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  1. Jack!

    Sysadmin/AD/GPO experts, a question...

    I've added some strings to a logon script to record a log of AD Users and Computers, the logs for each user and each computer is updated every time they log on. This is fine for a business where all their users work from offices on the internal network, but increasingly people are working from...
  2. Jack!

    Is Pistonheads classifieds dying?

    I wouldn't be sad, because Pistonheads prices were always over-inflating because it's where all the enthusiast tax cars would get listed, but when I've checked their classifieds in recent times it seems like the amount of listings is getting less and less, is it on it's way out for classifieds...
  3. Jack!

    Browser extension for blocking webpage extras like JavaScript?

    I've got a Macbook Pro 2013, so getting on a bit now, but still going pretty strong. One thing that's slightly irritating these days though is that certain websites seem to get the fans spinning much louder than normal. CPU doesn't seem to spike much higher, but a bit of research, people were...
  4. Jack!

    Tumble Dryer - What is this?

    I'm trying to repair a tumble dryer. What is the name for the felt gasket type stuff around this seal? Where can I get some, or what can I use as an alternative? Thanks.
  5. Jack!

    Recommend a steam cleaner for car interior?

    Looking to give the TT a proper deep clean and maybe help with the sagging seat base problem as well. Recommendations for a decent steam cleaner? Thanks.
  6. Jack!

    Waze users - help plz

    Is there any way to stop Waze pausing Spotify for about 3 seconds every a notice pops up like a speed camera or construction? I have the spoken audio muted. The best option would be if I could tell Waze what cameras I know about on my route every day and tell it to ignore them.
  7. Jack!

    Powering two head units?

    How does one power two headunits? I want to power the double din in the dash and a single din in the glovebox. Can I just splice the wire for power on the quadlock/ISO and send it to both units?
  8. Jack!

    Spotify receiver?

    Does such a thing exist? Basically like a bluetooth dongle with an aux cable, but one that works with Spotify's Available Devices, so uses wifi. Or are there any single DIN headunits that have Spotify?
  9. Jack!

    Interference box?

    Can you get small boxes that are like a faraday cage that you can put over audio connections? My new head unit has some RCA connections, and I was thinking of putting them in little anti-interference boxes, both to stop them coming loose but also to block any interference. Do such things exist...
  10. Jack!

    Is it normal for there to be some background noise with bluetooth?

    Just fitted a new HU in my TTS, which has Bluetooth. It's the first time I've ever used bluetooth in a car; is it normal for there to be a bit of static noise at low volumes and when paused?
  11. Jack!

    Tapatalk fooked again?

    When I go on participated tab, it's showing me loads of threads about minis that I've never commented on, and not showing me any threads I've actually participated in. It's only this forum that is doing it though. Inb4 use the mobile site.
  12. Jack!

    What premium tyres with comfort in mind?

    Any recommendations on a premium tyre that's best for comfort? I still want good performance, not something super soft, like many suggest the Goodyear Efficient Grips to be, but it's for a daily and I'd like a bit more smoothness. 245/40/18 for an Audi TT. I've always had P-Zero's on the Clio...
  13. Jack!

    Best place to buy from these days for tyres?

    I need some 245/40/19, of high-mid to premium quality. Ideally something like Conti, Michellin or Pirelli, but I'm open to possibly Hankook or Vred or something of that ilk if the price is right. Where is best to buy from these days?
  14. Jack!

    Advise me on a deep interior clean

    I've just bought an Audi TT 8J, and it has a cream/beige leather interior. It all looks a bit lifeless and dirty though, so I'd like to give it a really intensive clean, to make it as good as possible. What does CS advise? Thanks.
  15. Jack!

    Replacement thumb grips?

    I vaguely remember a while ago, someone messing around with the concept of 3D printing replacement thumb grips, and I seem to remember a batch being produced? Is anyone still doing this, is there anywhere I can get a pair? Thanks.
  16. Jack!

