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    182 Bean Coventry

    Yeah that is your old car. My mate owned it for a short while before selling it on to another lad in Coventry, he's not a member on here though. Think Tomo goes to the same gym as him.
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    Pretty lady in a black 172 - M1

    And at 70mph.. I've got skills.
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    Pretty lady in a black 172 - M1

    Come across you a few times between J15 & 17
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    Phoenix Northampton - Black 172

    Just spotted this parked in the car park.
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    T22 PHY

    I was behind you on a A45 slip road near brackmills, Northampton.
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    White 200 Gordini

    I see you need a 5 door.. Are you not tempted by the new 200 turbo coming out? Lol.
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    White 200 Gordini

    I felt the same but after nearly two years I removed the stripes from the boot and bonnet. Good luck with the sale.
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    Pink eye

    The same light done that to me when I had it. I took advice off here and hit the headlight which fixed it weirdly enough. A friend had the same issue with his and got some 5k bulbs off eBay which have been good for nearly 2 years. Ps. The cruise control button on my 200 gets hot.. I'm worried...
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    Broadheath - Racing blue 182

    With stripes. Parked in the little car park near Tesco, chip shop, pet store etc.
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    Sync iPhone photo album to MacBook?

    Also doesn't sync albums, only the photo stream.
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    Sync iPhone photo album to MacBook?

    I need to transfer the album, iPhoto and image capture doesn't let me do this. Wouldn't syncing via iTunes sync from iphoto to the iPhone, therefore delete the photos on the phone?
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    Sync iPhone photo album to MacBook?

    I need to sync a photo album created on my iPhone to my MacBook, does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Leamington - Monaco blue 172 (photo inside)

    The Shires shopping park. CS sticker on window.
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    Leamington - Sydenham industrial estate

    See this parked up most days. White 200 with black Speedlines and GT spoiler. 10 plate.
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    Black mk2 - Stoneleigh

    Heading out of Stoneleigh at around 5:45pm earlier.
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    Head unit

    Welcome to Clio Sport. You need a Cabasse Update List which were put in 182's around 2005 iirc. You should already know this because Sean and myself have explained this to you 63 times. Enjoy the forum and speak to you tomorrow.
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    Clio 200 owners pictures

    Untitled by Curley89, on Flickr Untitled by Curley89, on Flickr
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    iPad 3 - Released March 16th. Pre-Orders start 7th March

    I've got a buyer for my white 32gb at £325, does this seem decent enough? I'll be queuing up for mine on Friday I think, I'll be at the Solihull store.
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    iPad 2 Cases/Covers.

    Red Invision for me, hardly adds any bulk the one of the best full cover case I've seen and used. I bought the girlfriend a pink one Christmas too.
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    iPad 3 - Released March 16th. Pre-Orders start 7th March

    It's thicker and heavier.
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    Renault Sport Carrier for iPhone

    Gordini Yo!
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    Syncing bookmarks

    They used to sync via MobileMe but as that was been replaced by iCloud, I thought it would be that. I'll see how I get on with the app.
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    Syncing bookmarks

    Is there any way to sync my iCloud bookmarks with my unsupported 10.5.8 OS? For example, I am currently looking for a new job (Don't tell the boss) and I do all of my browsing on my iPad. I am saving a load of job ads in a bookmark to revisit on my MacBook so I can play with my CV and cover...
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    Even F1 Drivers know it's right..........

    Italian for 'Bell End'
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    Projectors fitted to the Cup

    Cups do not come with fog lights.
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    Jailbreaking: A Guide... & Best Features.

    Is there a way of my iPhone and iPad syncing my installous apps I download? Will AppSync do this or will I need to download the app on each device?
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    Inferno on turinis PEZ 9817 coventry

    That's Tomo
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    CS West Midlands Meet - Star City, Birmingham.

    Fred tha baller. Next time, the in laws had me on Sunday :(
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    My New LY 200...!

    Leather > Yellow Recaros. Mine hold me in the same as my old 182 Recaros did. They just had slightly more shoulder support.
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    Finishing touch to my UR 200

    Perfect combo. I've been thinking of selling my Speedlines and putting the standard 200 wheels in black on. Do you still have yours? Wanting to sell?