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  1. Sash

    New Member - MK4 200 EDC

    Welcome nice to have another mk4 owner here!
  2. Sash

    Clio 220 Trophy gets a remap

    Mines got a modification that no one else has got 😂😜
  3. Sash

    Baby seats in a 182

    I wanna know how most of us* survived being chucked on the back seat in a carry cot 😂 *by most of us I mean those born before the 90’s and before cars even had rear seatbelts
  4. Sash

    Oil on spark plug

    Which plug is this? Is it the one next to the filler? If so my first thought is that someone got a bit exited and spilled some oil down the hole... nothing to worry about.
  5. Sash

    Trophy Gt Dunmow

    Yep 😥 She spun a big end last Monday. So I’ve spent the last few days taking it apart and assessing the damage. Tbf it could have been worse if I wasn’t on the ball and stopped driving it as soon as it really started Knocking.
  6. Sash

    Trophy Gt Dunmow

    Where abouts? I would have been in my Clio (it’s a rather unique thing 😂🤩) as the Megane is currently engineless 🥺😢.
  7. Sash

    Trophy Gt Dunmow

    I also see this every time I drive past or used to get the car cleaned 🧼
  8. Sash

    MK4 roof rack help

    Yes, I think that’s how I know about it! Personally I wouldn’t want to use a roof rack on a car with that type of wrap around fixings. That said, that person may have used a cheap set of roof bar fixings 🤷🏼‍♀️ Just don’t know.
  9. Sash

    MK4 roof rack help

    They seem to dent the roof quite easily I think.
  10. Sash

    Show off your beading

    Sonax BSD applied a good couple of months ago!
  11. Sash

    new here. mk4 rs owner :)

    Hi and welcome, nice to have another Mk4 owner! We will need our own sub section soon 😂
  12. Sash

    Winter 20/21 dirty car thread.

    That stuff is Valet Pro
  13. Sash

    Winter 20/21 dirty car thread.

    @frayz is that better hun? p.S that’s as good as my snow foam ever gets... I cannot get it any foamier 🤨
  14. Sash

    Winter 20/21 dirty car thread.

    And you didn’t do either of mine once 😡
  15. Sash

    Winter 20/21 dirty car thread.

    Both of mine are revolting right now 🤢
  16. Sash

    Is the RS Clio Turbo good as a daily?

    I’ve had mine for nearly 3 years and just shy of 100k (would have been more like 150k if it wasn’t for Covid 🙁) and I can’t think of any car I’d replace it with. As Ratatouille says I use mine to teach in so loads of start stop, slow manoeuvres, harsh braking, potholes, speed bumps etc I...
  17. Sash

    Clio edc gearblx problems

    Mine was on the face of it a healthy battery but kept pinging up gearbox fault (especially on cold days!) changed the battery and it’s been good since.
  18. Sash

    Is there any high mileage clio rs EDC's

    You just wait till I get back to work... 🤣
  19. Sash

    Is there any high mileage clio rs EDC's

    You’ve just pipped me to the leader post, mines on 120k. There’s not many with that kind of mileage on them. Had I have been able to work through the lockdowns I’d have been well north of that by now. I’ve replaced the battery, ARB bushes, wishbones, brakes, tyres etc. It’s currently in the...
  20. Sash

    air bag fault light active

    Hi and welcome to the club! Erase the codes and then try giving the connections under the seat a wiggle. It’s sometimes a dodgy connection.
  21. Sash

    Its That Time

    My meganes insurance is due next week... Greenlight so far are beating everyone hands down, renewal is £269. A quick meerkat compare gives me the following prices... 😂 Ultimately insurance is as individual as the person getting the quote. Personally I’ve never had a bad call to Greenlight and...
  22. Sash

    Winter 20/21 dirty car thread.

    @Daniel Non sport?
  23. Sash

    Winter 20/21 dirty car thread.

    Kinda annoying the rear wiper doesn’t do a 180 degree sweep... I do love it when it’s clean though!
  24. Sash

    Bit of a niche question - Partner on your insurance

    Wonder if @Neil@greenlight can shed some light on the situation (obvs I know he can’t discuss personal details GDPR...)?
  25. Sash

    HID Kit has to go- new MOT Rules. Now what?

    Sounds like a tosser from Vosa might have been there or was perhaps expected to visit thus failing it.
  26. Sash

    Hi all im new to to the forum

    Hi and welcome! does it have LED or halogen lights? I have a ph1 bumper without grills or blade in Liquid Yellow which has minor damage to the offside if you’re interested?
  27. Sash


    Hi and welcome!
  28. Sash

    Violent judder and loss of drive

    If the revs are rising but the speed isn’t then surely that’s the clutch slipping. The judder is likely to be hot spots on the clutch/flywheel I’d have thought.
  29. Sash

    Deciding wither to buy another 172

    The early Ph1’s May have had sunroofs, I don’t know! One of the tell tale signs of a ph2 1*2 rep is usually a sunroof
  30. Sash

    Deciding wither to buy another 172

    I’m not 100% sure but I didn’t think the RS’ came with sunroofs!?