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  1. jooliona

    regarding my car

    well then, how about we all keep our ignorant, baseless accusations to ourselves in future? that sound fair?
  2. jooliona

    regarding my car

    that is not what i am saying. quite clearly the winner was a just a muppet and not a CS member, or he would have been well aware of the insurance situation prior to bidding. but in the other thread at least 2 people have accused me of shill bidding the auction with "absolutely no proof". this is...
  3. jooliona

    regarding my car i feel i deserve right of reply on this thread considering it is about my car, and I am not going to pay membership fee for the privilege to do so. this kind of petty, small-mindedness is exactly why I stopped paying...
  4. jooliona

    Trowbridge spots

    Monaco could have been mine! It's off the road now though :(
  5. jooliona

    Can you remove the headlight washers without removing the bumper?

    What a crock of horse manure these cars are, the washer itself looks like it just screws in.. But if you have to take the entire bumper off. Think ill leave it till another day.
  6. jooliona

    recent new clutch +engine and gearbox mounts - now whines

    So as per the title really, my gbox now whines a bit - can only assume that some oils leaked since having the above done. Is there a way to check the gbox oil level? How much should be in there and what weight etc. Thanks
  7. jooliona

    Had clutch replaced, under hard acceleration - noisy rumbly and slight rock/knocking?

    Re: Had clutch replaced, under hard acceleration - noisy rumbly and slight rock/knock Can you url up the parts for me please, i dont have a clue as to what im getting..
  8. jooliona

    Had clutch replaced, under hard acceleration - noisy rumbly and slight rock/knocking?

    Re: Had clutch replaced, under hard acceleration - noisy rumbly and slight rock/knock Anyone?
  9. jooliona

    Had clutch replaced, under hard acceleration - noisy rumbly and slight rock/knocking?

    It seems to come from the right hand side of the engine bay and only under hard acceleration.. So assumed it was the engine mounts. The cars done 191k, i've had the clutch replaced and presumably the engine mounts, when reinstalled after dropping the subframe to get the gbox / engine apart have...
  10. jooliona

    Clio 172 Speedo sensor / cable

    Any ideas of how i get to it, or where it is?!
  11. jooliona

    Trip computer reseting

    Battery - happening to mine atm
  12. jooliona

    Clio 172 Speedo sensor / cable

    So i was driving along when all of a sudden the speedo just drops to 0. When i give the engine a blip, it'll come back to life, seems to be worse in the wet and can only assume its a sensor. Which part do i need and how hard is it to fit? Its a 2002 model..
  13. jooliona

    Washer bottle leak

    Absolute awful location to get to, did mine the other weekend !
  14. jooliona

    Which clutch...

    Valeo it is then :D.
  15. jooliona

    Which clutch...

    Would you buy from this guy: or from eurocarparts?!
  16. jooliona

    Which clutch...

    Yup and a surprisingly reliable 190k its been ! Looks like i'll be going for a valeo.. Cheers guys.. How hard is it to get the water pump done btw?!
  17. jooliona

    Which clutch...

    OK so my 172 has done 190k and is starting to feel like the original clutch is on its way out... Which clutch should i get the Valeo or transmech from euro car parts. In addition, whilst this is being done should get the water pump done at the same time or is this in a totally different area...
  18. jooliona

    Dephaser pulley gone?

    put my car in to get belts done yest at local stealers, they've said whoever did the job last time bodged it (unlikely as it was Carltons in Exmouth), something about a cross-threaded bolt and leaking dephaser (?!) and now they have to keep it x days to get parts which are on back order and it's...
  19. jooliona

    Monaco Sainsburys Trowbridge

    haha it was me! i kick it old-skool ;)
  20. jooliona


    i am not looking forward to this conversation... been googling and some ppl have said that high speed ratings >V should not be repaired for safety reasons ??? no doubt that will be ringing in my ears tmrw. have seen the etyres graph thing tho and that gives me hope! i've had this slow puncture...
  21. jooliona

    low rev stutter- ideas?

    did you ever resolve this? my car's been doing the same thing, when accelerating sharply from low revs (3rd/4th gear, <2k) it stutters before pulling away. To be honest it sorta has been doing this since I got it 4 years ago (!) but problem seems to have gotten worse recently. i've got a...
  22. jooliona

    ITG panel filter...isit worth it??

    102k miles... i've had mine in for around 120k now was just wondering if there is a recommended lifespan on these? I've checked the instructions and it doesn't say owt... cheers
  23. jooliona

    mot failure - front coil spring incomplete

    pro kit - liking the sound of that, don't really want to lower too much as my exhaust already catches on some speed bumps! :cry:
  24. jooliona

    silver 172? many upgrades incl recaros, wilts

    this was a while ago, but it was a good looking car so it stuck in my mind, was heading north out of shaftesbury, pretty sure it had CS sticker(s) so maybe someone on here...
  25. jooliona

    mot failure - front coil spring incomplete

    having read around a bit on here i've now dismissed apex so yes the OEM shocks & eibach springs are a distinct possibility - i've always found the ride a bit harsh and even more so lately (which is to be expected i suppose). the cd skips when i go over rumble strips ffs!
  26. jooliona

    mot failure - front coil spring incomplete

    guessing i should replace coils & shocks at the same time as they've never been done? my car is getting on in miles (140k) so don't really want to spend a mint; upgrade is a nice idea but getting/keeping the set-up right seems to be a minefield and to be honest the ride is already hard...
  27. jooliona

    Monaco in Co-op Westbury

    sounds like me
  28. jooliona

    Monaco Yarnbrook

    tis me actually. not your mate and definitely not GAY. :p
  29. jooliona

    Warranty Cover with warranty direct...

    my warranty didn't pay out when i was told my cam dephaser was shot. not worth the paper they are printed on imo. don't be sucked in!
  30. jooliona

    how old are you and what you driving?

    29, ph2 172, with 121k miles, still going strong :cool: