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    Detailers in Buckinghamshire

    Anyone? my williams is in VGC but has a few light swirls in certain lights. How much?
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    Well after being messed about before by a certain company listed on here i told them to poke my order for a gilmour. I then went and spent £100 on a new pressure washer but then realised 90% of them have a minimum feed pressure :dapprove: So i've gone and bought a gilmour from a different...
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    Pressure washer help

    Bought a karcher K297 pressure washer with vario lance today from argos. All's good with the hose connected to it BUT................... I've read so much about running it from a large container with soap in to leave "snow" all over the car. Tried this today with disasterous results. its fine...
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    Sunday mornings work

    Went out for a country road blast about and took a few pics of my mornings work. (I'm no photographer though lol) Clay, SRP + 3 coats of EGP. Can't wait to clean it again as my P21s turned up this morning. not sure what it'll add to the finish as its very good without it.
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    Best wax for williams

    449 sports blue (williams 1 + 2 colour) Got a budget of £30. I already do srp, egp etc etc but keep looking at wax's but wondered if the colour of the car has a bearing on which wax is best to use results wise. Want a nice wet look finish, not bothered if not too durable as i...
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    L*** VGF

    Williams 1. Saw you today just at end of Wendover bypass. Anyone from here? I see you in my daily runner most weekday eve's between wendover and amersham bypass.
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    Gilmore Foam Gun + super snow spray

    Anyone got one and got anything to say about them, good or bad? Thinking about buying one. Do you just spray it on car, use a wash mitt to clean and rinse off? or do you still need to use 2 buckets of water etc. Can you turn foam off and use bottle to rinse car or do you have to put normal...
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    AG Ultra deep shine

    Anybody else use this? Much prefer it to super resin mainly due to the fact it doesn't produce dust. Just that i notice a lot of you use super resin.
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    I saw a silver valver today and wondered if it was you? On the oxford road, going past college towards the Rothmans traffic lights. I was in a williams 2.
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    FAO edde

    Can you PM me please.
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    Santa pod £

    It says £10 admission, does anyone know if its per car or per person? Thanks
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    182 = Rubbish

    I went out and test drove a 182 this morning and from all the hype banded about them, I have to say I was totally disappointed. My Valver is so much better to drive. Driving position is all wrong, seemed sluggish etc etc. I wont be ordering one. Going to have a look at the new golf gti and civic...
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    FAO Ben H

    Ben could you shed some light on which is a original williams stereo. If anyones going to know its you ;) Philips Blaupunkt Philips...
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    Quick willie 2 Q

    Am I right in thinking williams 2s dont have sunroofs or abs. But do have elec mirrors tho. Cheers
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    Women!!!!!! Arrrgggghhhh

    Driving over to the g/fs mum and going down a country lane and ive picked up a branch in the wheel which made a horrible noise as I spat it out. Anyway get to her mums shes so eager to jump out and see if theres any damage she throws the door open straight into a wheelbarrow left by the...
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    What a difference!!

    I fitted my magnex full system and supersprint decat last night and the difference is amazing. I had a magnex on my last 16v but with the decat it just pulls so clean and hard. Well chuffed.
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    willie wheels refurbed n lookin good.

    I got my willie wheels back today and must say its a wicked job. My mate works at a refurb company in Woburn. Ill post pics later but theyve got the silver rim, correct gold colour but I had a glitter flake mixed in there too. Well chuffed. Like I say ill post pics in a bit.
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    16V to Williams, Worth it

    Has anybody made the move to williams from a 16v, and is it really worthwhile for what is essentially the same car? Cheers.
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    ERST - GTI or 16V

    Ok i know im asking a clio forum BUT what car would you rather have and why:- Series 2 Escort RS turbo (90 spec) Mk2 golf GTI (big bumper) Clio 16V Phase 2. My mate wants to buy my Valver (which ive had for 3-1/2yrs) and im tempted to sell it and get one the above. The only reason id...
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    Running Temps *valvers*

    Where does your temp gauge sit? Ive just fitted a new thermostat and it sits about 2 lines under the 3/4 mark the fan comes on about 2 lines over the 3/4 mark. My mates valver runs at 1/2 way and the fan comes in on 3/4 but anothers runs inbetween the two ive mentioned. Weird. [Edited by I...
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    Headgasket Costs

    How much have people paid to have there headgaskets replaced? Cheers.
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    CUP or 2,0 & paint my 16v

    Im undecided what to do. I like the idea of a cup, but much prefer the look of the valver. I could either buy a standard cup or hybrid my valver, subtle styling mods and get it re-sprayed. Hmmmmmmmmm decisions decisions. What would you do in my position????
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    Rear wings/arches

    Can you still buy clio 16v rear quarter panels? My drivers side arch is fooked. Its also started bubbling up behind the drivers door now. Dont know wether the best option is to get it all cut out or to source a new drivers side rear wing. Hmmmmm Scott
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    Service kit checklist

    Going to service the car myself this weekend so what do I need? Plugs, oil filter, oil, rotor arm, distributor, fuel filter anything else? Leads are ok so dont really need changing. Pads are ok too. Cheers.
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    Went out this morning to take my car to have a front wheel bearing done and the battery was flat as a pancake so had to bump it. Parked it up to say cheers to mate for pushing and my handbrake cable snapped. GREAT!!!!!
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    What car to get

    Right ive decided its time to get a new car, but what do I get? Ive narrowed it down to a mk1 172 or a Golf vr6 highline. Im swaying towards the golf especially with its better build quality and the fact itll hold its price better. What do you guys think?
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    Cheapest `17 super T’s

    Where can I buy a set of the above wheel at reasonable prices? Everywhere is so different its unreal. Cheers
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    Ok ive got a squeaking coming from my front drivers side wheel. I had my discs and pads changed last week and its done it ever since. If you put your foot on the brake it goes away. Sometimes it goes away on its own but comes back after youve put your foot on the brake. Could I have a sticking...
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    Grp N Engine Mounts

    Where can I get Grp N engine mounts for my 1.8 16v? Cheers
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    Anti Roll Bar. How much

    As above for a clio 1.8 16v N reg Tried 3 companys no one seems to stock it and German, Swedish and French dont list it. Cheers