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  1. DazG

    04 BMW 330ci M Sport convertible £6000ono
  2. DazG

    Viper engined Jensen Interceptor Not many details but I bet that will be a beast once finished!
  3. DazG

    Good or Bad? Possible 172 for a friend A friend of mine is going to view the above car on...
  4. DazG

    New Year, New car!

    Introducing my new car as of Thursday last week :D Only got the one iphone pic at the mo. To summarise its facelift 330ci sport convertible. Its got xenons and full black leather. Only 36k on the clock.
  5. DazG

  6. DazG

    Small portable hard drive

    Good afternoon, I'm getting my brother a portable hard drive for Christmas and I need your suggestions. It needs to be small, stylish, between 250gb or more and run on USB power not mains. Under £75 would be great. Any ideas?
  7. DazG

    My E46 325ci sport
  8. DazG

    Lethal I bet...
  9. DazG

    Corsa VXR 'One more remap and it will be running up to 350bhp' Hmm...Highly unlikely.
  10. DazG

    Having a laugh with the price...

    07 Fiesta for £15,000
  11. DazG

    Niice F50
  12. DazG

    Corsa with Astra VXR engine VXR Astra engined Corsa with diesel gearbox....Surely that doesn't work properly? Forgive me for being a noob, but wouldn't you fit the Astra gearbox as well?
  13. DazG

    Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan GTR

  14. DazG

    Carrera GT rep
  15. DazG

    Golf MK2 R36 £15k Just browsing pistonheads (As usual) and I come across this...interesting! Mk2 Golf with Passat R36 engine. So thats approx 300 bhp as standard...nice! :D I'm sure I've seen it over on the R32 owners club site when I was over there.
  16. DazG

    Anyone got a spare £775,000? Definitely in my top 5 cars! :D
  17. DazG

    My e46 325ci sport

    Bought it back in September 09 at an attempt on being sensible. I was worried about it being dull but to be honest its a damn good car. The build quality is like nothing I've owned before. I've done a bit to it over the months, which includes: - Front bumper respray - Spots of rust...
  18. DazG

    Views/Valuation on this Golf mk4 tdi 150

    Linky Link It actually has 89000 on the clock. My friend really likes it and managed to get it down to £6800 with a 12 month warranty. He asked for my opinion on it, I think its over priced but he still isn't convinced. What do you guys think?
  19. DazG

    My old Clio 182 was nicked last year! Bit random but I just googled my old clio 182 reg plate and it was nicked last year!
  20. DazG

    My friends Mini Cooper S Low mileage Mini Cooper S in blue with white wheels and roof.
  21. DazG

    If I were to step into a Clio again...

    ...This would be the one for me: I remember seeing photos of it on here a while back. Wants a Mini Cooper S in exchange for the wife, under the thumb ;)
  22. DazG

    Tallk about over priced...
  23. DazG

    3.2 V6 Elise S1

    Makes a change from the 'usual' 1.8T and EP3 Type-R engine conversions...
  24. DazG

    Escort Cosworth (Free semi detached house)
  25. DazG

    Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, X-Box)

    Out on the 9th March! :D Completely forgot about it! I will be pre ordering a copy soon. Been a fan of the Final Fantasy series since I got my original Playstation with FFVII, which is the best one so far in my opinion. Anyone else a fan and getting it?
  26. DazG

    £57000 for an Audi TT

    As nice as they are...£57k! :eek:
  27. DazG

    Volvo S80 V8 4WD Didn't realise they put V8's in these things! :cool:
  28. DazG

    Opel Calibra or Aston Martin DB9?
  29. DazG

    Clio Dynamique 1.2TCE Turbo 3 Door

    Posted on behalf of a friend...
  30. DazG

    Audi "RS3" Interesting... RS4 V6 twin turbo engine 472 bhp If only it looked standard :dapprove: