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    Mk4 Clio 220 Trophy - OEM exhaust required

    Cheers for the replies, I will give renault a call and see what they say. If anyone has a system knocking about in there garage taking up space drop me a line (y)
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    Mk4 Clio 220 Trophy - OEM exhaust required

    Hello all. Recently acquired a lovely Clio 220 Trophy, it's an ex K-tec car and was used to fabricate the turbo back exhaust, It sounds amazing cracks and pops and isn't too intrusive but I really want to get the OEM sound back for popping around a little more stealth !! I like a loud car but...
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    My Seat Leon Cupra R

    Very nice mate, love what you have done really have improved it, it was crying out for a wheel refurb! colour choice is really nice. Hope you don't mind me adding some pics of my old one to ad to the collection of others on this thread :) loved my old one Was perfect imo
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    Impreza Hatch Sti

    You are right you can go too far and it then needs to be a weekend hooning not daily traffic crawling commute. Found all the info on the spec list mine had done, hope you don't mind me sharing, also a few snaps from the advert when i was stupid enough to sell her!! Spec list Exterior...
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    Impreza Hatch Sti

    Very nice Hatch mate, looks like my old one! i have had several Blob eye ones but the hatch was the looker, once forged and the weak bits done they are monster 5dr whip, mine was non forged but was running 340bhp loads spent on it to the point i found it too stiff and raw as a daily! miss it now...
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    Stef's DBP mk4 golf R32

    Very nice, i have had a couple of them in the past, one blue and reflex silver had a hoot in them and as mentioned the noise! get a non res exhaust if that;s your thing, a guy called Lucifer on sells a replica of the miltek but its meant to be spot on and half the cost, i purchased his...
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    My R53 Mini Cooper S.

    Sounds really nice, i remember how nice the Play mini exhaust was on my old one loud pops and crackles was great!
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    My C63 AMG (exhaust video)

    Miss mine badly...!
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    New Civic Type R

    I'd imagine it will look like it does in the advert above? surely they can't post adverts and make a film like that showing us all clearly the front and rear and it not be the actual car? i get motor show concepts and online pics or mock ups but actual adverts? I personally like it and if its...
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    New Car!!

    Looks tidy what's powering it?
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    Huge Jump Crash Survival

    i'm no expert but sure he lifted throttle half way up the ramp then re applied it? Also when he decided to do the jump he didn't look "ready" imo! but what do i know about jumping cars! Glad for his family that he survived. J
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    1M Akrapovic/baller/lease baller/my c*ck is bigger than your c*ck thread

    Re: 1M Akrapovic I had a e92 M3 for nearly 8 months loved it but the engine was lacking low down grunt i felt i needed to be doing silly speeds to feel alive in it and out of the box the M3 is lacking in exhaust note its the induction that is the best bit! :), the 1M has that low down grunt and...
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    1M Akrapovic/baller/lease baller/my c*ck is bigger than your c*ck thread

    Re: 1M Akrapovic Hi Roy Great looking 1M love it :) I have recently purchased a Black 1M love it to bits i eco the comments on how it makes you feel its nice to have a modern M car that feels old skool and raw as this does, i came from a short stint in a C63 just felt i was missing "driving"...
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    My rs turbo

    Awesome, nice colour had a Escort RS in same colour always polished up a treat! do you have any plans for it? My old one Any excuse to show off the old skool hot hatch that i used to love! used to scare people with the silly loud wastegate it had fitted to the hybrid turbo :)
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    Clio 182 FF + Cup Pack 54reg 74k + Extras H&R's Turinis £3250

    See Pistonheads link for more details its a really nice example £3250 ono
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    Stick with the AMG? Or buy this...

    AMG...but I love the 997 Turbo not a massive fan of the 996.
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    My new car - Lupo gti content

    had them on my Mk1 gti really nice and light too do it!
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    Cleaned the C63 today

    The only way IMO to enjoy them sort of cars is on a track or a nice open road but that's a rare thing for me! So a nice fast practical hatch or saloon in my case, tick a load of boxes and is still a hoot every time I drive it!
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    Cleaned the C63 today

    Yes it had an impressive spec list i have a "problem" with selling cars after a short time! no other reason for selling it tbh it was great. only reason why i know he has a C class because he had to meet me again so i could collect all the standard bits and bobs! Exige S grey, i had a White...
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    Cleaned the C63 today

    didn't think this thread was still going :) cheers again tho for the comments! re the wheels i can honestly say the wheels look miles better in the flesh looking at the pics the brushed alloy rim looks a little halfords i can understand that! the wheels are the OEM 19's not actually aftermarket...
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    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    Being only 28yrs old now i didn't have the joys of owning one from new either! but was a treat finding examples that had been well modified/documented and well looked after like the Fiesta i had, might just be me but 4-5 years ago it seemed so much easier to find them maybe it was the fact me...
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    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    Yes I wish i hadn't sold it tbh but thats akways the way! had 3 large folders worth in excess of 20k spend and won awards in the past. I was looking not long ago for either Escort or Fiest RS again as i project with my brother, non seem good enough and and most are selling for more than mine did...
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    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    Loving all the pictures so far guys! I thought id add a few pics of my old Ford RS i used to own shame i don't have any of my Escort RS but my fiesta was Completely mint loved it can see my brother Cossy in the background. Few of my brothers 1600i Lots more but i don't...
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    Cleaned the C63 today

    Great comments thanks, had a great hoon today in the rain! Got an amazing deal on this so don't blame others for snapping them up i test drove the New RS4 and the M5 nothing had a patch on the way the C63 felt nor the deal on offer bar the M5 being offered at 0% Apr. I found the M5 felt too...
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    Cleaned the C63 today

    I don't care to add to anything regarding house/prices etc lets just push that under the rug so to speak!! each to their own on that front and what people feel they need to comment on weather its right to or not! So many haters for the wheels! :p the pics don't do them justice the "lip" is...
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    Cleaned the C63 today

    :approve: Cheers J
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    Cleaned the C63 today

    No unfortunately not! doesn't fit the house i have just been told :clown: just kidding! Although my last few cars did go in of similar size not tried tbh always driving the thing!
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    Cleaned the C63 today

    Thanks for the comments, Can't help but find a few of them comments a little rude if i'm honest..!! it is in fact my house its not all that cheap in Kent for 3 bed/garage and not in a chav estate!! As we have gone down the personal route its not my only property investment but it is my family...
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    Cleaned the C63 today

    Hey all this is my new Merc thought id share a few pictures Had a bit of a clean and polish today, it was awful been too busy driving the thing! just under 2k miles in 2 months of ownership loving every drive such a machine for all ocassions. Hope you all like the pics (nothing arty!) but...
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    Petrol Station Appreciation Thread

    Dirty new edition at its second home!!