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  1. pecan

    Brakes not working on cold start!

    Over the past couple of days when I start my car in the morning to go to work or after work my brakes dont seem to work. After I pump them about ten times they seem to gradually feel better and then they feel normal. They come back pretty quickly, sometimes before I reach the end of our side...
  2. pecan

    Autoleads question. Yes, I've used search..

    Ok after 2 trips to Halfords (who don't know their arse from their elbow) and searching through here I still can't come to a conclusion on which Autoleads harness I need to use my steering wheel remote with my new Pioneer headunit. Mine's a 53 plate 172 Cup. :P Please advise. <3
  3. pecan

    Help! Anybody know the easiest way of...

    Anybody know the easiest way of feeding a cable behind the centre console in a 172 Cup? I'm thinking of hard wiring a sat nav charger cable to the cigarette lighter and want the other end to come out on top of the dash (in the tray thing with the rubber mat (after I've drilled a hole for it))...
  4. pecan

    Changing 172 Cup springs. Advice?

    Hi guys, I am hoping to replace both front springs on my Cup without spring compressors, I beleive it's possible.. I also assume that this is also true when swapping for OE springs (like I am going to do) as well as lowering springs. Can someone explain to me why it's possible to get away with...
  5. pecan

    172 Cup front springs

    Looks like I'm in the market for a pair of front springs for the Cup. I'll probably opt for OE parts. I don't really want to lower it and I ain't got coilover money. What can I expect to pay for a set of front springs from Renault? Anyone got any advice on where I should buy from if not...
  6. pecan

    Silver 172 - North Staffs Royal Infirmary

    I saw this parked in the priority spaces next to the main entrance earlier today. It had a 'Ring sticker on the tailgate and a RenaultSport sticker, apart from that it looked standard.
  7. pecan

    Monaco Blue 172, ClioSport sticker, Meir Park

    Saw you bout an hour ago, followed you through half of the estate then went McDonald's for a McFlurry. :)
  8. pecan

    Middo! Trent Vale Mcdonald's. 6PM.

    Car's looking good mate. Loving the 2.0 badges. I wizzed through the drive-through for a Toffee Oreo Mcflurry!
  9. pecan

    I've found the CTR ariel's successor

    A short while ago I was looking around for pictures of the CTR ariel on Clio 1*2s. Since everyone was fitting them I thought it would be a nice subtle upgrade considering the standard ariels are horrendous looking! However I eventually stumbled upon this picture which shows how they do not fit...
  10. pecan

    51 plate PH1, Meir Park McDonald's, Stoke-on-Trent

    The exhaust was loud as f**k! The guy had MK2 rear clusters the rear plate was held on with cable ties, after market wheels, hacksaw'd ariel, K&N sticker under the brake light... f**king horrendous in other words. I was behind you in my Cup... rolling my eyes as you blipped the throttle to A...
  11. pecan

    Monaco Blue 172 - Stoke One Way System

    You passed me in the right hand lane giving it some and went down through the town centre. Aftermarket exhaust, MK3 'sport' badge and anthracite Turinis I think (maybe wrong though). 'bout 4:45PM.
  12. pecan

    Pic Request: 172 Cup with painted Silver calipers behind Turinis

    As title. I've searched, just can't find what I'm looking for. I've managed to find a silver Cup with silver calipers but wanted to see what it looks like against Mondial. Cheers.
  13. pecan

    Black Clio, A34, flashed me 'bout 1:20pm

    Hey, sorry I was miles away then I realised you were flashing me. :P
  14. pecan

    Black 182 let me in-lane this afternoon in Hanley

    Just wanted to see if you're on here, thanks for letting me in. haha
  15. pecan

    Clio Trophy - Stoke-on-Trent, A50 -> A500

    You on here? Spotted you following a Focus ST and a BMW, I thought I'd follow in my Cup, past you on the Festival Park slip road and beeped! Nice car!
  16. pecan

    Blue v6 - 53 plate, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent

    Just been behind you, I flashed a couple of times and you waved, followed you past Longton park then we both turned off. You on here?
  17. pecan

    Silver 182, Tesco Express car park, Meir Hay.

    About 30mins ago. 04 plate. You on here?
  18. pecan

    Yellow V6 MK2, turning into Tesco in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent.

    I was in the Cup behind you, I went straight over the roundabout and you turned in to Tesco. First time I've seen you around S-O-T. Nice car mate.
  19. pecan

    Arctic Blue 182, The Headless Woman (Pub), outside Chester.

    I always see this one parked on the car park whenever I pass. Guess you must work there. Anyone on here?
  20. pecan

    Orange Clio, Lexus lights, ClioSport sticker - Potteries Way, Hanley.

    Drove past you in the traffic, spotted the ClioSport sticker in the rear side window. Must've been bout half five or something, tonight. I was in the Cup, I think you had a look. :)
  21. pecan

    Silver 172 (possibly 182) At that pub, top of Lightwood Rd. Longton

    Spotted you with aftermarket wheels on, looked pretty smart! Didn't see the rear, just caught corner of my eye. Probably 172. You were parked facing down the bank right near the ballards, right near the road. Bout 6:45PM.
  22. pecan

    Arctic Blue 182 w/ Cup Packs - A34 Newcastle-to-Stone

    Saw you parked in a sorta lay-by near some houses right next to that factory with the blue front. I was on my way to Stone about 6:15PM tonight.
  23. pecan

    Awful stickered-up Clio - Cheshire Oaks *PIC*

    Spotted this the other week, only just taken it off my phone. God knows what he was thinking... ..oh, and it's an RS apparantly. :clown:
  24. pecan

    Silver 172 - Longton, S-o-T

    You were parked up opposite HSBC bank. Bout 20mins ago.
  25. pecan

    Black Y reg Clio - modded, Porthill.

    I came out onto the roundabout behind you then followed you down Porthill bank, you went left at the bottom (a500) I went right. Car looked neat. bout 16:50.
  26. pecan

    Chick driving 172 Cup - A34 Newcastle-under-Lyme

    Bout 6PM tonight, you were heading to Hanford Roundabout, I was heading in the other direction in the Cup.
  27. pecan

    Weight of 172 Cup with AC?

    Does anyone know the exact weight of the Cup with AC added. No speculation please, I want hard facts! And I'm abondoning this thread after page one, so no argueing ffs. Thanks.
  28. pecan

    Post your stick on number plate pics please!

    I'd like to see as many styles of number plates which are stick on (non-screw) as I'm thinking of changing mine cause they look good. Thanks guys.
  29. pecan

    Just test drove a 197 - My two cents.

    Yea, so I thought I'd call in Renault just on the off-chance they'd have one in, and they did. Had a sit inside, then asked for a test drive. He took a few details off me and off we went, my brother jumped in the back so we were 3 up. First things that I noticed were that the steering is...
  30. pecan

    Flame Red 172, Longton town centre. Gave you thumbs-up.

    Spotted bout 5:10PM today. You had lexus lights and tints with an aftermarket exhaust. Spotted you a couple of times recently. I was in the Cup. You on here?