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  1. Darren S

    What have you guys beat in your clios

    Don't forget the DSG fartbox with the stomp & go driving mentality saving the driver any third pedal and manual change issues. Driven the neighbours Polo GTi and although it felt like you'd never see double-figures in MPG when the gearbox is set to Sport - in most scenarios I bet it would beat...
  2. Darren S

    Petrol Blue new owner

    Still wish I'd ordered mine in PB.... ☺️ It's a gorgeous colour - nice purchase, sir!
  3. Darren S

    Oldest game you still play?

    Still a very active community from what I can gather, which is massively impressive for a game that's heading towards being 30 years old. I think they just got a lot of simple ideas nailed from the get-go. The original TT was a little bit silly in that you could cut off the AI player(s) in...
  4. Darren S

    Oldest game you still play?

    Noticed that OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe) has now been added to Steam. Brings back many memories from uni days, that. :)
  5. Darren S

    New Member Laguna 1 owner

    Definitely something a bit different! Welcome aboard :)
  6. Darren S

    New owner 182 RB RS👌

    RB is a fantastic colour when cleaned and in the sun. Mind you, so is black gold..... then you look at it and it's dirty again. :P
  7. Darren S

    Help help help help

    If its any consolation - the local Renault dealership to me replaced the alternator three times when my OEM item failed. They even had the nerve to try and charge me the additional labour for each swap-out. When eventually they got it right - the unit only lasted two years before failing again...
  8. Darren S

    Will I destroy my lovely Clio Cup ????

    That was the main thinking behind my rebuild. I wanted the current driveability - but with that performance dial just turned up slightly. It's my daily and I didn't want to run the risk of compromising what the Clio had been about all these years. Sure, there are many more powerful small...
  9. Darren S

    3D Printed 1*2 Cupholder

    Not quite the cup holder - but I'd like a slightly different moulding to the ash-tray base. I've got an OBD-2 Bluetooth adapter permanently plugged in there and the ash-tray doesn't fit correctly on top. If I could have the ash-tray base reprinted with about an inch less depth - it would slot in...
  10. Darren S

    Bodywork recommendations - North West?

    With working on Shadsworth (even though I haven't been in the office itself for a year!) - that might be a good shout - thanks.
  11. Darren S

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    One of my work colleagues managed to nab two Founders Edition RTX3080 cards pretty much on release day. Offered one to me at the price that he paid (£680) which I politely refused at the time. Yeah..... in hindsight, that was a mistake!
  12. Darren S

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    It really is. I saw my EVGA 1080 on eBay with its current bid at about £50 less than what it cost me new over five years ago. Insane.
  13. Darren S

    Evo IX RS on Its way

    Genuinely would be interested in what my rust-munched VI would have been worth now, if I'd tucked it away?
  14. Darren S

    Rust rear wheel arch

    Don’t be alarmed with rust in the petrol filler cap area on your search for another 172/182. It’s a really common area to get it as well.
  15. Darren S

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    I have Afterburner running in the background - outputting GPU temp to my Logitech G13. It's a dusty fecker at the minute! 😊
  16. Darren S

    Oap persons guide to gaming pc's

    I just think all things like this are too far ahead of their time. There will come a time where simply subscribing to a gaming service in true 8K, at 200hz will become the norm on most integrated TVs. But for true streaming quality of that nature, we're years away from that yet. When the...
  17. Darren S

    Bodywork recommendations - North West?

    It's tricky - I might arrange a visit again? I don't want to be missing out on a potential good job based on my own frustration with them. We'll see - if we move house, it maybe that there's somewhere else closer to home?
  18. Darren S

    Bodywork recommendations - North West?

    Funny you mention them Matt, they were a company I went to in person, with them being close to me. Booked an initial visit and when I turned up, I had a walkaround with one of their staff about what I wanted done. Took my details and a few days later, I contacted back asking if there was any...
  19. Darren S

    Bodywork recommendations - North West?

    Sounds really positive. If you could let me know how that goes on...... and how they might feel towards handling a 182 job. ;)
  20. Darren S

    Bodywork recommendations - North West?

    Cheers - seems like a very similar train of thought to me. Northwich is fine - I'd be happy to travel that distance if the work is up-to-scratch. No doubt if these guys you mention deal with rust on Hondas regularly - then a Renault really could be a welcome alternative!? :P
  21. Darren S

    Clio users in Japan

    Welcome! If you click on your name at the top of the forum page, you can then click on your avatar picture and edit it that way....
  22. Darren S

    Clio users in Japan

    No idea what the text says, but I really like those alloys!
  23. Darren S

    Bodywork recommendations - North West?

    Assuming moving house doesn't financially cripple me (!) - I think I'll have to address the rear arches this year - along with the usual petrol filler cap area. Pretty much convinced myself that the filler cap side will most likely require the panel to be cut out and replaced and for the work...
  24. Darren S

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    I’ll have to check. Steam had that weird calculation thing a while back that sometimes included Free To Play games. Then there are others where DLCs can be viewed as individual ‘games’ in their own right. What I do know is that I have plenty that I’ve barely scratched the surface of! ☺️
  25. Darren S

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    Was going through some Paypal purchases earlier - cancelling off authorised payments, etc. Think I need to have a word with myself regarding Steam. :giggle: Thankfully (though bizarrely) cdkeys doesn't show how much I've spent in total...... not that I want to know really.
  26. Darren S

    Oldest game you still play?

    Got a couple of games that I've been done-over with a similar issue. I just assume these days that most games have inbuilt Steam Cloud support for the saved progress....... and that frustration you get when you realise it hasn't! Similarly, I've reinstalled some games that I haven't played for...
  27. Darren S

    My Black Gold (no)mod thread

    Ah..... the Ramp of Shame. I know that feeling well from the back-end of 2018. As if a driveshaft letting go wasn't bad enough, this happened the day after my birthday and I also got caught speeding on a dual-carriageway approximately an hour before this picture was taken. Thankfully the...
  28. Darren S


    Got the Ultimate Edition from cdkeys for peanuts have heard some good feedback from some mates of mine. I was forwarded a recording of it in 4K on a 3080 card and it did look very impressive. Not tried it myself yet though. Hopefully the movement controls will be OK - but as per @Greeny. - if...
  29. Darren S

    Clio Road tax

    I don't think they will push for that model over here until some eureka moment occurs with the weight of batteries. For example, a Renault Zoe weighs nigh-on the same as an Evo VI - which includes parts like multiple diffs and a four-wheel drivetrain. Although clearly a premium car (and thus...