
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    Alpine KCE-940-B3 Stalk and DISPLAY Adapter
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    Alpine KCE-940B-R3 Stalk/Display Adapter Clio Megane Dug this out and thought it might be useful for someone.
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    GOOD Exhaust Place in the Midlands?

    After a decent place to make me a backbox replacement pipe made up for the megane, what somewhere decent because I don't want my milltek basterdising actually want a replacement rear section made up to replace the milltek one with the backbox in as it stands. Give me the option of going back if...
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    MINT Nokia N97 Unlocked/Unbranded
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    My Brum Bronx Meet Photos 20/12/2009

    Not half as artistic/talented as the ducks but I thought i'd chuck them up :).
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    Industrial Megane

    Just found these on the camera card from a few months back, thought some of them turned out pretty good seeing as I took them so thought i'd share. Had it 18 months now so its doing well on the me keeping car scale and it still makes me giggle, might part with it next year though methinks...
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    Some Seriously Good Stuff Here Loads of F1/motorsport stuff from the 70s, could spend hours looking through that lot!
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    I See You Baby

    Popped out to grab a few pics of the 225 as it stands and they turned out quite well for my attempts :o. Or at least I thought they did anyway, so thought i'd share. Tried to grab a few vids too but this was the only one that turned out any good really, just a run through 4th...
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    Mates New Chariot

    Seeing as he only tends to have bought sheds since forever I think this is first one he's bought I could just about suffer ;). Thought some peeps might like see.
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    Iliad V6 M6 between J3 and J4 2pm

    On the hard shoulder! :eek: No idea what had happened, went past it on the opposite side going towards cov. Had carbon sidepods and no one was sat in it, looked intact so someone had the pleasure of a breakdown?
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    PFC "Tricks of the Trade"

    Anyone noticed in this months PFC mag in their 172 project section they mention pulling the ABS fuse on track days as its too intrusive apparently. Got to wonder where they get their facts from as a) I don't personally think it was that intrusive and most importantly b) pulling the abs fuse...
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    Valver - Nuneaton Sunday

    Followed one towards the coton arches roundabout about half 12 yesterday. Think it had a sticker in the back windows and i'm sure I recognise the plate M*** YER iirc.
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    1PBY - A444 Nuneaton

    About half three this afternoon you were waiting at the lights just before the coton arches, was heading into town on the other side. Car was looking good. How you reverse with that seat i'll never know!
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    Wide Ramps?

    Anyone know of any? The biggest I can mind only goes up to a 205 which is useless as the megane is wearing 235s so want something I can get it on. Any ideas? I could make some at work but as i'm bone idle i'd rather just buy some :).
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    My 225 Updates

    Been adding a few touches to the 225 and thought i'd update you lot. First thing was refitting a standard airbox with an itg filter and a samco inlet and boost hose: And some goodridge lines and castrol srf fluid to really sharpen the brembos up. Crap pic but meh. Then followed by...
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    172 Exhaust My old magnex, listing doesn't start until half 8 tonight. May be able to fit for cs members.
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    Lee 197 Cup - M6 Liverpoolish Sunday Morning

    Went past me on the M6 about 8.45 iirc around junction 22ish I think.
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    Monaco Dash Strips
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    Pipercross Viper
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    172 Gone :(

    Well it went wednesday actually, to keep it in Clio media as it went: And the beast that replaced it :evil: :D Boost ftw! More pics of the meggy here:
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    My New 225

    Got it wednesday and just got round to snapping some quick pics of it while the weather is ok. Loving it so far :evil:. The money shot lol ;) (love the orange belts but I seem to be about the only one!)
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    RSTuner Cruise Control/Speed Limiter?

    Anyone else lost theirs when they flashed? Mine won't let me set a speed and the functions are now reversed on the switch?? :S Have emailed Henk but just wondering if anyone else has had this and how did they sort it? Is it the old you've got to drive so far before it'll let you set them? What...
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    Water In Drivers Footwell

    I know this is a commonish thing and i've search but so far I can't find where the hell its getting in, its not coming in the heater due to a block aircon drain pipe from what I can tell, its not coming in the rear struts, and it not got in the rubber grommets that cover the seat bolts either...
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    Any Idea Whats Caused This?....

    And if theres anything I can do about it? Seems pretty solid doesn't rub off, had them powdercoated by laptab last year and washed the car this afternoon and when they dried they looked like this? Its done it on 3 of the wheels but one is fine???? Only thing I can think is i've been using AG...
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    172FF Inlet Removal/Refit

    May have a set of matched inlets to fit my the 172, only question is on the removal/refit of the lower manifold as the aux bracketry bolts into it in two places and while the bolts are removeable insitue from what I can see only the crossbrace to the block would be holding the alternator...
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    RStuner or RStuner Pro?

    Any benefit to getting the pro kit over the normal one barring the wide band lambda input? I'll never be using a wideband lambda as far as I can see and every other feature seems to be there in the standard one. Looking at ordering one but wanted to make my mind up whether the pro is worth...
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    FAO Yozzasport Exhaust Owners

    Looking to replace the magnex because while it sound spot on for what I want I don't like the look nor the fit of the bloody thing. Got it as good as i'm going to get it now but its still got it foibles tbh. Onto the YS (quiet) system...
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    First Go at HDR

    After seeing a everybodys attempts at HDR and the pics it produces I wanted to have a go myself, so got hold of a tripod and had my first quick go a minute ago. Just thought i'd share, quite impressed for a first go amazed at how much detail you loose from the sky etc with a normal photo. Any...