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    clio 172 quicker than type r civic!!??

    my ctr when standard used to be exactly the same as my mates 172 cup. and we tested this about 7 or 8 times in the early hours of the morning with no one about. and we drove each others cars as well as our own. this was up to about 80 and then i used to start pulling away. in my experience...
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    black 182 keyed on rear quarter

    I saw a 182 with w*anker keyed into it on the right hand side rear quarter panel. it's a disgrace. it's parked at stansted airport near where i park for work. a few of the lads working round there pointed it out and were laughing but i can't find that sh*t funny, no matter who the car belongs...
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    whats your top speed and acceleration

    why's that funny?
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    whats your top speed and acceleration

    i agree that 0-100 is a far better indication of acceleration. i think if you can get under 15 with fwd you've got a pretty quick car. oh and i also agree that a 182 is as quick as a type-r too. it's just that i was talking about my car personally which is a bit of a modified beast.
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    whats your top speed and acceleration

    is it just me or does everyone say "it feels quite nippy" about their 1.2's. regardless of what car it is, i've heard this phrase so many times. a bloke at work told me his punto 1.2 was "not fast but pretty nippy". what does that actually mean? oh and people with clio 1.2's please stop...
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    You know, these 172s are pretty quick!

    the way i read it, te bmw pulled 8 car lengths ahead. EIGHT!!! that my friends is loads. what more do you want. sounds to me he got totally destroyed, as you'd expect against a car like that. it quite often used to happen to me that i'd get a saxo vts or 106 gti or the like getting right up...
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    My new car - CTR haters beware ;)

    it's a pretty long list. engine wise i've got a cold air induction kit, race manifold, spoon n1 exhaust, k-pro ecu and lightened flywheel. chassis wise i've uprated the brakes to powerslot 350mm disc with ferodo pads and braided lines and i've got eibach springs waiting to go on. probabl;y the...
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    My new car - CTR haters beware ;)

    nice car mate. one thing i'll say advise though. keep an open mind (and wallet) when it comes to modding. you can make the car so much better with just a few select mods. and there are so many different companies to choose from, what with it being japanese and all. i've recently driven a...
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    v-tec pics...

    i can't resist any longer, i've gotta put my bit in here. the vtec kick in a CTR is 100% without doubt, unquestionably more prominent than in a clio. FACT. for those who don't think so, maybe they've been in one that was either not warmed up, low on oil, or just shagged. my car has k-pro and...
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    Veyron gets pissed over by a Nova

    they're still a bunch of c*cks. with comments like "we own this town" i can't have any time for em. sure enough if i saw a bugatti veyron i'd stop and stare or if on a d/c or motorway i'd probably try to race it. but round town in traffic. the poor bloke was probably worried about getting rear...
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    Type r power and rear wheel drive... gotta be fun

    gotta say i expected quicker than a 14.26 second pass. still, it looks like a fun car nonetheless
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    r1 vs veyron

    i loved that carrera at the end. he was definitely up for having a go. and arguably he would have got the better of the veyron round the bends. no one really knows how well the bugatti handles. it does weigh nearly 2 tons but then again it's 4wd and has about 375 width tyres or something like...
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    Clio RS vs CTR - which is fastest

    yeah fair point mate. having driven my mates 182 I can see that it is more fun and chuckable. i personally don't think the engine and gearbox is a patch on the CTR's though and thats what swung it for me. both great cars and very quick but like everything that novelty soon wears off. my mates...
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    Clio RS vs CTR - which is fastest

    i'm not sure what you mean by this. i said they're the same and you're asking me how they're different. i meant they are the same in performance. and yeah i concede, the clio probably is a bit better handling but a well driven type r will beat one. (once you learn that there's no feedback from...
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    Clio RS vs CTR - which is fastest

    you'll be lucky. lets face it, this topic will never end. someone new will always come along and ask the inevitable question:dead: p.s agree with the above. they're the same...ish
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    mk1 172 who should i steer clear of racing?

    me..........coz you'll be left standing lol! as for CTR drivers getting up your arse, you might find this happens a lot. but as a CTR driver, I can tell you that clio's do it to us just as much if not more. i've loast count of the times i've had a clio in my boot. not that I mind, it's fair...
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    First pics of my CTR (caution: serious snow content)

    i've only ever used bridgestone pots on my CTR and it's true, they are brilliant in the dry but not so good in the wet. saying that though, i don't drive that fast in the wet, even with my lsd. by all accounts, toyo t1R's are very good in the wet but too soft sidewall in the dry. same with...
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    fpmsl when i saw this, check this shite heap

    yeah but I bet it's the loudest. therefore must be the fastest. i bet you he sits down a macdonalds drive thru and turns his stereo up and revs his car. i'd be well scared by it. he looks like he's got hub caps on ffs!
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    Car's feeling quick this morning...

    cold air and/or a fill of decent grade fuel i.e v-power, is what makes the difference. for those who don't know, cold air is denser and therefore the engine is sucking more in to create a more powerful combustion in the cylinder. therefore more power. hence the reason cars are slower when it's...
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    Chances of putting supercharged type-r engine in clio

    agreed i really should get racing myself and I would love to. It doesn't look likely at the mo as i've just bought a flat but in the future maybe........ i only really got my knickers in a twist when you said the k20 engines are crap. i couldn't disagree more but we'll just have to leave it at...
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    Chances of putting supercharged type-r engine in clio

    and so you should. your car has more power and less weight. you're even using a completely different engine so technically it's not 100% a clio. i'm sure your car is very impressive but all i'm saying is that if you're not quicker than Scott's s/c'd ctr with 356bhp and more weight than you can't...
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    Chances of putting supercharged type-r engine in clio

    i'm not sure what you mean mate. he quite clearly has built a car capable of running 12.0 because he has actually run a 12.0. so why's that a dreamland. he does nothing to his car excpet for maybe lowering the tyre pressures for traction. but everything else is setup how the car is everyday. who...
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    my mates ctr burnout!!!!!!!!!!!

    i second that. he says he was only doing it to finish off his old tyres before putting new ones on. so why film it and post it on the forum. tw*t! he's giving us ctr drivers a bad name. then again I did see a chav in a cap with a gelled fringe the other day driving a 182. and he was...
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    fast starts

    derr! surely that's like saying the sky is blue.:banghead:
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    not renault but pretty nuts. "knock hill footage"

    what a nob. that c**k knows zero about setting up a car for the corner to get the balance right and taking a smooth line through the bend. anyone can drive like a prick and brake mid corner coz you went in too fast and nearly take someone out. can't stand people like that. none of them could...
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    Should I buy a 172 cup or Civic Type-R

    i think the seats, steering wheels, dash, gear lever, speedo's and even the inside of the doors on a ctr are better than any clio. this is just my opinion but i personally think the rs clio's interior are not hot hatchy enough. they look too much like the base models and what is that enromous...
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    V6 and driver

    i've seen someone older than that....................................driving an evo fq 320................................and it was a woman. whats that all about. what compels a 70 year old to go into the mitsubishi garage and pick out an evo when she's blatantly not gonna go over 60. tut tut...
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    clio 172/182 turbo

    indeed ctr's do have more potential but it is still quite costly to achieve a lot more power. however there are loads of different ways you can do it with loads of different brands to choose from. 300 bhp is easily achievable with a supercharger. it can also be done naturally aspirated with the...