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  1. Serg

    log in error on windows xp!!!

    Every time i turn my PC on now it goes to a user login screen which it never use to do as its only myself who uses the computer. Anyway when i clik on my user it flashes up my back ground and then within half a second it changes to a logging out screen and saving settings. I have tryed safe mode...
  2. Serg

    dent wizards?

    i have a dent in the edge of my door and am wanted to get it removed. What companys can i call? I have tryed Shine but they say for the spray it will go onto 2 pannels :S cant they just mask it off? im based in Hampshire many thanks
  3. Serg


    EAGLE F1 GS-D3 195/45 R16 84V XL BSW and EAGLE F1 GS-D3 195/45 R16 80V BSW ?? to me they look the same?
  4. Serg

    Bulb number??

    ok my xenon light on my 172 2003 has gone pink so im guessing i need new one. I went to halfords and they gave me a bulb number but im not convinced its correct. Does any one know the number off hand?
  5. Serg

    my headlamps :S

    just noticed my right side lamp has gone a redy/pink colour but the left is blue. Its a mk172 with zenons (spelling) whats happened??
  6. Serg

    video cam - front bumper?

    hello, im looking into putting a small cam in my front grill/bumper for making some cool track videos etc Now how can i have it wired so i can record it? can i use a digi cam or such like?? Wheres best to get the lil cameras from?? cheers
  7. Serg

    rules on bucket setas?

    ok im after some bucket seats for road and the occasional track use now i was looking at things like cobra imolas and sorts. Now iv been told i wouldnt be able to use these on a track day as they arnt FIA approved. However when i go online i see they have been aproved up untill 1999?? so whos...
  8. Serg

    price of a sump?

    ok well iv cracked mine and have been told by my local garage i can only pick them up from renault themselfs. is this corretc and what sort of price should i be expecting?
  9. Serg

    US PS3 working in the UK

    any one got a US PS3 as im thinking of getting one as they are alot cheaper but im abit worried about it working at home etc. Im guessing i would need a power inverter thingy. Question for anyone who has got one, do they work on UK HD tvs and do they work on UK non-HD tvs also are there any...
  10. Serg

    anyone play civ??

    im trying to install civ 4 but it keeps crashing saying it cant render but my graphics card is plenty good enough. I think i need to d/l a pathc as it seems to be a problem with ATI cards. Does anyone have this patch as its taking hours to d/l :s
  11. Serg

    silcone inlet bend

    ok i got my inlet bend, is it best to cut it down as it seems kinda large?
  12. Serg

    Painting plastic

    Im wanting to paint my fuse box cover a shiny black.Now would hamarite smooth black from a can come up a nice shiny black. also will the paint stick to the plastic after its been keyed or is there another paint that is better to use? cheers brad
  13. Serg

    inlet bend

    hi all, im after a black inlet bend. kinda like the hill power ones. Where can i get one from prefably b4 FCS? brad
  14. Serg

    forza 2

    is it possiable to get this on the PC?
  15. Serg

    floor mats

    ok well im looking at getting some new mats, now i know alot of people on here have used just matz before. I went to their site but they dont seem to have the clio sport logo displayed. Do i need to email them to get the logo?
  16. Serg

    insurance quotes - whos best?

    ok its insurance time. Now i read through loads of posts of people getting really good quotes. Im 22 with 5yncb now i want to protect these. I have a catback exhuast, drilled front brakes and the car is lowered. Now im with tesco atm they have quoted me £940 its a saving of 22% from last year...
  17. Serg

    anyone used these b4?

    has anyone gone from these to these ?? iv got the k-tec ones and they stop REALLY well iv never had a problem...
  18. Serg

    brake pad time....

    ok i know this sort of thing comes up alot but this question is slightly different. I need to replace my front and rear brake pads soon, now with the rears would standard pads be ok or should i upgrade them as well iv im upgrading the fronts? ATM on the front i have these disks...
  19. Serg

    car parts weights

    ok, well i spotted another thread about the actual weights of the RS's and iv been wanting to get a list of weights of parts for ages. I think this would be usefull for people trying to work out how much their car weighs. Please could people leave a list of parts and wieghts and il start making...
  20. Serg

    exhuast manifold.

    Now im just looking for the new year but i found this..... to me that looks rather expensive. That is the sort of set up i was looking at ie a 182 manifold if a sports/de cat resized to fit with me 172 cat back system. Its either the 182...
  21. Serg

    blue 182 heading into camberley

    was behind me in farnborough was heading into camberley.
  22. Serg

    Upgrading graphics cards

    ok my mobo doesnt have a PCI-E slotso im looking at AGP cards. Basicly im not sure what AGP the mobo is i think its 4x. Anywho as far as im aware if i get a 8x card and the mobo is only 4x it will run at 4x correct? Also iv seen some AGP PRO cards but im right in thinking that and AGP PRO wont...
  23. Serg

    225 engined RS

    now i know Fred has been trying to do this and one of the big problems is the gearbox. But do people think that in the future it wll become the thing to do like the Mi16 in the 205? Also what will be the big advantages? i know there will be more power but how much extra weight will it add...
  24. Serg

    free sample, who sent it?

    i got a package today and i think it is of that window cleaner that someone was giving away samples of a while ago but i just wanted to check first. Anyone got any ideas? brad
  25. Serg

    Drive shaft. one piece?

    went to have some new tyres put on today and found one of my drive shafts gators has split and theres oil all over the inside of wheel. any who is the drive shaft one piece ie do i need to replace the whole thing and how much am i looking at ? brad
  26. Serg

    Sat Nav. which one?

    iv just got a new job and i need to get a Sat Nav as there is lots of driving involoved. iv been looking around and iv seen a navman520 for £190 iv also looked at the tomtoms but im just not sure what to get. help me please!
  27. Serg

    website building grrrr

    well iv been wanting to have a go for a while now and what with the up keep of my parents villa site i think iv learnt some very basic bits along the way. I have dreamweaver but iv d/l BLueVoda as its ment to be very easy and a good place to start and can also be transfered into DW. Anyone used...
  28. Serg

    photoshop help plz

    hi, i dont have photo shop and im after a few photos to be resized if some would could help me out that would be greta. can send the pics over msn.
  29. Serg

    2 Trophys in Guildford

    saw 2 trophys following each other just going past the big round about by the station, looked very clean and tidy.
  30. Serg

    sports cats, 100 or 200 cpsi?

    what would people recomend or what do people have? And again before people say it, NO DE-CAT :p