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  1. Addz

    I'm back with a Clio

    It's been a while since I've posted on here but I've found myself in another Clio, I really didn't need another car (I only put 2k on my GP Mini last year) but got offered this at a price I couldn't refuse. Found a few threads on here about the car so looks like its been around a bit, I...
  2. Addz

    Got some mud round the Landy

    Had my Defender about 2-3 months now and still enjoying it, I promised some better pics of it so here they are with a little vid of it in action. Not been to any off road days yet but loads of green lanes near me so plenty to play on Pictures have come up small so you have to...
  3. Addz

    New car(s)!

    Well as some of you know my Exige was nothing but trouble so I made sure I sold it somewhere far enough away it couldn't come back to haunt me (a chap from Italy came for it). Not really knowing what I wanted next I ended up buying this to knock about in. Standard about from a stainless middle...
  4. Addz

    Ropey Love the wheels...
  5. Addz

    2 x 172 cups Blyton park

    Saw two 172 cups on sunday flying round Byton park, I was in a baked bean 182 and couldn't keep up to save my life! One had a Cliosport tax disc holder in.
  6. Addz

    GP out - Exige in

    Got myself a little treat to kick the new year off :approve: No brilliant pics yet, just phone ones whilst i could get out inbetween the snow, also my plate is back on though it keeps dropping off, I'm just reluctant to put it on properly till my private plate comes back. Its got a...
  7. Addz

    Cliosport legal advice team!

    I need a bit of advice basically, I've had my current insurance policy with Admiral for four years now, always paid up front in full with my mods declared ect... I've always had my mum and dad as named drivers on my insurance dispite them never driving my car, as it brings it down by a fair...
  8. Addz

    Budget lowering kit

    Seems safe...
  9. Addz

    V6 undertray

    Attempting to clear the garage out and have found my old damaged undertray from my MK2 vee if anyone wants to stick it on then go for it, no use to me and Renault will chrage millions for one no doubt :)
  10. Addz

    White 172 mansfield

    Spotted a white 172 in the gym car park Monday night, i'm sure i recognize it... it had a cs sticker too
  11. Addz

    Marky mansfield

    Spotted yesturday in forest town heading towards clipstone, i waved but you ignored me! Bastid. :rasp:
  12. Addz

    3gs facebook ap

    Since I got the new update the other day my facebook won't update unless i'm at home on wifi, keeps saying no internet connection... i've tried deleating it and getting the ap again but not joy :( Any ideas?
  13. Addz

    Inferno 182 05, Colwick notts

    Came into Sutton auto factors earlier and i made some plates for the young lady he was with, anyone off here?
  14. Addz

    172 and evo vs mini GP

    Had a little play with a 172 and a red and White evo from junction 27m1 down the hucknall bypass, anyone on here?
  15. Addz

    Bye Bye Vee - New car content.

    Well after owning my dream car, a Ph2 Clio V6 for nearly two years i decided it was time for a change. Took alot of deciding and car hunting but finally decided on a old favorite of mine... Basicly i was in two minds what to go for, another slightly daft and expensive car such as a TVR...
  16. Addz

    Renault World Series convoy?

    Apparantly there is a thread in here already but i can't see it! So does anyone want to convoy down sat morning?
  17. Addz

    Alarm/lights gone mad!

    Just unlocked my car and the alarm went off when i opened the door.. Now the alarm wont stop no matter how many time i press the key and the brake lights are flashing instead of the indicators, and the n/s headlight is flashing too :S Wtf!?
  18. Addz

    Hazards flash with windows?

    A odd one i know but when i put my windows up fully and they make that click sound from the glovebox, my hazards flash once :S Not sure how long its been doing it for but i'm sure its not meant too! Any ideas anyone?
  19. Addz

    LY 200 mansfield

    Spotted about half a hour ago, both flashed as we went past
  20. Addz

    My first car :(

    Spotted my first car earlier looking rather sorry for itself, not the best pic but its sporting 5 spoke wolfrace (i think) with the middles painted silver, bright yellow drums, a huge jap exhaust, half silver/black tints, mudflaps and neons last time i saw it in the dark :dapprove: I bought...
  21. Addz

    RB 182 with turini's, forest town/mansfield half 7ish

    Spotted going towards clipstone at about half 7 at forest town lights, could have been marky again?
  22. Addz

    Marky A60

    Think i saw Marky following a few cars behind a white 200 on the A60 towards notts about 6:15, i went past in my van but forgot to flash!
  23. Addz

    Admiral insurance

    My insurance came down £12.44 when i declared my seats/exhaust ect :eek: How odd, does this usually happen?!
  24. Addz

    Vee update part 2

    Following on from As i said in the last thread as much as i love the sound of my Quicksilver its painfully boomy when under 3k (which just so happens to be about 70 in 6th) so i managed to get my hands on a perspex bulkhead to go behind...
  25. Addz

    LY 200, a38 mansfield

    Both gave each other a flash as we passed, had the cup spoiler on too!
  26. Addz

    59 reg 200 A60, notts

    See this car most days on the A60 heading towards nottingham, usually near police HQ GW with black speedlines, i'm going the other way in a sutton auto factors transit connect!
  27. Addz

    Vee updates (pic heavy)

    Thought it was about time to stick a update of whats being going off with the vee over the past few months. I came to a point where i nearly sold it (after driving 2 hours to pick up a new scooby STI then finding out the guy had promised it to two people) but glad i kept it now, work have...
  28. Addz

    My car's dad... 5 turbo 2 want one, badly
  29. Addz

    04 arctic asda mansfield

    Parked next to you about 9 ish, didnt see a sticker but had a aftermarket exhaust on
  30. Addz

    RB 182 asda forest town

    Followed you into the carpark earlier about half 7, RB 05 reg with green diamonds and a CS sticker!