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  1. JB21

    Nice spec MR2 2ZZ FS

    Ad taken from MR2ROC, not my car:;topicseen FOR SALE - 2002 Rogue 2ZZ Roadster I purchased the car in May 2014 after months of looking for the right car. Bought from an owner in Lincoln I took the car back to Scotland and the project stated...
  2. JB21

    Exige S2 2zz race car vs MR2 2zz track car

    Comparison of a Exige race car vs my MR2 track car. Both 2zz engined. Not sure if the Exige puts out more power, probably as they have aftermarket ECU's. 8 second difference, which doesn't sound like much over a 2m lap, but visually its an age. He also cocked up the last corner, so more like a...
  3. JB21

    Best all-round semi-slicks?

    With my AR1's now shot, i'm in need of some more semi-slicks. I currently have the overkill of 3 sets of wheels and have to rely on others to carry an extra set to track. One set for wets and road with Rainsport 5's, which are only good for very wet conditions, for road they really lack and...
  4. JB21

    Clutch bedding-in?

    What's the deal here? Never fitted a new clutch. I'm reading info a clutch should be bedded in gently over 300-500 city miles, surely not. The kit is only LUK OE and my car has as much torque as a lawn mower.
  5. JB21

    Clutch change issue

    Just changed the clutch on my MR2 and after bolting it all back together, with just the hubs attached on stands, I can change gear without the clutch. The hubs are spinning quite fast in neutral so thinking that its spinning fast enough to match gears without the clutch? In gear it definitely...
  6. JB21

    Clutch spline grease?

    Jeez, what a bloody minefield. Cant find a definitive answer online on what to use. Was just going to use a spear of this below, but not sure now? Liqui Moly - LM47 Long Life Grease with MoS2 - High Performance - 100g - 3510 | eBay
  7. JB21

    MR2 2ZZ FS £2500 ono (Leeds)

    Another cheap 2ZZ Roadster going here on MR2OC, needs a few minor bits and MOT but i'd bet he'd take £2k for it. 2000 PFL 2ZZ Roadster for Sale ( I've owned this car for around 4 years now, and it's been great fun on the road and the track. But my priorities have changed so don't...
  8. JB21

    Cheap laptop for video editing?

    Looking for a laptop for video editing in 1080p, will need to be under £300 so used/refurbished. Currently looking at this. Any other recommendations?
  9. JB21

    Anyone used a competition clutch kit?

    Need to replace the clutch kit on my MR2 2ZZ over winter and the OE kit from these comes in at a good price compared to other brands like LUK, Exedy, Sachs, Valeo etc, to which all prices have shot up this week for some reason. The CC kit also comes with a clutch alignment tool, see below. I...
  10. JB21

    XHP Flashtool F30 330D

    OK, so i'm a year into ownership and my renewal has come in £200 cheaper than last year so its time for some fettling. Anyone ran this software for the F30 330D or even something using the ZF8 box? If so what are your thoughts, is it worth the £267? Should I go for a remap instead?
  11. JB21

    Anyone running Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 (19" F30 330D)

    Needing some new rubber for the F30 330D and I was all set to pull the trigger on Falken FK510's 225/40/19 fronts - 255/35/19 rears £472 delivered (£60 fitting). Then I seen Costco have a £100 discount on the Goodyear F1 5's, only difference is the fronts would have to be 235/35/19 instead of...
  12. JB21

    MR2 2ZZ v SC 172 cup @Donington Park

    Had a good tussle with this supercharged 172 cup at Donington yesterday. @JamesBryan riding shotgun. @Danith early in the clip in his red ep3.
  13. JB21

    MR2 2ZZ £3000

    Cheap little car for someone taken from MR2ROC;topicseen It is with regret but unfortunately she has to go. My Blue 2 has been sitting in the garage not getting out and being enjoyed due to my various operations etc so I would...
  14. JB21

    TSW EVO R wheels & tyres (4x100 - 15x7J - ET25 - CB57.1mm) BMW E30 - £100 collected

    To low of an offset for my MR2 so up for sale. £100 collected for you lot. Would fit nicely onto a BMW E30 as they have 57.1mm spigot rings and low offset.
  15. JB21

    2007 Skoda Octavia VRS TFSI BWA (spares/repair inc engine and box) £200

    Just seeing if this is any good to anyone before I stick it on eBay for all the midlands mouth breathers to try and mug me off over. Car is rolling, however no brakes . 130k Engine and gearbox still in the car along with the remapped ECU which would be great for a conversion of some kind or...
  16. JB21

    MR2 Roadster TF300 SP Turbo SP260 - £6000 - (MR2ROC)

    Tidy, low mileage, TF300 turbo roadster here. 250hp/230lbs in one of these would feel special. You probably wouldn't lose money once you wanted to shift in on either. You'd have to sign up to MR2ROC if interested.;topicseen I've been...
  17. JB21

    Track car insurance annual v daily?

