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  1. iyrix

    Camber Bolts. These ok?

    Hi guys. Found that I had these, but missing the washer. They still ok to use?
  2. iyrix

    Rubbing? Is this right? Video.

    Hey guys. Car is currently off the road, so can’t drive to test. I’ve tried a very crud way to see if they are rubbing. I think they will but I’m not sure. Thoughts? Eibachs, with 15mm spacers.
  3. iyrix

    Clio 172 Clubsport

    Hey all, Thought it's about time i shared my project, it started 2 years ago. I was randomly searching Autotrader and i found a 50k 172. Had a quick look and it seemed clean and in "ok" condition. I only really had the intention to use at the weekends and trips to the Nurburgring etc. I...
  4. iyrix

    My Black Beauties! - 172

    Hey Guys, Love this picture so thought i'd share. Had the Clio for a couple of years and it's always been an ongoing project. I'll actually start a progress thread soon as I've done a fair bit since i got it and also plan to do a lot more... The BMW is the daily! Actually the best car I've...
  5. iyrix

    Fitting Supplied tyres (Basingstoke)

    Does anyone have issues with getting supplied tyres fitted. I've called 3 places in Basingsoke, two won't do it and one want's £25 a tyre, which is just ridiculous... Anyone else have this trouble? Cheers.
  6. iyrix

    Silver phase 1 Hook to Farnham

    anyone from here? Nice track car by the looks?
  7. iyrix

    what's this part please...?

    hey guys, just removed the bumper and i'm not sure what this part is... anyone give me a clue? Thanks
  8. iyrix

    Brembo Drilled discs & Pads - Any good?

    Hey guys, Looking at a little upgrade on the pads and disc. Does anyone recommend these: Cheers G.
  9. iyrix

    1 Good Year of Ownership and Thanks!

    After 1 year of ownership i decided to sell the car. I've done 20000 miles this year and they have all been good! Heres some pictures from yesterday after i took a deposit. Made sure she was gleaming before she was collected today. Just want to say thanks to everyone on...
  10. iyrix

    Anyone do detailing in basingstoke aera?

    Hey Guys, I need some help.. or someone to machine my car... I don’t want to spend loads as i will wax it etc after. Just need all the scratches and swirls removed... :-) Anyone got any recommendation or want to do it for some cash.. Cheers G.
  11. iyrix

    Slick 50 - Gear box or Engine

    Hey guys, Anyone used either of these? Was thinking about it for my grearbox, it fine at the moment. Just wanted to try and increase its life. Any thoughts? Cheers Graham
  12. iyrix

    Orange 172 Camberley

    Looked nice. :approve:
  13. iyrix

    Euro Car Parts - Brakes - Eicher

    Hi Guys, need some advice. I need to do my brakes this weekend. I was looking into the Bembos HC pack with 2500's, but for now i dont have the cash. I am after standard Disc's and Pads to do me 6 months. Anyone got any opinions of these: Renault Clio 2.0 2001 Eicher Brake Disc (Front)...
  14. iyrix

    CS4 Flash people.....

    Hi Guys, Really stuck.. I'm using a flash website template. I have edited lots of the text etc, but now want to add another page. I have created that, but i can't work out how to link it into the site.. Can anyone help me!? Cheers all. G.
  15. iyrix

    Is it the weather...?

    My car feels a little slugish in this hot weather. I'm using the A/C all the time, should it really make that much difference? Anyone else notice the difference?
  16. iyrix

    Monaco on Black Gloss Wheels...? Please..

    Hi Guys. Anyone got pics of a Monaco on Black Gloss standard wheels? My wheels are off for a refurb and can't make my mind up.... Please help! Cheers Graham
  17. iyrix

    Gloss Black Wheels on a Monaco?

    Anyone done this or got any pics... Cant work out what it will look like, i'm thinking it might not look that good... but still need to know. Wheels are getting a refurb soon. Cheers G.
  18. iyrix

    photoshop tutorials

    Hey guys, Not too great on photoshop but can the basics.. Just wondering if any knows of a link to a tutorial on lowering cars... i guess not, but any help would be great. Or any photoshop tutorials on cars would be cool.. Cheers Graham
  19. iyrix

    Changed my sparks today... but....

    Hey Guys, Changed the plugs today and all ok. I knew there was a gasket on the main inlets, but i was not expecting a rubber seal on the back. Is this a part from Renault? I have put it back on but not great, split reather bad and probably not a good seal.. Cheers G.
  20. iyrix

    Exhaust Rattle only when Hot.... :-(

    Hey guy's/girls.. I'm struggling to work out where my exhaust is rattling. Got a stealth box, it has had a new bracket fitted at the back with extra padding so it does not sag. Had the exhaust on a ramp and given it a good shake but cant seem to find the place its rattling. It was not...
  21. iyrix

    Trophy - M3 - Farnborough

    On Sunday morning.. going Northbound. Nice.. Didn't see who was driving.... :cool:
  22. iyrix

    Hesitant from cold

    Hi Guys, My car is really hesitant for about 5 minutes after I start. Any ideas what I would need to look for? I do need to change the plugs, not sure what else could be causing it.. Any ideas welcome. Cheers Graham
  23. iyrix

    Red Ph1 172 M3

    as above, think i saw the cliosport tax disc holder! ;)
  24. iyrix

    New car pic's - Work to follow...

    Hi Guys, Finally managed to get some half decent shots of the car. Picked up the car 3 weeks ago with some problems. It had just failed the MOT on bad rear brakes, broken spring. It also needed a full service and a good detail. So far i have done the following Eibach Sportlines -30mm...
  25. iyrix

    Drivers inner CV boot split..

    Hi guys, Just found out that my inner cv boot has split (drivers side). I think this might have been split for a while. There is still grease in there but not much, can the gear box oil come out from there? or does this only happen when you pull out the drive shaft? Cheer for the help. G.
  26. iyrix

    My ride height... does this look standard?

    Hi All, My car needs a new set of springs. This is the car now.. Is this a standard ride height for a 172? I need to change these ASAP for the MOT. Has anyone got any opinions on the 30mm lowering springs from K-tec I've looked...
  27. iyrix

    Hello all

    Hi Guys, Just bought myself 172. This is my first Clio and first Renault. Loving it so far. Need to do a little work on it to get it up to a high standard again. Pics to follow at the weekend! :rasp: cheers Graham