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    2 Black clios (182 following 172) m11 sun

    Stuck in traffic, I was in the black VXT following the red VX, spotted the cliosport stickers.
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    I cleaned my 172 for the last time on Sun

    Thats right, spent Sunday giving my 172 its final clean before we part company on Saturday, my plates are ready to come off and its all clean and shiny. Gonna miss that car it was great fun (when it worked) and the new owner is family so I will still get to see it (drive it) on the odd occasion.
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    FS: Sony 6-disc MP3 changer (CDX-T70MX)

    Ive had this about 6 months and due to changing my car I need to get rid of it. I fitted it where the original renault 6disc changer fits under passenger seat. This is in perfect condition and still boxed. Also have a Sony MD headunit AND Connects2UK adapter to allow the use of the remote...
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    Clutch replacement on warranty

    Has anyone had a clutch replaced on warranty? Had my car serviced at R-Sport last week and he said that the clutch judder I was having was probably a fault with the unit and if so would be replaced on warranty. Unfortunately I went to a VX meet at the weekend and the clutch died on me so is...
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    Do bump strips fall off

    Drove my car to the garage last night to get some fuel and when I got there I noticed I didnt have a rear bump strip (see pic). Im pretty sure it was there when I left the house - do these things fall off or has someone...
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    Who makes in car hard disk players

    Want a new headunit but dont want cds/mds etc so thought about getting one with a build in hard drive. anyone know of any?
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    Unable to open bonnet :( pls help

    I need to top up my oil before some trackdays but when i try to open the bonnect it wont :( pull the a handle and nothing happens. If it try to force the bonnet it wont work but when i push down i hear a click so pulling the handle does do something. Worked okay on Saturday and not driven the...
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    only get 2 O’s on the trip - need more

    Checked the car at the weekend before I head to Ring/Spa - noticed that I only had 2 Os on the oil trip - Im thinking that might be a bit low? What do you recon? What should I top it up with?
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    172 24K service - quote - £325 !!!

    hahahahahahaha Renault London West quoted me £325 for a 24K service on a 172. Hahahahahahaha Sorry, I cant stop laughing. The 24K is the same as the 12K (according to handbook) and should be around the price of £160-£180 !!!
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    First Alternative gave me a great quote!

    Ive been using Elephant for the last few years as they have been very good, but gave First Alternative a go (the sister company to the annoying esure - who wont insure me due to the 172) and they were £150 cheaper than Elephant - woohoo ! Well thats where my money for my new xbox has now come...
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    Is V6 dash colour coded like 172 Cup

    Just wondering as I think it is silver (like 172s) and was wondering why it was not colour coded like the Cup - think it looks pretty sweet in blue. Seeing as the strips on the dash are colour coded - seems a simple thing to do?
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    How many miles / how much fuel !!!

    Ok, after getting home last night I decided to see how far and how much. My computer recorded a total of 1245 miles (from home) and I used 42.3 gallons of fuel (about 192 litres !!!) Was definitely worth it !!!
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    Anyone used Renault Minute

    Got to take my car in to get the leaking washer bottle sorted before the Scotland trip, andyone used the Renault Minute thing?
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    How to change front foglight on 172mk2

    ok, ive now got a replacement for my smashed fog (thanks Mike) and ned to fit it, not had chance to look yet, are these things easy to fit? Will I need a ramp or anything? Thanks, Tony
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    Origin B2, Road Angle - wireless update

    Does anyone know if any of these devices can update wirelessly to my home network? It seems a real pain to keep removing them from the car and plug into a PC?
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    £70 for a bloody foglight !!!

    Blimey, just called reno parts as a gritter smashed my front fog glass, they dont sell just the glass its the whoe unit which is £70 :( Was only expecting it to be £20-£30 for the glass.....
  17. V

    Smashed my front fog :(

    Noticed this morning that one of my front fogs is smashed, anyone had these replaced? Any ideas of cost? Thanks
  18. V

    K-Tec sports cat

    If I have the sports cat fitted will I have to have a new tailpipe too?
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    How much to replace tyres

    Ok, I need some new tyres and probably get Toyos as they are pretty cheap (want to replace all 4) but I need to find somewhere (West London) to swap the tyres over for me. What kind of price am I looking at? Local Kwik-Fit said £10 per tyre and that includes balancing and valves.
  20. V

    Leaking Water Bottle - common

    Ok, it looks like my water bottle is leaking as everything I get into the car its empty, I believe this is a common problem and will be replaced under warranty? Does anyone know where the actual leak will be so I can take a look myself? Thx
  21. V

    Should brakes make a noise

    Recently my 172 brakes have made a kind of scraping noise when appiled (even carefully) which Im assuming isnt right? I thought the mk2 had a dash light to indicate when pads need replacing etc? Any thoughts on why this noise is happening? Cars done 17,500 miles. Thanks.
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    My SERV light is on - what does that mean

    Ok, driving back from Stafford yesterday my SERV light was on contant, I assumed it was just a warning to say my car is due a service (it isnt, was service 6 months / 6K miles ago) Reading the handbook afterwards it says "If it lights up when the vehicle is being driven, it is advisable to stop...
  23. V

    Anyone have Renault UK phone number

    I need to call Renault to find out which dealers have a new V6 as Im looking to arrange a test drive. My local dealer isnt useful as im away from london the next few weekends. Thanks, T
  24. V

    Is the V6 255 *that* much better than 172

    Ok, more and more Im getting tempted to swap the 172 for a nice shiny new V6 255 however the price different between the two (12K?) seems sooo much considering it doesnt seem that much different. What do you think, is the V6 that much better than a 172? Also, Ive heard the "friends & family"...
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    How much longer is the mk2 V6 than ...

    I have a mk2 172 and was wondering how much longer the mk2 v6 is? Any ideas?
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    Conti’s come out quiet well

    Ok, as a few of you have been looking at tyres recently and Ill need some new boots soon I had a quick scan of the top 4 recommendations, heres the outcome... These are 195/45/16 V-rated...
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    Funny noise when changing into 5th

    Lately Ive noticed that when Im accelerating hard and change from 4th to 5th I sometimes get a kind of squelching noise. Its doesnt stop me getting fifth at all and its a crunching sound. Wondering what this is and whether I should get it looked at? Only does it 4-5th and not all the time...
  28. V

    Where to buy Genesis speakers or advice

    I want to replace all the speakers in my car and was thinking of possibly genesis components at the front and just coax ones at the rear. Dont want a sub or amp so is this a good idea? Where can I purchase genesis online? Other suggestions welcome...
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    Woohoo - Got my CD from Bedford today

    Lots of pictures of all the cars, have yet to look at them all.
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    Changing rear speakers - help

    Ok, think one of the factory speakers in my car is buzzing so I want to replace it. I thought about replacing the rears (are there some in the back side panels as well as the shelf??) and if so what should I swap them for? Would like a straight swap, no wiring etc etc and ones that fit into...