    The insurance has just ran out on the MR2 and has got me thinking. Why am I paying £500 a year for insuring a car that hardly gets used. So got me thinking about day insurance instead. Just done a quote online and its only £20 a day. I very rarely go out on the road as its pointless as you cant...
  18. JB21

    Anyone used Dunlop cr311 tarmac rally tyres on track?

    I've recently bought 4 used medium hankook full slicks in 200/580/15 but one of them isnt usable so only have 3. These dont come up often used so doubt I'll get a single or even a pair withoutbuying new. I also would prefer a wider rear tyre. So a pair of new medium Dunlop CR311 tarmac rally...
  19. JB21

    Windscreen removal?

    Someone wants my windscreen from the Octavia I'm breaking but not a clue how to remove it. There's no rubber seals on the outside. How the hell do you remove them? For the sake of £30 I've offered it at I just dont think it's worth the hassle?
  20. JB21

    Timing and reduced power?

    Ok, so not Clio related but you lot are much more knowledgeable than most. So after the recent Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine swap into my MR2 Roadster with the new (old) 2001 150k mile engine the crossover to lift (VTEC if you will) and 6200rpm onwards is definitely not as strong as it was on the old...
  21. JB21

    Anyone own this Inferno for sale on Ebay?

    Mates looking for a track car and this looks decent. Anyone know the car?
  22. JB21

    Mondeo MK1 race car

    Must be selling after getting mugged off by a taxi :ROFLMAO:
  23. JB21

    Starting an engine for first time after a re-build?

    Not necessarily a re-build for mine but the cams and lifters have been changed along with all the engine ancillaries so the engine is dry of oil. So how do I go about starting it back up for the first time? The obvious issue is oil getting around the engine quick enough. I was thinking of...
  24. JB21

    Valve clearances slightly tight on exhaust valves?

    Checked the valve clearances on my Toyota 2ZZ tonight and the results below. Intake range - 0.08-0.18mm Results - 0.13 - 0.13 - 0.10 - 0.10 Exhaust range - 0.22-0.32mm Results - 0.16 - 0.20 - 0.25 - 0.25 So should I re-shim the 2 out of spec exhaust valves or just leave them be?
  25. JB21

    Uniroyal Rainsport 5

    Anyone tried them yet? Will be buying a set in the coming weeks for the MR2 for road and wets. According to their press release they've taken onboard the criticism of wear and handling...
  26. JB21

    Do I really need a fancy diff?

    Just doing the normal Friday go faster bits search and started thinking about aftermarket diffs for the MR2 as I'm looking to enter the Javelin sprint series next year. Another reason is that this year at CSF19 I had a really good battle with a Javelin sprint series Clio 200 that was running a...
  27. JB21

    Turbo on its last legs? (VAG TFSI K03 question)

    I'm experiencing a weird boosting issue with the Skoda. It started a few months ago with an intermittent issue when on the odd occasion I wouldn't get full boost at WOT. It went away but then came back a few months later but this time I wouldn't get full boost if going WOT over 3k RPM, under 3k...
  28. JB21

    Engine flush products?

    Do they actually work or should I just use a decent synthetic oil and do a few flushes with that? Pick my replacement engine up this week and it looks like it's been ran on non synthetic oil hence the heavy varnishing, it also has slight sludging but nothing to bad given it's on 150k miles.
  29. JB21

    Big gay wings, do they really work on track?

    Looking for a bit more stability at higher speeds for the MR2 on track especially for my local tracks Oulton and Aintree where they have high speeds corners. My plan is to fit a GT type wing like the linked one below which looks similar to the Seibon CF 3D GT wing. No need for a crazy expensive...
  30. JB21

    Halfords 5W50 Fully Synthetic Track Day Oil (£10 for 5L)

    Just looking for a suitable engine oil to replace the overly expensive Gulf competition 15w 50 that the MR2 has run on since the 2ZZ engine swap and after a lot of reading on viscosities and grades I've decided the most suitable with performance and value in mind was a 5w 50 as its thin at cold...