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  1. Jack-C

    500bhp mk4 Clio Hillclimb Monster

    This mk4 Clio features a totally bespoke wide body kit and is powered by a 500bhp Megane engine. The car weighs 1100kgs and competes in hill climb events across Europe.
  2. Jack-C

    Snapped Cooksport spring- what next?

    Whilst I was out driving a few days ago my front nearside Cooksport spring snapped. I’ve tried to get in contact with Cooksport to see what they have to say but they haven’t got back to me. I’ve had these springs on my 182 for 6 years and 20,000 miles. In the last picture you can see the anti...
  3. Jack-C

    EFI Parts 1000bhp F4rt Renault 5

    Chris at EFI Parts ever so close to a 1000bhp F4r but had to stop due to blowing a boost pipe off at 55 psi.
  4. Jack-C

    Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works

    So my sister is selling her mini, she's just picked up her new Fiesta ST so this needs to find a new home, incredible spec and condition inside and out. All the information about the car is in the advert...
  5. Jack-C

    Autofinesse Desire vs Sonax Protect & Shine

    Ok so let's do a quick review of these products. First of all please excuse the quality of the pictures, they were taken on my iPhone and uploaded with tapatalk. I hope they come out ok. A few weeks ago I spent a day on my car, full decon, polish with menz polishes via da and a coat of...
  6. Jack-C

    My 1.4 clio for sale on ebay

    Thanks for looking :)
  7. Jack-C

    Autofinesse Desire samples for sale

    I have decided to split my full 200ml pot of desire into samples. The samples will be 50ml and will come in a high quality plastic pot. I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect pot because most sample pots are tall and narrow which makes getting the wax out of the jar quite a job. The pots...
  8. Jack-C

    Immaculate Artic 182

    Surely the lowest milage 182 in the UK?
  9. Jack-C

    My Favourite New York pics

    I thought I'd share my favourite New York photos from when I went there a couple of years ago. Let me know what you think. Any comments and criticism welcome. DSC_0089 by Jack-46, on Flickr DSC_0520 by Jack-46, on Flickr DSC_0496 by Jack-46, on Flickr DSC_0481 by Jack-46, on Flickr...
  10. Jack-C

    Random collection of clio's

    I saw this thread over on and thought its well worth a look. Originally from this thread over on a french forum. Some stunning cars in there! Love that grey cup racer below and the v6 197 works quite well. Post up your favourites.
  11. Jack-C

    possible 182 purchase but alarm bells ringing

    I've found a 182 I'm interested in buying but it's advertised as being owned by a mature lady owner yet the car has been re mapped along with an rs192 exhaust and pipercross induction kit and some shocking 17inch wheels. The car is being sold as standard but I just can't see a woman/couple in...
  12. Jack-C

    Nikon 17-55 f2.8 thoughts?

    Anybody had any experience with this lense? I've been thinking of buying one second hand for a while now and was wondering if its worth the £££. I'm currently using a 18-105 as my walk about lense and want something better in low light and sharper. Thanks in advance, Jack.