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  1. coolspot007007

    Had a bump (non fault), want to settle privately, other party doesn't

    Had a minor bump Yesterday going straight over at a large roundabout van pulls out last minute from the exit before mine completely blocking the two lanes for my exit. Had nowhere to go, slammed on and stopped just short of van but got shunted from behind. Was freezing and a busy roundabout...
  2. coolspot007007

    How to do a time lapse project, cheaply?

    The missus wants to do a project for work. They're refurbing some bedrooms in her hotel and ideally want to do a time lapse showing the change from old style rooms to new. The problem is she's not got much of a budget for it and we haven't got any camera equipment, so I was thinking webcam...
  3. coolspot007007

    TV under £850 - good 55" 1080p or low end 4K?

    I've been looking at upgrading to 55" and was going to wait until autumn to see what 4k's are about then but we've had our 42" 3 years now so eager to go bigger. I've seen the Sony Bravia KDL55W829 getting excellent reviews for it's picture quality and seeing it in John Lewis they are justified...
  4. coolspot007007

    O2 free 4G upgrade for certain packages

    I know a few people are disgruntled by the price increases but I've just had a text telling me to remove my sim and restart phone to enable 4G. I'm on O2 refresh and paying £17 p/m for the tariff and £10 p/m for the phone. I felt the tariff was a little steep at the time but now with the 4G I'm...
  5. coolspot007007

    Brand new car on Monday, Cquartz ok at 10-13 degrees or better to wait?

    Mrs is getting a brand new Ibiza FR on Monday so was looking at Cquartz + Reload, Dlux and Fly by 30 but I'm just worried about borderline minimum temps for application. It looks like it's going to be 10-13 degrees midday into afternoon next weekend but am I best trying to apply ASAP or leave it...
  6. coolspot007007

    Clip diagnostics in the north west?

    I've got an intermittent ABS fault since the handbrake cable snapped on the MOT test. I've replaced the cable and the ABS sensor on the side that snapped as it had a chunk out of it, but that hasn't helped. As I have no MOT now I can't drive it about so does anyone have a clip in the north west...
  7. coolspot007007

    ABS, traction control and serv light on after handbrake cable snapped.

    I put the Clio in for it's MOT and the handbrake cable snapped during the test and also failed on excess play in wheel bearing on the same wheel and the ABS/traction/serv lights also come on. I've replaced the handbrake cable and fitted a replacement stub axle and a new genuine disc. I...
  8. coolspot007007

    172 stub axle (non cup) is it thick or thin type?

    I did a search but people seem to be saying a 182 uses a thicker one and a 172 cup a thinner one but can't find info on a non cup 172. So thick or thin stub axle, which is it?
  9. coolspot007007

    Replaced gearbox now engine won't turn over

    I've been replacing my gerbox over the past few weekends so car has been sat for approximately 5 weeks. Whilst doing the clutch one of the cover bolts sheared so I replaced the flywheel as well. I put the car back together last weekend and went to start it but get a single click and that's it...
  10. coolspot007007

    Removing gearbox from the top guide?

    I've got to change my gearbox and have read through the two guides which drop the subframe but I've seen a few people mention you can take it out of the top. Can anyone give me a quick step by step guide? I just want to try and remove the least amount of components as possible so I don't want to...
  11. coolspot007007

    Driveshaft fell to bits, metal 'cup' stuck on gearbox shaft, how to get it off?

    A bearing in the driveshaft (gearbox end) fell to bits and when I went to remove the remnants from the gearbox shaft it wouldn't budge. I've tried heat on it, penetrating oil, shocking it with a mallet, hasn't budged. I'm guessing the teeth are mangled together, hoping not, but can't figure out...
  12. coolspot007007

    Steering wobble, increases with speed, violent at 50mph+

    I noticed a bit of a wobble throught the steering recently but haven't been above 40 for a while so didn't think much of it. I thought the lower gearbox mount was the culprit (have already changed the upper mount, dogbone and upper gearbox mount about 3 months ago). Anyway went on the motorway...
  13. coolspot007007

    Some network advice, new NAS, Smart TV, new dual N router required or not?

    I've just bought a 2TB NAS (Zyxel NSA310) which is currently connected by wifi to my Panansonic smart TV using DLNA via the media server on the NAS. Now I'm in two minds what to do now :S. I was planning on upgrading my router, currently an o2 wireless box 4, to a dual N of some kind. That way...
  14. coolspot007007

    Lower gearbox mount raise engine or drop subframe to change?

