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  1. MJClio

    172 "cough/backfire"

    Afternoon guys, Got a weird issue with my 172, I've only just started using it regularly again and it's obviously more annoying now. It basically has a random "cough", it doesnt always happen, and it is literally one cough, it can do this once in each gear a few times after 6k. No engine...
  2. MJClio

    Clio 172 Driveshaft

    So looking for a bit of driveshaft help, ive had a search about but can't find what I need. My mechanics done a bit of work on the 172, new passenger driveshaft was part of this. All finished, went for the test drive and its knocking its arse off. When investigated, the inner that goes in to...
  3. MJClio

    Monaco Blue Ph2 172

    So im back in a 172 after a few years out. After selling a Mazda 3 MPS that went awfully, i wanted to be back in something cheap and easy. While searching for a decent one online, i actually found one a couple roads up from me, being sold by someone i know. 106k on it, had full drivers side...
  4. MJClio

    White 200 Maidstone

    JS10 TEN Saw this at the tesco out snodland way, anyone on here? Looked very nice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. MJClio

    Nimbus Grey Clio 200

    Hiyaaaaa, Been a while since I've posted on here, but here we go [emoji1360] Used to have a ph1 172 little gem of a car, decided I needed to upgrade to something a bit bigger, got a 225, regretted it, got a 200 from Renault Parkwood, STAY AWAY FROM THAT DEALERSHIP, and now I have another Clio...
  6. MJClio

    Albi Blue Clio 200

    Hey there chaps, So a few months ago I got rid of my ph1 172 as I wanted something bigger, got a 225, hated it, sold it, got an Albi Blue 200 :) So here's the old ph1, the 225 and then the new one... Bought from Renault in Parkwood Maidstone, won't be going back as they are a pain in the...
  7. MJClio

    [Oct 31, 2015] Lydden Hill 31st October (Lydden Hill Race Track)

    So there's an open track day at Lydden hill on the 31st of this month, going to pop down for a social and maybe a session or 2 on track. Though it would be a good opportunity for a small social meet with something to watch
  8. MJClio

    Ph1 172 Coolant Leak

    Me again! Ph1 sprung a leak AGAIN today, 3rd time in 7 months It's coming from drivers side of the engine, are we thinking its going to be water pump? Or something else? Can't see anything else it could be that side. If so, how much of an arse is it to change a water pump on one of these? Cheers
  9. MJClio

    Lower Arm Ball joints

    S'appening chaps, Just a quick question, wondering where you purchase your ball joint replacements for the front lower arms, found them on KTEC and a few on ebay, just wondering if theres anywhere else i can get a price from? Couldn't seem to find anything from Euros? Cheers
  10. MJClio

    Performance French Car Expo

    Thinking of going to this, anyone be up for coming along? Few of us convoying up could be a laugh.
  11. MJClio

    Ph1 172 Idle hunting

    Hi, My ph1 has developed an idle issue overnight, hunts between 1k and 2k, still drives well, doesn't misfire and pulls well still. Any ideas?
  12. MJClio

    Ph1 172 Dog Bone Mount

    Hiiyaaa Just thought I'd share this with you as its something I've had difficulty with finding. Ph1 dogbones are obviously straight compared to the twisted ph2 ones, found many aftermarket mounts for a ph2 172, but nothing but the bush for a ph1. Until I came across this item on eBay. Seems good...
  13. MJClio

    Intermittent cutting out 172

    Hi guys, Got an odd issue. Got a ph1 172, every now and then it won't let me use more than half throttle, not for long, only for a minute or 2, but if I go anymore than that it try's to kill itself. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers
  14. MJClio

    Ph1 172 Central Locking Issues

    Hi guys, Firstly yes I have searched, I couldn't find the relevant information. Central locking works on the inside button, but nothing outside. Found information about resetting key, did that, no difference. Found information about the receiver getting wet, took the interior light out, and...
  15. MJClio

    Silver ph1 172 Maidstone

    Saw you on bluebell hill and then went down the a2 towards ebbsfleet together. I was also in a silver ph1, car looked good man!
  16. MJClio

    Maidstone Bridge Meet TONIGHT

    Meet at Wickes in Maidstone tonight, usually pretty good, I'm in the silver ph1 172. Be good to see some other cliosports here!
  17. MJClio

    Head Gasket Worries, HELPPPP

    So i finally got round to re fitting a stat to my 172 yesterday, obviously coolant got dropped, and there was definitely signs of oil in it :confused: I'm hoping that it just found some oil on the floor, or as it fell through the engine. Car is far from down on power, still pulls the same, no...
  18. MJClio

    Head Gasket Help PLEAAASEEEE

    So i finally got round to re fitting a stat to my 172 yesterday, obviously coolant got dropped, and there was definitely signs of oil in it :confused: I'm hoping that it just found some oil on the floor, or as it fell through the engine. Car is far from down on power, still pulls the same, no...
  19. MJClio

    Many Cliosports at Medway City Estate

    So friday night Medway City Estate, saw many many many sick looking 172s and 182s, anyone on here? I was in the Silver Ph1 172
  20. MJClio

    Central Locking Issues

    Not sure if i've put this in the right place, but hopefully i have! Basically, central locking doesn't work using the key fob or putting the key in the door. When you press the button on the fob a small red light flashes on the fob, but nothing happens. The car does lock everything using the...
  21. MJClio

    Getting hot...

    Hi, hope this is in the right section... Ph1 172, never got hot or even close to hot since I've owned it, always sat between a quarter and half. Tonight, noticed a lot of steam and the temp gauge started to creep up, stopped straight away and realised coolant was leaking from somewhere under the...
  22. MJClio

    Chilled Out Drive/Meet

    Hi Guys! Just been made Kent area rep :up: so thought i'd go about sorting out a little meet/drive out for the Kent lot. Was thinking about meeting somewhere in Medway/Maidstone, and a coastal drive out to hastings/camber as the roads to there can be good driving roads and then can have...
  23. MJClio

    Silver Ph1 Larkfield

    Saw a silver Ph1 172 going past Morrisons in Larkfield, look very clean and had a cage, anyone on here?
  24. MJClio

    Inspraytion Charity Meet TODAY

    I know its last minute, but i've just heard about it as well. Theres a little meet at Inspraytion on Medway City Estate in Strood today, i'm going to pop down there for a bit, be good to see a few others from my way pop down. ME2 4DP is the postcode. I'll be in the Ph1 172
  25. MJClio

    Maidstone Bridge Meet

    Was at the Bridge meet in that delightful weather last night, spotted a Blue Clio 197 and a Yellow Megane, any one on here? Both looked soo good!
  26. MJClio

    Silver 182 Medway City Estate

    Saw a 182 yesterday parked up at mcdonalds on medway city estate, just wondering if its any of you guys
  27. MJClio

    New from Medway!

    Hey guys! Newbie from Medway here, just recently purchased a ph1 172! Please be gentle!
  28. MJClio

    Matts Little Ph1

    Hi ClioSport peoples! New here so thought i'd pop up a little progress thread on my recent purchase! Been looking for a 172 for a while, as it seemed like the best buy for the money i had to spend. Been hunting for a week or so, and just by luck the moment i took a deposit on my old car, this...