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    Getting an iPhone 5s from America - Question

    Hey all, This might be a silly question but it's Friday after a long week at work. I'm looking to buy an iPhone 5s outright as I've been on sim-free for ages now and plan on staying that way. I shifted to Android to try out the Nexus 5 and despite being a good phone I just find myself wanting...
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    Scott Forstall Leaving / Booted

    Interesting read -
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    Football Manager 2013

    Just realised there's not been a post created for FM13 as yet. I'm very excited for this year's version. What I've found typically with the most recent versions is that I love them at first, getting fully engrossed. Then after a while that sort of fades out, mostly due to the sheer amount of...
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    Unlocking iPhone 4 on Vodafone - 172Ben?

    Hey guys, Quick question. I've got an iPhone 4 and the contract expires Thursday so I'm going SIM only. I've given Vodafone my IMEI number to get it unlocked. Do you always then have to plug it in to iTunes to complete the unlocking process? Or is it possible that the phone is unlocked? The...
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    iPad "Mini"

    Just seen this - Not sure how much truth there could be to this but it seems logical they could once again look to get the better of Google / Android.
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    Wireless Problem on MBP - Again

    Has anybody else had a problem with their wireless just dropping on their MacBook Pro? I went to the Apple store around a month ago (local one is MK which is about 30 minutes away so a bit of a pain). They replaced my wireless card and everything was fine. Now I'm getting the same problems as...
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    Cancelled Contract - Final Bills To Expect?

    Hi guys, Just given Vodafone my 30 days notice. Going SIM only on the iPhone 4 til I know about a potential 5. Their site is bloody useless for information, so thought somebody here will hopefully have the answer. My contract expires on August the 1st. I have a bill dated June the 25th which...
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    Airport Randomly Not Connecting on MBP

    Just a quick one guys, wondering if anybody has experienced this. Past few days I've noticed that Airport is occasionally not working. It happens maybe every third time I open up the Macbook. It's always on I just shut the lid. Obviously it comes back online when I open the lid but every few...
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    When did Chrome get s**t on the Mac?

    Used to find Chrome really slick and fast, but lately it seems s**t. Just simple stuff like swiping to go back to the previous page doesn't seem to work? I'm still rocking Snow Leopard, could that be the problem?
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    Excessive noise - 182

    Hey guys, Not sure what to search as I can't really think what the issue is. Not particularly technical, sadly. Past week or so when I'm driving the car sounds really noisy from the inside. Not just the typical Yozza drone. It kinda sounds like a plane taking off, just not quite so extreme...
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    New iPads, Apple TV & iPhone 5

    Thought it would be less clutter to put all of these in the same thread? The rumours will likely start flowing soon enough with the recent stories...
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    What to use to wash microfibre towels / drying towels

    Did a search and couldn't see anything, at least recently. What are you detailing folk using to wash your microfibres safely / effectively? I did have some Sonus stuff to add to the washing machine but that seems a bit expensive. I did hear white vinegar mentioned once? Cheers.
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    Need to get some products in - Advice ta

    Okay so after checking my collection of detailing items, I need to get a few bits in and some suggestions too. It's probably easiest if I give a quick overview on the car / what I want to achieve. It's a LY 182 so obviously a lovely colour when clean. However, due to not living in an ideal...
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    Going from Sky TV to Virgin - Thoughts

    Hey gang, Quick one. I currently have my internet with Virgin which I've always been more than happy with. My TV package is with Sky which again I'm happy with. However the costs of both are starting to show and inevitably I can save a fair chunk of money by having all my services through...
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    300 mb interwebz
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    No sound / volume coming from my iPhone 4?

    Hey gang, I'm gonna go to the Apple store tomorrow I think, but curious if anybody has had the problem I've got. Mate rang me earlier and I couldn't hear a thing which is obviously strange. I'm getting no sound come from the phone at all. Can't hear people, when I play music there's no sound...
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    Question about Sky boxes

    Hey gang, Random question. I've got a Sky HD box downstairs and a Sky+ box in my room. Is it possible to swap them over? Or are there some specific HD wires that will be present in the location of each box?
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    Burpspeed Clio

    Believe I saw it on the trailer Friday evening in Northampton. Must of been heading through to Bedford for the track. :approve:
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    Vee - Northampton

    Think it's the member Oldskoolbaby? Awesome Vee I've seen before. I cheekily gave it a little blast just to see what you'd do haha. Do love your car mate. (Was in my LY 182)
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    OMP Wheel / Momo Boss

    Guys need to clarify something please. :o I've got an aftermarket OMP steering wheel, and I've just got my Momo boss from Demon Tweeks. Will there be some scews that are currently used in my standard wheel that will be used to fix the new wheel? I haven't got a clue. :dapprove:
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    Sky HD second box?

    Quick question. I've got Sky HD downstairs with the old man and a normal Sky+ box in my room with multiroom. I'm currently watching the Barca / RM game and thinking how s**t the pic looks compared to the HD box downstairs even tho I'd say my TV is better. (It's a Sony, downstairs is LG). I...
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    Suggestions and a question

    Hey gang, So as the weather is very nice right now, seems I really need 2 sort my act out and make sure I'm cleaning the LY regularly as it looks so good in the sun. Firstly, quick question. What are you using to clean wash mitts and microfibre towels etc? I was using a Sonus product but...
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    Different brands of tyres

    Just wanted to check something as I'm approaching the time to get the car serviced, MOT'd and taxed as well as sorting a few bits. Just curious about my set up with tyres. I'm running 2 x PE2's at the front with a healthy amount of tread. However at the back I have 1 x Pirelli and 1 x...
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    Cracking slightly on my MBP?

    So I've noticed this a bit before but tended to not bother about it. But being fussy like I am, it is kinda bothering me. There's some fine lines that look a bit like a scratch but I know I haven't scratched it. Could be cracks I'm not sure but I know it's not something I've caused...
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    Trophy - Bargain? Considering the mods, this looks awesome value??
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    Google's internet speed

    Just stumbled across this. Jeeeeez!
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    Anybody have a contact mail for Gmail?

    I swear Google's system for lost passwords is bloody useless. Does anybody know of a contact email for the Gmail department? I tried their stupid form and they said I failed the security test. Which is annoying as hell because I can still access my mail via iPhone and the mail client on my...
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    LY 182 Northampton - Sixfields

    No, I'm not being a gayer and claiming I spotted myself. 05 plate in the car park for the cinema. Looked well. Don't think a member on here though.
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    OS X Lion Looks pretty slick!
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    Help with Open Office / Neo Office

    Right guys, having a total brain f**k here... I'm dealing with some fairly large .csv files. Like, cells with several sentences of content. Is there an easy way to select all columns and make them a specific size. I can't seem to scroll to the edge of a cell and manually resize it, I just...