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  1. Cropper

    CSF Convoy North West

    Anybody interested in a convoy up too CSF on the Friday afternoon? @kieranmountford @MartinL1993 And myself confirmed so far. Although I’ll let Martin off as he’s in a van.
  2. Cropper

    Cropper’s 200T

    Hi Guys, So I’m 3 months into owning my 200T Cup and I must say I was 50/50 on them when I first test drove it, the gearbox being one factor as I’ve always had a trusty manual but I’m fully converted. I know these get a lot of stick but in the right place at the right time they lift the bar in...
  3. Cropper

    CSF 24th Aug convoy up.

    Hi guys, I’m setting up a thread for anybody wanting to convoy up to Clio Sport festival on the Friday which is the 24th August. Looking to meet maybe around Warrington services at 4pm So far we’ve got myself and, @kieranmountford @MartinL1993 Anybody welcome to make the drive up a bit more...
  4. Cropper

    Clio200T Cup Spoiler

    Hi, Was just wondering if anybody knows anything about the cup spoilers for the RS200T. I really want one but there retailing at 1200 as they are solely from one company who makes them for the Clio cup racing series. My question is surely there is somebody who makes replica ones? If so how do...
  5. Cropper

    Clio 200T Badge removal

    Hi, Has anybody removed the large Renault badges on a 200T before? I’m wanting to wrap them in black as I have in my head it will go well with the white car. I haven’t attempted anything yet, just trying to find out if it’s worth the hassle! Thanks in advance.
  6. Cropper

    French Car Show 2018

    Hi guys, With me now being back in a clio sport I was wondering if anybody is going to the FCS and if so fancied a convoy up? I’ve never been before but fancy getting about a bit this year.. Cheers
  7. Cropper

    I'm back... kinda!

    Hey guys, I started out with an Alien Green 200, did the usual lowering it down, spacers and exhaust to it. Chopped it in for a Fiesta ST which I tracked at blyton last time out! However I had a change in career so I needed a diesel for mileage so ended up with a 2014 Leon FR, lovely cruiser...
  8. Cropper

    Somebody buy my Old AG 200

    So I traded my old Alien Green in for a new Fiesta ST, I've now found it up for sale at another dealer in Chester. Reasonable price for a AG! Be nice to keep it on the forums...
  9. Cropper

    Blue 197 Tesco

    Spotted parked up before, haven't seen it around before had a little compare with the 200! Looked nice.
  10. Cropper

    Ph1 Clio Blue Deeside industrial estate

    Parked up just outside Toyota on the main road! No other cars in site parked up and then I spotted this by itself! Looked mint, about 6am
  11. Cropper

    What colour alloys for 200 (photoshop request)

    Hi guys, I suck at photoshopping in general! I am thinking of getting my alloys refurbed but I might go something nobody has type of thing. Any input is welcome, and could anybody photoshop them pink in this picture? Haven't got any good pics as my phone decided it didn't want too keep them..
  12. Cropper

    Bucket Seats on a 200

    As above, has anybody put bucket seats in a 200? I unfortunately only have the sports seats and not the recaros. And with the recaros being through the nose price wise I was weighing up my options. Are they easy to fit if so? And can they be put on runners?
  13. Cropper

    [Sep 6, 2015] Ultimate Car Cruise 6th September (Ultimate Car Cruise)

    So does anybody fancy getting a few of us together and going too this? I've been to a few and there's normally the Focus RS boys, Subaru club and some others. Thinking maybe we could get a little few of us together be good for a chat and maybe a run somewhere. Location isn't up yet but it's just...
  14. Cropper

    Liquid Yellow 200 Welsh Road/queensferry

    Spotted you going past the mini garage on the way to North Wales. Loving the colour and the CL10 plate aswell!
  15. Cropper

    G3 Clay mitt! Amazing (Few Photos)

    So I bought a G3 Mitt not long ago as I read good reviews. I enjoy giving the Clio a good clean so decided too have a go at using the mitt. I must say the things amazing, I have no idea how it does what it does but with G3 Detailing spray to lubricate it it works wonders! At first I was...
  16. Cropper

    Blue 172 M53 this evening

    Was following me for a few junctions, gave you the thumbs up when you passed! Looking good, CS stickers in the back window
  17. Cropper

    White 200 Llandudno

    Was parked up for pretty much the whole day today in Llandudno! Looked smart, had the spoiler and tinted windows!
  18. Cropper

    Megane 17" alloys on a Clio

    Hi guys, I've always liked the Megane 17" multi spoked alloys and was wondering if I picked a set up would they fit on my Clio 200? Cheers
  19. Cropper

    [May 10, 2015] Ultimate Car Cruise 10th May (Blackpool)

    Hi guys, just wondering if anybody fancies a little drive out tomorrow if they have a boring Sunday planned. There's a 2000+ car meet in Blackpool about 6pm tomorrow and was wondering if anybody fancied coming along.. Get a little Clio convoy maybe there or meet up there type of thing. Think I'm...
  20. Cropper

    Clio 200 Exhaust

    Hi guys so I'm finally getting round to getting a new exhaust system! Thinking of going for a miltek cat back. But I've got a few questions.. So I buy the exhaust, I'm not the most diy type of man as I don't have a clue on half the stuff so where's best to get the exhaust fitted? Based in the...
  21. Cropper

    Was this anybody's on here? Excuse my terrible attempt at putting a link up so it might not work.. Noticed this on the Ford of Winsfords website, they seem to have a lot of clio 200's going in and out of there and I was just wondering if anybody may of part ex it...
  22. Cropper

    2 Greens together!

    Thought it would be a too good of an opportunity too miss! Good too meet you mate!
  23. Cropper

    Annoying black marks on the paint!

    So I cleaned my car today, and I've been doing some motorway miles in it recently and I've come across like small black marks that don't budge on a clean.. Not that type of guy who is religious about detailing so if somebody could sign some light on how I can remove them that would be brilliant!
  24. Cropper

    Lonely Alien Green

    Freshly cleaned and all alone at work! People don't seem to park near me which is a good thing. Still have yet to see another one AG on the roads 😧
  25. Cropper

    Anybody up for a Sunday meet?

    Hi guys, I'm still yet too meet any of you and was wondering would anybody be up for just a car park meet sometime soon? Say a Sunday? I'm based in the wirral
  26. Cropper

    New LED's on the 200

    Invested in some new LED's for the 200. Instead of going for the crappy universal I did a bit of research and ended up with these! The picture is just my sidelights. They have impressed that much my step dad has bought some for his 911!
  27. Cropper

    Busy day! A silver 200 and Blue 182 Wallasey

    Spotted a nice Clio 200 cup with a private reg on, the only 200 I've seen around wallasey infact! And a smart blue 182 with the most powerful zenons I've ever seen haha. Spotted them from a mile off!
  28. Cropper

    5 Clio 172/182 parked up together in wallasey

    Drove past a few times over the last couple of days, 5 parked up next to each other some nicely modified ones it looks like. Off Dockroad near tyre fitters
  29. Cropper

    New 200 Member

    Hi guys, Recently bought a Alien Green 200. Just couldn't resist when I saw it in all its glory! Hoping to learn a thing or two about my car. From the Wirral Mike