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  1. wozza182

    BG 182 Kwik-Fit Reading

    Was parked up at the side, assume you work there. looked nice.
  2. wozza182

    VW Golf GTi Mk6

    Couldn't post in the other Marques section, but has anybody owned or currently owns a Mk6 GTi? I'm looking at buying one, I test drove a Mk7 at the showroom the other week and it was a dream to drive. Just wondering what experiences people have had with the cars and whether the DSG box is...
  3. wozza182

    Mini Cooper S 2004 £4350

    I am reluctantly selling my Mini Cooper S due to the girlfriend being 5 weeks away from giving birth to my daughter. I've owned it for around 8 months and it has been faultless the whole time. It has the usual modifications to improve the looks and the performance...
  4. wozza182

    Another R53 Mini Cooper S

    Jumping on the band wagon it seems, I took the plunge and after 6 years of Renaultsport ownership, I purchased a Mini Cooper S. Its a 54 plate and it's covered 86,000 miles. Initial thoughts is that it is a lot nicer inside, the driving position is better than my 182 and the supercharger whine...
  5. wozza182

    My £5 sale on eBay

    Everything bar the iPhone is on eBay for £5. Grab yourself a bargain I hope the link works
  6. wozza182

    Learning Photography

    I have had me camera for about a year or so and have taken quite a few photos, but they are nowhere near the standard in the Picture thread on here. I would like to grasp how to use ISO, Aperture, Depth of Field etc. How have some of you guys learnt? Photography lessons? Youtube? Books? I just...
  7. wozza182

    Coil over C spanner

    I bought some V-Maxx coilovers a few weeks ago and have just got round to fitting them. Unfortunately the guy I bought them from hasn't included the c spanner. Does anybody have a spare that I could use/buy from them please. Want to get it sorted before CSS. Thanks Warren
  8. wozza182

    Car won't start

    bought a 182 today. Drove it back from Gatwick to West London and it was faultless. I popped indoors and then went back out again in it. It started fine and then it cut out about 20 ft down the road. The car won't start now, it won't even turn over. The car won't lock, none of the lights or...
  9. wozza182

    O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction

    My engine management light has come on and my code reader is stating code P0135, which translates to an O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction. My heater/Air con has stopped working completely and the car is not running as well as it usually is. Do you know the part i need? (O2 Sensor I presume)...
  10. wozza182

    Servicing in the West London Area!?

    My Clio 182 is due a service this month and want to know where's best nearby. Thanks. Warren.
  11. wozza182

    Inferno Fulham Yesterday

    Spotted at around 1740 on Fulham Palace Road outside the hospital towards Putney. Female driver.
  12. wozza182

    Adrian Flux win again.

    Renewal time again, got a renewal quite from Adrian Flux of £595. Obviously did a bit of shopping around with the usual suspects Brentacre, Sky and Greenlight etc. They all managed to get just above the £400 mark. Adrian Flux managed to sort me out with an amazing price of £385. Such a...
  13. wozza182

    Ace Cafe - French Classic & Performance

    Was a good turnout tonight, plenty of Clio's in the Car Park and outnumbered the other models. Some great looking cars, decent weather and awesome food (Cheesy, Chilli Chips) mmmm. Hope you enjoy the pics, I hope I got a pic of everyones car. IMG_1876 by warrentodd86, on Flickr IMG_1877 by...
  14. wozza182

    Ace Cafe Hot Road Night

    Popped down to the Ace Cafe tonight to check out the machinery and to get some Chilli, Cheesy Chips. I bought a New Sigma 10-20 Lens today and thought I would give it a go. Here they are: IMG_1824 by warrentodd86, on Flickr IMG_1820 by warrentodd86, on Flickr IMG_1816 by warrentodd86, on...
  15. wozza182

    Strange idle.....

    I have owned my Clio now for a week and it hasn't missed a beat, but today on the way home from work something weird happened. The car started as normal, I travelled for about 5-10 mins then I stopped at some traffic lights, the revs dipped down and the car began to struggle and wasn't holding...
  16. wozza182

    My Inferno 182 FF

    So recently after months of trying to sell it, I managed to move on my Renaultsport Megane R26. Was my second R26 and was faultless for the year I had it. But due to commuting by public transport and not using the car much I decided that it would probably be best to sell it. Heres a pic of it a...
  17. wozza182

    Landscape Photography...

    I'm off to the USA in September for a West Coast road trip and I want to take my Canon 600D with me to take some pics of the amazing landscapes and scenery out there. What would be a good lens to buy? I've had a look and the Sigma 10-20mm lens pops up quite often.
  18. wozza182

    Renaultsport Megane R26 Ultra Red on Autotrader Ok, going to give this another go. Back on Autotrader with better pics this time! Any ideas on how to improve please feel free to let me know!!
  19. wozza182

    Ultra Red R26 57 plate on Autotrader
  20. wozza182

    Ultra Red Renaultsport Clio 197 £4750

    My flatmate is selling his 197 to make way for a new car. This is car is very very clean and has been looked after. Every service has been on time, MOT and Tax are well in date. I helped him give it a good clean yesterday and it really is a nice car and a bargain...
  21. wozza182

    Renaultsport Megane R26 230 F1 Team on Gumtree
  22. wozza182

    LED lighting. After an LED Light to mess around with to get some light on my shots. Does the light in the link above look ok? warren.
  23. wozza182

    Photo Editing Software

    I've got my New Canon D600 and my Apple MacBook Pro on its way. Can you guys recommend some decent software for me to at around with my photos.
  24. wozza182

    New MacBooks just gone live.

    So, I ordered a MacBook Pro Retina last night, was supposed to be despatched today, but got no emails and the delivery details on the apple website still said processing. Then earlier on the apple website was closed for maintenance, it's just come back on and I looked on the site to see a...
  25. wozza182

    Apple Student Discount......

    So.... How much discount do students actually get?
  26. wozza182

    Vauxhall Astra Paint Correction

    Ok so a few weeks ago my Girlfriends mum decided to remove the stubborn baked on bird poo that was on the bonnet and roof of her 2 year old Astra with a scouring pad. The scratches looked like this, was hard to see in the light and my iPhone camera struggled to pick them up, but you can kind...
  27. wozza182

    LY 197/R27 J666

    Saw you yesterday at the roundabout in Uxbridge, about 4ish? I was in the Red R26. Reg was J666 *** I'm sure you are on here, might even be turbo'd.??
  28. wozza182

    Continental Contisport Contact

    Found this in the garage, has 7mm of tread left, but has been repaired. ​would take £20 collected on here though!!
  29. wozza182

    My UR R26 Project.

    I've had this a couple of months now and thought that I should make a project thread for it. I picked it up from a chap in Swansea and paid £6400. It needed the cambelt doing, so it was booked into see James and Mike at MWM, where I was told that it wasn't very healthy and needed new...
  30. wozza182

    R26 Emissions light

    Anyone around the West London area have a code reader that could possibly read the emissions fault on my meg please. Had it sorted out last month at MWM but its now come back on. Injectors have been replaced, want to find out what it is now. Lol Any help will be appreciated. Thanks ​warren.