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    Elise 111R

    So I sold the Mk2 RS back in Feb in preparation for the house move. I needn't have in the end, but it gave us the flexibility if the need had arisen. It was a great car and I miss it in many ways. They are so much better than some of the reviews...
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    Clio Trophy No 44

    Anyone know any history on Trophy No 44 currently on eBay? Cant seem to log onto at the moment.
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    Mk2 FRS #2

    So after my well documented troubles with my first RS I collected my new one a couple of months ago. The car came fitted with a cat back miltek and a few black cosmetic parts, but otherwise it is standard. Today was the first mod to be fitted. Montune air box lid and filter. Before: Old...
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    Discovery 2 TD5 ES ​
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    Starter Relay - Ph1 172 (won't start)

    Having issues understanding why my Ph1 172 wont start (i bought it like this): Symptoms are: - No attempt to fire - No relay clicking - No noise from the starter motor at all - Battery replaced - Car bump starts and runs fine Plan is: - Check earth strap - Check connector to starter motor -...
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    Back after 4 years - Ph1 172

    Sold my Ph1 172 4 years ago to Edd on here and just loitered on here since then. After driving a LR Disco and the Volvo for the past 12 months I'd had enough, so after a few beers one night over the weekend I bid on a Ph1 172 on eBay 250miles away from home. Trailer arranged and off I went to...
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    High Risk Insurance

    Looking for some suggestions of brokers who maybe able provide the above. My old man has got himself into a mess in the last few years.:rolleyes: So main stream insurance is not going to happen. 50 years old. Merc CLS 320 CDI 3 yrs NCB 15 points 1 fault Accident 1 non fault accident Mileage 20k...
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    Taylormade 5 wood and CTR FN2 OEM Brake pads.
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    BB Bold 9000 Powerstation and spare battery and 195 45 15 tyre

    Tyre: BB Dock including spare battery: Happy to do a deal outside of ebay.
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    North Wales Run Out

    Since myself and ben_p acquired new motors we had a runout down the North Wales roads on an old school NW run route. It was great few hours covered around 200miles. Couple of pics of the cars: Running out out of washer fluid in an Elise S2 on salty roads is a right pain the backside, three...
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    Plasma Pixel Failure

    I've a dead Pixel on my Panny Plasma. I read various conflicting stories about their warranty policy on this. Does any have any knowledge on this? It is less than 6months old, so a little disappointed. I thought Panasonic were pretty bullet proof. I understand you can only repair a dead pixel...
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    Christopher in baby renaultsport

    Think it was you mate, near chrispy cremes?
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    53plate Saxo VTS Had a few enquiries about this for a few weeks ago, but have trolled around in it and not put it on the market. It drives...
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    iTunes error 9807 HELP!

    I have search google loads, but dont seem to be able to solve this. Summary is I need to get my macbook to allow access to verisign services. Great but how do I do this? I have no firewall running. Spent 2hours trying to solve this already!:mad:
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    Help Indentifiying Lead type

    The above is on my LG surround sound and connects the main unit to the subwoofer. I need a longer version of this lead. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Ad
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    BMW Mini Cooper Alloys
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    Iceburg 172 R**GGY Leek

    Around 6ish near morrisons.
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    A piece of British Heritage

    .... and it wouldnt be british if it didnt suffer from rust! LOL Acquired it a couple of weeks ago, 29k on the clock, one lady owner for ten years, was going to restore it, still might do needs a couple of front wings, a pillars and maybe a scuttle panel. Its so cool to drive:approve: even if...
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    Currys offer for TVs more than 599

    Anyone else reckon this could work out pretty well. I am sure they have taken a calculated risk, but even if we go out of the group stage (god forbid!) and we score six goals, its still 10% off the price! for those who don't know its cash back, £10 for every england goal scored throughout the...
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    Macbook cover/skin

    Just had my new macbook delivered and want to keep it looking new as I can imagine the case will scratch quickly. Any recommendations on a cover or skin? I've had a quick look on the net, but there is a range of prices and most pictures are not of the real thing. This is my first mac and...
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    xbox live problem

    I have upgraded to gold memebership. It shows on my online account and in my memberships section, but my profile stills says silver and it will not let me onto online gaming? Any suggestions? Cheersk Ad
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    OZ Centre caps
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    My Ph1 172: 9 Years Young

    My clio will be 9 years old this week, so gave it a good clean in celebration lol. Mileage has just turned 52k and flew through its MOT last week:D At the moment its my daily runner to keep the mileage down on the ST. Just a few quick pics:
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    Manifold to cat gasket kit

    Went to renault today to order a new gasket kit. Old price circa £15, new price is £45 !! Does anyone know any alternative suppliers or this manufaturer only? For a ph1 172 btw. Cheers Ad
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    Stalking Middo...

    Saw you twice this week mate, think it was wednesday dinner inside Boots on FP, I was on the phone all the time I was in there and then yesterday late morning up at Pizza Hut.
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    daviebroon Twice Yesterday

    Between tarporley and chester.
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    Couple of Trophys at Oulton today

    Noticed one had a blueflame and a CS sticker.
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    Blue 182 Gillibrands Chorley

    Yesterday 04reg, lowered, gave me a toot. Must be someone off here?
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    Mk1 172 Chesire Oaks

    Yesterday luchtime, looked standard, silver on an Xplate
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    Doxford Park - Sunderland

    Mk2 172 Black and 53plate cup. Anyones?