    Making my 182 more comfortable? (Mainly driving position)

    So, ideally I'd change car, but I'm just not in a sensible situation to do so right now and the 182 still offers a lot of value for money. What I'd like to do is make it a bit more comfortable over long journeys. I don't have coilovers or stiff springs, so it's not necessarily ride that's a...
  17. Jack!

    IT network/domain stuff for small charity (plz help)

    I volunteer for a small charity doing some basic IT work. Our setup at the moment is very primitive. We have a small office, with about 10 desks, all have a PC, but there is no standard, all the PCs are different, they’re all of differing quality. The biggest problem we have at the moment is...
  18. Jack!

    Strange washer jet problem...

    I still have a Clio 182. One slight issue I've noticed recently is that if I use either the front washer jets or the rear window jet, my choice is locked in until I restart the car. What I mean is, if I wash the windscreen, and then go to use the control to do the rear window, it just does the...
  19. Jack!

    Computing equipment for a charity (Mainly monitors)

    Long shot, but CS often pulls things out of the bag. I've just started volunteering for a local mental health charity, doing their IT stuff. Their setup is really primitive, all the equipment is stuff that's been donated over the years, we're talking old XP era towers, old 13/15 inch monitors...
  20. Jack!

    Turn off auto-volume changing at speed increase/decrease?

    So, a novel idea back in 2005, but piss poorly executed. The standard HU and the thing where it increases the volume to counteract road noise. Can it be turned off? It's not smooth or linear in the slightest, the volume jumps are really noticeable, and if you're hovering around 50mph, then it...
  21. Jack!

    Picture editing

    Can anyone recommend me some software that will allow me to green screen/chroma key, allowing me to remove the background from images or completely change the colour of the background? I take picture of things I'm selling, but I'd like to be able to make the background either perfect white or...
  22. Jack!

    Tapatalk - lost functions...

    I know there's a mobile site, but I prefer Tapa. The reason I've always preferred it is because of the 'participated' tab, which basically allowed me to see the threads I cared about, without having to setup favourites on the site or whatever. On this forum, but not on other forums I use, this...
  23. Jack!

    Premium Tyres

    I'm not up to date with the tyres of choice these days. Without getting into a huge debate, what premium tyres should I be considering? I have Pirelli P-Zero Nero on all four at the moment, I'm looking to replace the front two, I was tempted to just go P-Zero again, but these have now change...
  24. Jack!

    Jack slipped - dent in passenger footwell

    So I was jacking the car up today to remove the front splitter, when I jacked up the passenger side, the jack slipped and has pushed up the passenger side footwell up (I use a rubber puck, but it slipped off the subframe, should've just kept to using old wood offcuts). I've tried stomping on...
  25. Jack!

    Trophy - Rd between Iford rbt and Littledown, before Tesco.

    See it parked up in a driveway.
  26. Jack!

    Proper way to remove front splitter (1*2)

    Is there a correct way to do this or is it just yank it off? It seems like it's well connected to the bumper with rivets.
  27. Jack!

    Nice looking wheel nuts...

    The wheel bolts on my 182 are tired and I'd like to replace them. The TPI Polarised ones look great, but I hear lots of stories of them rusting very quickly and the locking nut being shite. Are there any other options? Something nice, not too OTT but different from normal bolts. The wheels...
  28. Jack!

    Removing starter motor

    If you go through the top removing the exhaust manifold, what else do you need to undo to be able to push the manifold itself back and get more room between the head and the manifold? I need good access to the starter...
  29. Jack!

    Starter Motor exciter cable metal prong thing...

    So, for a long time now I've been bodging my starter motor, bending the small piece of metal the exciter cable slips on to, because the connection would always come lose. Today it finally gave up, and the metal prong bit has snapped off the starter motor. Can this be fixed with a weld or will...
  30. Jack!

    Retina screens coating coming off (Staingate) Has anyone experienced this and approached Apple about having it fixed? Apparently there's a program run by Apple to replace retina screens that have this issue, but it's not publicly advertised, and you need...