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  1. realnumber 1

    Clown in a nimbus, Bradford rd, Huddersfield

    Go on then NU08 VKM own up if your on here! Got to be one of the few times I wish I had a dashcam :ROFLMAO:. Pissing down and came flying up behind me at around 100mph in a 40 like a dick and forgot about the speed camera.... Lucky you didn't take it out (or me for that matter!) when you lost...
  2. realnumber 1

    Has anyone heard of Wayne Masseys Automotive Solutions?

    Hi, as per tittle has anyone heard of Wayne Masseys Automotive Solutions? I've found a new Clio that I like the look of and the seller is saying someone called Wayne Massey in Stoke on Trent did the belts and map. I've never heard of him but looking at his facebook page it looks like he works...
  3. realnumber 1

    Looks like my bean got written off this aft :(

    So I was in a queue of traffic in Leeds this aft and the lad behind accidently slipped off his clutch and went into the back of me. Absolutely gutted. The boot floor now has a large bend in it so I'd say it's going to be a write off which is a shitter
  4. realnumber 1

    RB182, Knott End

    Drove past me on Coniston Ave this aft. Had a CS sticker in the window!
  5. realnumber 1

    Silver 182 with orange bits, Huddersfield

    Let me out on to the ring road this aft. Had orange wheels, mirrors etc.
  6. realnumber 1

    Black 182, Greetland

    Was going the other way while I waited at a Zebra crossing this aft around half 4. Anyone on here?
  7. realnumber 1

    Caged, Silver 1*2, Huddersfield

    Bottom of Newsome Road around 7 ish tonight. Car looked smart.
  8. realnumber 1

    Traffic cops, crashed and burnt out 182

    Anyone on here? lol
  9. realnumber 1

    Silver V6 in Ripponden

    Silver Ph1 (I think) parked up on Rochdale Rd. Iirc it was outside the same house that always used to have a 355 parked outside it years ago.
  10. realnumber 1

    Black 200 with gold wheels. Earnshaws, Huddersfield

    Seen this a few times now parked up at Earnshaws bike shop. Have to say the gold wheels really suit it and it's always very clean. Anyone's on here?
  11. realnumber 1

    Synology backup solution for small business?

    Hi, has anyone set up a backup from one synology nas to another over the internet? My friend has a small business (around 6-8 office staff) and wants a backup/remote access solution setting up. Having looked into it I've come to the conclusion that Synology NAS's are the way forward for ease of...
  12. realnumber 1


    This popped up on by FB the other day and I've not seen it posted on here yet... Not sure about the "fastest" but it's certainly no slouch by the sounds of it!
  13. realnumber 1

    Arctic 182 with Buckets and Trophy spoiler Huddersfield

    Noticed it this afternoon opposite the Kia garage in Huddersfield. Looked tidy apart from a scrape on the front wing/bumper. Had a CS sticker below the middle brake light. Possibly @dann2707 ?
  14. realnumber 1

    Ph1 silver V6, Huddersfield

    Driving the other way on Bradford road this aft around 2.30. You gave the thumbs up. Car looked sweet!
  15. realnumber 1

    Silver 182, Lee Quarry this afternoon.

    Was this anyone on here? One of you fell off your bike riding the pavement lol.
  16. realnumber 1

    CL10 FTW, Huddersfield

    Spotted the above on a LY 200 on Leeds road this aft. Sounded well!
  17. realnumber 1

    Cheapest place for Bosch Lambda sensors?

    Does anyone know anywhere better to buy Bosch Lambda sensors at the moment? This at £50 is the cheapest I've found so far...
  18. realnumber 1


    Gutted isn't the word, couple of hours ago some idiot decided to open their rear passenger door on me as I was passing through the petrol station causing the below damage:cry:. It was clearly his fault for not looking before opening the door imo as I was right by the side of his car when it...
  19. realnumber 1

    Cams, a bit of advice please!

    So my car's booked in for its belts/5 year service in January. I thought while these are being done it'd be a good time to get some cams stuck in. Now with the resale value etc I don't really think spending 6-700 + a map on some new Catcams or the like is worth it so I decided 197 cams would be...
  20. realnumber 1

    Silver 182, Almondbury Bank this morning.

    Waved at me as you went past me this morning around 8 ish. Anyone on here?
  21. realnumber 1

    Liquid Force, Meg Coupe, Huddersfield

    Was just driving alongside you down Wakefield road. The meg was looking nice!:)
  22. realnumber 1

    BG 182, Lockwood, Huddersfield

    Spotted by the main lights this aft around half 1. Had a CS sticker in the back window and sounded nice!
  23. realnumber 1

    Help, Problems with my horn/fuse

    A few months ago the horn connections on my OMP wheel shorted and melted the wires from the button to the steering column a bit. I used insulation tape to wrap the bare bit of wire where it melted and did away with the OMP horn button as it seems a very poor design tbh. Today I refitted my...
  24. realnumber 1

    Trophy this aft in Huddersfield

    Was driving the works van and spotted a Trophy with a CS sticker in the back window on the ring road next to the bus station. Was about 2pm.
  25. realnumber 1

    Few on the M1 this aft somewhere between London and Huddersfield

    First off an artic 182 waved as it overtook me around junction Milton Keynes and then I overtook some old lady in an iceberg 172. then elsewhere (junction 18 iirc) saw a cup/artic heading south with a titanium 182 behind it. Then also spotted another iceberg and a bean further up both heading south.
  26. realnumber 1

    Berg 172 and LY R26, Huddersfield. Poss Knightriders old one?

    Both driving together on the ring road past the sports center and Sainsbury's around half 10 tonight. The 172 exhaust looked the same as Knightriders was!
  27. realnumber 1

    Serv/esp lights on after swapping steering wheel

    I expect I've made a simple mistake with this but I'm not sure what? My car came with an OMP wheel attached. Yesterday I decided to try the original wheel out to check that the CC was still working. It went on fine and everything worked as it should with no lights. Today I decided to put the omp...
  28. realnumber 1

    Inferno touch up pens no longer made by Renault :-(

    Took my car in for the bonnet catch inspection today and although I don't particularly need to do any touching up other than maybe a few stone chips I thought I'd get some while there. It seems as above they've stopped making it now. I also checked at Halfords and they didn't have any! So does...
  29. realnumber 1

    So Air could be the future of hybrid cars

    My dad mentioned this the other day and it looks quite interesting. Not seen a thread on it so thought I'd do one. It looks like a good alternative to current methods if they can nail it. I imagine it'd also make them a fortune in the process...
  30. realnumber 1

    WY driving meet Sun PM 5th May

    Right then after chatting with Jim (Leeds 182 for those that don't know) I've decided to sort out a driving meet that'll start from somewhere just off the M62 Huddersfield. Thinking of kicking it off around 1 ish. The route will head over the moors and down into Hebden Bridge/Mytholmroyd...