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  1. Dom_capper

    Air Tools

    Just picked up a compressor, so now I need some air tools. What do people use? I've had a look at the Clarke pro stuff and SGS. Not really sure what's worth spending on. I want a ratchet and impact first I think. Not sure whether to just buy a kit.
  2. Dom_capper

    No mains water.

    So we woke up this morning to no mains water. All the taps completely dry. Thankfully the heating is still running. Spoke to Yorkshire water and they have no issues in the area. I’m thinking maybe a frozen pipe somewhere. Problem is, the first sign I can see of mains water is where it comes...
  3. Dom_capper

    Work light usb charger

    Found this stuck to the top of the subframe whilst under a transit yesterday. It has charge and I was really impressed with it! I need to find a charger for it. I assume it’s 5v usb but is there a ‘standard’ sized barrel connector? Would this work from Amazon? Pic with lightening connector for...
  4. Dom_capper

    Cancelling insurance.. How bad is it?

    So I've been with Greenlight for 3 years now and I'm very happy with them. The problem this time round is that I have an itch for a M135i in the coming months. I haven't even driven one yet and may hate it (probably not!), but it ticks all the boxes. Greenlight don't insure BMWs. How bad for my...
  5. Dom_capper

    Misfire under any load

    Sorry for another misfire thread, can't find one similar. My mk3 1.2 started misfiring under load between 1 - 2.5kish but was fine at higher revs. I've not had chance to get it sorted as I drive a lot for work but In the past few days it has got much worse. It now happens through the whole rev...
  6. Dom_capper

    Quick question.

    I've removed the screw holding it, but how do I remove the abs sensor? It's quite firm in there and I've heard they're expensive and Fairly rare in good nick. Thanks
  7. Dom_capper

    Driving me mad.

    I can't get my rear view mirror back on after I knocked it off cleaning. The rain/light sensor is blocking the entry to the 'track' in the bracket. has anyone had this before? If I remove the rain sensor, will it go back on? Can take some pics if it helps.
  8. Dom_capper

    Refurbing a wheel

    I'm refurbing a wheel with some light kerbing in one place. Its just one wheel so I don't want to go mad spending on paints. Does etching primer have any filling properties or do I need to get a filler primer too? I'm going to sand the kerbing down and see how obvious the pit is after, but is...
  9. Dom_capper

    Collant cap won't come off.

    The main cap comes off but it leaves the cap internals in the tank. Do these pull out or twist out?
  10. Dom_capper

    3/8" impact sockets

    So I've recently received a Milwaukee impact gun with 3/8" drive for my birthday. The only impact sockets I currently have are in my 200 piece Halfords set and are 1/2 drive. What 3/8" sockets/ adaptors etc would people recommend or would it be a good idea to try and swap it for the 1/2"...
  11. Dom_capper

    Alternator question.

    Bit of a shot in the dark but I know better than to underestimate cs. My mk3 2012 1.2 has been in a bit of a bump so I have been given a mk2 1.2 as a gap car. So obviously it doesn't work.. so AA have come out and long and short it needs an alternator. I am wondering if the alternator from my...
  12. Dom_capper

    What are these bulbs?

    My bulbs behind my pauper 'climate' control have died. Pulled it apart and I need two of these. Any idea what they are?
  13. Dom_capper

    Range Rover Evoque Rally car. Looks mental.
  14. Dom_capper

    Does this seem fishy?

    I'm selling a MacBook on gumtree. Had an email come through for it and I thought all was well till I received the last message. Seems odd to me. Basically what do you guys think and could any damage be done if I handed over the reqeuested info if Kate Williams isn't legit. Thanks.
  15. Dom_capper

    Best Ad Blocker for Mac

    What is everyone using on their Macs? There are a million to choose from, some paid, some not and I don't want to trawl through them all.
  16. Dom_capper

    Dom's Mk3 non sport.

