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  1. coolspot007007

    The V8 Focus

    This car captures better what it looks like normally.
  2. coolspot007007

    The V8 Focus

    Not sure on a red black but have you considered a purple? My Leon is Inferi black? 90% of the time mine doesn't look this purple.
  3. coolspot007007

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Seen it on Sefton Road today.
  4. coolspot007007

    The DIY Thread

    Same, I use with a 9" Wooster Sherlock frame. Nice smooth action, holds the sleeve well, but develops a squeak which is infuriating.
  5. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Any strategy? Just holding as you are, buying any dips that happen? Or are you diversifying into alts as BTC too expensive to get into for similar gains?
  6. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Safe to say I have an extensive ”cars I'd like to own” list which I'll be having a go at before a posh shed is purchased 😅.
  7. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    We HODLing for $100k guys? I've got some stuff I want to cash out for (garden room) but if I can get to £50k that's pretty life changing, I'd need another 30% rise for that though.
  8. coolspot007007

    Tape and joint - plasterboard ceiling

    Not sure on the difference between Gyproc easi-fill and their joint filler but easi-fill sands really well, it’s very fine. It's all I use for filling now. I use 120 grit for sanding any thicker sections, as it leaves fine scratches, a swipe or two with 240 to finish. If you're using a drywall...
  9. coolspot007007

    Home Furniture / Decor Thread

    Yep, we have a 3 door Cotswold wardrobe, similar to above. The doors were warped so I had to triple the amount of magnetic catches on it to close it anywhere near flush. I'll router the hinge fixing points at some point to sort it out. Oh and it weighs a f**king ton, so assemble fairly close to...
  10. coolspot007007

    Painting Fresh Plaster

    Leyland trade contract matt is designed specifically for new plaster. That's why it has a chalky finish.
  11. coolspot007007

    Self build garage project

    I bought a used Workzone drywall sander on eBay for £30. I thought the dust extraction would be shite but it's actually good, even upside down. (hooked up to a Henry). It's a killer on the shoulders after a while though.
  12. coolspot007007

    Power Tool Perverts

    In my case it was chuck wobble.
  13. coolspot007007

    Power Tool Perverts

    For those having issues with the chucks on the combis, there's a Rohm option available to replace it. Double check it's the right one though as it was a while back I researched replacements /upgrades...
  14. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    I certainly hope so, keeping a cheeky eye on R8 V10s for later in the year 😂.
  15. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Am finally over £25k now 😀. Cheers Elon, feel free to buy some more!
  16. coolspot007007

    Mitre saw recommendations

    I bought a cheap single bevel (Evo) and then regretted not getting a sliding double when I came to do skirting. I ended up going for something decent the second time round and the biggest I could ever need for a house project (12"). I bought second hand, so it won't be worth 50p if I get rid of...
  17. coolspot007007

    Garage roof / loft advice

    Double up alongside, bolt together?
  18. coolspot007007

    What's your favourite car related YouTube channel?

    Yeah colour is shite, am sure the mini guys will like it. Pearl touches were nice though. I thought it was staying the etch primer at first and they were going to Mr. Bean it 😅.
  19. coolspot007007

    Virgin existing customer deals?

    I need to ring them, want to drop the land-line and just keep the 350mb, think I'll just move to the 500mb to save the hassle 😂.
  20. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Well must have been a decent sell wall at $40k, I'd expect a monster one at 50k, it's an important number I think. I'd be considering a decent cash out near there definitely.
  21. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    £25k was always my do I take some profit point, if it carries on like this that's only a couple of days away. Decisions, decisions. Or do we stick with Mel?
  22. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    We'll it's still flying today, looks like maybe some resistance at $38k.
  23. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    What's everyone's thoughts on regulation coming for Bitcoin? I think the institutional backing has given it way more credibility, but still worried any heavy handed regulation could tank the price. Or is there too much money from funds involved now for them to "allow" governments to step in...
  24. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Flying now, am nearing £17k. I was pessimistic it was going to pick up so much this late in the year, but I'll take it. That's £5k in under a month 😲
  25. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Let's see if it's sustained, might be more chances to buy the dip yet to come.
  26. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Make that up £3k in a month, sorry Rich.
  27. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Am up £2k in just under a month. Still not sure $100,000 dollars can be breached, purely from a mindset standpoint. Plenty of previously accurate models predicting anything from $60,000 - $100,000 by end of 2021, I'd certainly be happy with something between those. So...CGT...any creative...
  28. coolspot007007

    Is Pistonheads classifieds dying?

    I like the amount of filtering you can do so you can pick up on cars you might not have considered before. Autotrader is too vague for faster cars i.e 0-60 5 secs or less or 8 or less, it's a WIDE range. I get most people don't need/want that.
  29. coolspot007007

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    It's only because I lost out on the last bull run dipping in and out that I haven't touched it.