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    Headlight restoration - Duxback

    I'd seen this kit some time ago and thought I'd leave it until the weather is better. It literally takes a couple of minutes and job done. I was a bit dubious if it would work. The first pic is the before pic, then a pic of what the tissue picks up then the last pic is the result. It's a 2 step...

    182 Cat mod / olive joint removal.

    I've searched high and low on here and on Google using different phrases but i can't seem to find any decent pics. Anybody got any good pics where the olive joint is removed and a straight pipe is welded in its place and clamped to the centre pipe? I just want a few to show the welding place...

    Hot rear wheel after disc and pad change?

    Bit of a head scratcher this. Quick run down on what's been replaced. Last September my 182 had a new offside caliper fitted as it failed on brake efficiency. It's been ok since except it needed new discs and pads as they were getting a bit worn so I fitted these last week, genuine renault...

    Free sealant

    Got an email from a company called Car Chem offering 100ml of their new sealant free, just £2.99 p+p. I've never used their stuff so can't vouch for the quality.

    N7 RUG

    On Princess St. Accrington about 3.30pm today.

    182 aux belt / steering clunking noise

    As per title. I've been getting a clunking / loud clicking noise from around the aux belt/ alternator area. When it's been on full lock, either left or right it's really loud. This morning with the engine only slightly warmed up just turning the steering wheel slightly it was really loud...

    182 soft brake pedal.

    As per title. About 5 weeks ago the brake pedal suddenly became soft/ long travel. So I bled the brakes , just a bit of air came out and the pedal was solid again for 2 weeks. Then it went soft again and the pedal travel was almost to the floor. So I bled the brakes again. Again the pedal was...

    Temporary / 1 month insurance

    Anybody got any information , websites....... to insure a car just for 1 month ?

    Wouldn't start , now starts ??

    Got in the car an hour ago to gome home from the g/f's , The car started fine . Got home , the car wouldn't lock using the key fob , just the faintest of clicks. Tried to start the car and it was dead as a dodo , no lights on the dash , nothing . I tried the spare key which is basically new ...

    Windscreen wiper problem

    I noticed this yesterday when it started to rain a little bit . In the auto position , it wiped as normal then suddenly stopped then started again after a few seconds . In Position 1 , the slower speed it works fine , wipes and never stops . When I put it in position 2 , faster speed nothing at...

    Stop, serv, battery and handrake light

    Stop, serv, battery and handrake light all came on together today , lots of clicking from under the glove box area at the same time and wouldn't start . Took about 5 attempts . Anybody know what the problem / solution might be ? It's been ok since , but just went out to move the car and the...

    Water under rear seat

    I know there's been umpteen posts about water inside the car over the years , in various places . I noticed over the weekend a small puddle of water under the rear passenger seat . It sems to be coming from this " metal bung/cap " or whatever it actually is . My question is . What is this bung...

    Steering creaking badly.

    Just recently with this hot dry weather we've been having I've noticed that theres hell of a creaking sound when turning the steering wheel. It's clearly noticeable , espcially inside the car when stationary and turning the steering wheel. It sounds like some old rusty hinge that needs oiling...

    Air con pipes ( wanted )

    Just been to get the 182's air con regassed to be told that 2 of the pipes have been rubbing together and both have holes in them. I'm assuming that after having a new alternator fitted a couple of months ago the pipes were bent and were rubbing together afterwards and that's why the past few...

    182 Alternator problem , again

    I had an alternator fitted at a local garage back in November. They came recommended by somebody on here and have a good reputation. Fast forward to February 8th , that alternator started pouring smoke from it and all the lights came on the dash. The following day I got the car towed to the...

    Halfords Sump Plug key 0.25p

    Just nipped in Halfords to buy a sump plug key as I've misplaced my old one . It said £4.99 on the shelf , but at the counter they only charged me 25p . The guy on the counter didn't know why and didn't really seem bothered if it was an error or not , he never checked lol . So just a heads up...

    Cat /Manifold DIY fitting kit

    Having owned my 182 for 10 and half years and going through God knows how many fitting kits because they rust away within minutes I thought I'd have a go at making an alternative using all Stainless parts . I don't know if anybodys interested , but there are the parts I used M8 x 75mm...

    Air bag connector , how to disconnect?

    I want to remove the old seat as it's knackered and replace with a newer seat. I've disconnected the larger plug under the seat but I can't seem to separate the smaller connector in the pic . There " was " a red plastic tab on , but that broke off . I've pulled , squeezed but the bugger won't...

    Happy Birthday - 10 Years of ownership

    She's now 10 years old and 63,500 on the clock . Had her from new . I've enjoyed every moment driving her and still puts a smile on my face most days, when I want her to . Touch wood , no major issues over the years , normal servicing costs etc ....... but that's about it .

    Front suspension top nut loose.

    I had a new OS track rod end fitted the other day at a local garage . Today I noticed the top nut and suspension top mount were loose . I tightened it up quickly with a 21mm socket but it wanted to spin a bit , so I'm not convinced it's gonna be tight enough . Do I need to use an Allen key and a...

    Silver 182 Blackburn

    Blonde girl driving a very nice looking Silver 182, R8 SBL

    60 Today

    Just hit 60k , 9 and half years of trouble free motoring ( touch wood / fingers crossed ) :smile:

    Monaco Blue 172 LD02

    Spotted this morning in Darwen about 7.50am . I was in the Arctic 182 behind you .

    Farcela G3 Clay mitt

    I don't know if anybodies posted anything about these on here ? Just a bit of a headsup . Halfords are doing 3 for 2 offer on cleaning products so picked 3 of these up today for £25.98 ( £8.66 each ) . They seem to get some good reviews on detailing world ...

    Car mats

    Anybody have any experiences of this company ? Prices looks good . Only £33.71 delivered for their top of the range mats . I've had Renaults original mats when the car was new , had some what I think were very expensive mats from the justmatz group buy a few years ago and...

    Turinis with tyres on Gumtree

    Not mine . But i saw them on Gumtree and thought they might be of interest to somebody on here . As i'm not actually selling these , this might be in the wrong section so please feel...

    Turned Big 40 today

    40K miles that is . Just clocked over today . Had the 182 from new , 7 years and 2 months . No Big costs so far ( touch wood ) other than servicing , new Yozza exhaust a couple of years back , tyres and brakes etc ..... . Still puts a huge grin on my face most days .

    CD/Radio and cigarette light problem

    Just got in the car and the cigarette lighter isn't working i.e. charger my phone and powering up my speed camera detector . Also the cd/radio isn't turning on and off with the ignition , i have to turn it on and off with the button on the headunit . Nothings been changed or fiddled with , it's...

    Rear exhaust hanger , bolt size ?

    Mine are rusted to fcuk , gonna have butcher them somehow to get them out and change the hangers . I know they're a T40 Torx head , i just wondered if anyone knows the size M6 , M8 etc ..... length ... ? Gonna keep soaking them in WD40 this week , hopefully that'll help as access is pretty...

    Yozza decat fitted

    Fcuk me , i'd forgotten how loud it is lol . Refitted it today after taking it off for the MOT 2 years ago and never getting round to refitting it .