    So i've been on here since I got my clio in Sep 2014 but never actually got round to showing you guys my car and keeping a project thread. It was passed on to me by my parents for my 21st birthday. My dad maintained the car very well so it was in perfect condition with great bodywork/paint and...
  17. Dom_capper

    182 bean Hillsborough

    Last night. Looked absolutely mint.
  18. Dom_capper

    Brembo Disk Help (Scored disc pics).

    So after my MOT on Friday, i got an advisory for my front pads. Plan was to get them done in the next week or so but this has now been pushed forward to ASAP after i felt a grind under braking. This is what my driver's side disc looks like. Needless to say, it's time for new discs and pads up...
  19. Dom_capper

    removing paint layer?

    Not a car. I have just bought a bmx with a really nice front wheel. For some reason the previous owner has decided to attack it with a rattle can and it's not the best paint job i have seen. I have started heating the paint and scratching it off the hub but my nails are getting painful. Credit...
  20. Dom_capper

    Malton Big Breakfast 2016

    Not seen a thread for this yet. Is anyone else planning on going up to the Malton meet tomorrow?
  21. Dom_capper

    Strange battery issue.

    Hi. I'm a bit stuck with a fault i think may be related to the battery. If the car is not running then the battery will very quickly run flat to the point where the car has to be bumped. When i say quickly, if i was to park up and leave just the hazards on for 5 mins the battery would be dead...
  22. Dom_capper

    Help on jack stand points please

    Need to put the front end of my mk3 1.2 on stands tomorrow for some jobs. Just want to make sure I've got the stand points right. I know I put the trolley jack here... Am I right in thinking I'd put the stands under the ridge in this photo... Don't want to end up putting the stand through...
  23. Dom_capper

    Blue 182? Snakes Pass.

    Having a blast back to Sheffield earlier, around half 10, came towards me pretty quickly in the dark but from what i could see it was an RB 182 travelling towards Glossop. Anyone on here? Dom
  24. Dom_capper

    Brake Disks.

    I'm planning on changing the front disks on my mk3. ECP do Pagid disks in 260mm and 280mm flavours which both show up in results when I put my reg in. Will they both fit? Obviously I'm swaying towards 280mm if they will but I don't trust their reg search sometimes. Cheers Dom
  25. Dom_capper

    Help me buy the right Bilsteins.

    Hi chaps, My front dampers and absolutely shot so now is the perfect time to upgrade. Fernandez at Cazan has given me a price for Bilstein B6 and B8s, the B8s being shorter dampers for lowering springs. My problem is, when i come to sell the car many buyers frown upon lowered cars so i'll have...
  26. Dom_capper

    Cree number plate light units.

    Has Anyone tried these? Been trying to switch up my dull yellow number plate light for some nice bright white ones but every lot of bulbs I've bought so far have failed. I'm sure most are familiar with crappy flashing led bulbs. My light unit covers have now all cracked and fallen out so these...
  27. Dom_capper

    Which springs?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to lower my mk3 ph2 1.2 on springs but I'm unsure which to go for. I have explored the coil over route but I could only get second hand with my budget and as my dampers are shot, I would still have to buy new dampers when selling the car. I don't want to waste loads of cash...
  28. Dom_capper

    Silver Ph 1 A57 Glossop?

    saw you on the small roundabout at about 11:30. It was dark so i only just noticed. Really nice to see one in the flesh as you don't see many about. Was it anyone here?
  29. Dom_capper

    Cracked Macbook pro

    Hi guys, the screen on my late 2013 Haswell pro retina has cracked, i know these are not cheap to fix however i go about it, but what would be the best option. I took the optional 3 year apple care, which i doubt will cover it. If i don't get it repaired with apple, will it void my apple care...
  30. Dom_capper

    Arm rest fabric

    The fabric trim on the door card arm rest, where the window switches are, is starting to get quite grubby and look worn. It's a mk3 clio, what's the best thing to do to bring them back to life? Cheers Dom