    I can't seem to find any posts about changing the lower gearbox mount but mine seems like it needs replacing. It looks like you need a lot of clearance to get it out though as the threads are quite long on the top and bottom. Is it a case of unbolting all the other mounts and jacking the engine...
  15. coolspot007007

    Post cat lambda, wiring missing, which colour wire does what?

    I bought my 172 with a decat already fitted, and the wiring in place for the pre cat lambda. I assumed the post cat wiring was tied out of the way somewhere but it has been cut near the exhaust manifold and I want to replace it but don't know which colours do what, am I right in thinking it's 2...
  16. coolspot007007

    Spark plugs changed now idle is all over the place :-s

    Just changed the plugs but when I switched the engine on idle hits 2000 rpm then slowly settles down to about 1200rpm after about 30 seconds. It used to be a stable 900-950rpm. Driving it around it seems absolutely fine it's just the idle that's mental. Have checked the wires that were removed...
  17. coolspot007007

    Clutch release bearing gone?

    Have noticed a "plastic" sounding clicking noise coming from the gearbox area when changing gears (intermittent) and when revving engine/coming off revs (constant), so with that I suspected the lower engine mount possibly. The dogbone is fine, gearbox and upper engine mount recently replaced. So...
  18. coolspot007007

    Heater resistor pack where to get the MOSFET from, now discontinued

    I've diagnosed my climate control issue and I have a faulty MOSFET in the heater pack which I've now removed. The problem is I can only find a link to a Maplin part number on here and already tried a few other companies (RS etc.) but they all no longer stock it. Does anybody have a link to...
  19. coolspot007007

    Aux belt changed, idle now VERY rough, dropping to 500rpm sometimes.

    Changed the aux belt no problem, alt is charging fine, tension is good, but now the idle is all over the place. The exhaust centre mount was shagged when I got the car and only just replaced and was sitting much lower than it should. So I'm thinking with having to raise and lower the engine so...
  20. coolspot007007

    Fitting shocks, should I be able to put the shock in and bolt up hub, seems too long?

    I've looked at a few of of the guides on here but once the spring and shock have been assembled and donut is on etc. should I be able to just put the shock up into the turret, top mount on (loose) to hold it in place and then bolt up? I can't even get the bottom hole of the strut to line up with...
  21. coolspot007007

    FK coilovers new locking ring/platform needed, Renault specialist?

    Basically both front locking rings and the platforms on top of them are cracked and the threads have gone on them, so I need replacements ASAP. Does anybody know of any Renault specialists that usually have them in stock? I know a lot of VAG people suggest Venom motorsport but I don't know if...
  22. coolspot007007

    Alternator missing a wire? Battery dead after a few days of not driving.

    I went to start the car after it being stood for a few days but it was dead. So I looked over the alternator wiring and noticed there was a black plug going into it with one white/beige wire and what looked to be the snapped end of a green wire next to it. I couldn't find a green wire anywhere...
  23. coolspot007007

    Jailbroken iphone 1.1.4 bluetooth not working?

    Anyone got this problem i can't seem to get the iphone to find anything that's enabled pc, other phones etc. I've tried a fix with liberty plus but that didn't help :dapprove:
  24. coolspot007007

    Sony Ericcsson K850i

    Friend bought it last week but doesn't like using the touchscreen so it's back on eBay. Ending monday.
  25. coolspot007007

    16" Toora wheels + Eage F1 GSD3s x5

    All kerbed so ideal for refurb/track. 5th wheel needs a new tyre (and isn't gsd3) starting at £100. will have some better pics up tomorrow and hopefully tread depths
  26. coolspot007007

    Help with check disk on XP

    I'm trying to use Ghost to clone my existing hard drive to a larger one. But it keeps saying theres errors on th C:\ drive so the copy never works. I've tried to run check disk to fix any errors but it won't run because it says it needs exclusive access. It says it can schedule it to run the...
  27. coolspot007007

    Mk1 central air vents

    Good condition
  28. coolspot007007

    Bumper cold air duct for 3" hose

    9.5" by 5" feeds a single 3" hose. See
  29. coolspot007007

    16v/Williams bonnet vent 'insert' x 2 and rain catcher

    Bonnet vent painted black Bonnet vent polished Rain catcher
  30. coolspot007007

    mk1 twin guage pod replaces central air vents

    ideal for anyone needing to keep an eye on a few more guages, fits well in place of the central vents. Just a small chip to inside ring of right holder, can't see it with a guage in though.