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    Driving position 172/182 cup’s

    Im very tall (about 65") but have had 2 mk1 clios before, main thing putting me off buying a 172 cup or 182 cup is going back to that nasty high driving position. had anyone successfully fitted aftrer market seats to thier 172 cup (no airbag) or has the reacro option in thier 182? Is the 182...
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    New 182 buying questions - please help

    Been away from clios for a while since selling the last Williams but reading about the 182 is making me seriously think about coming back. My questions are- 1-What is the cheapest way of getting a 182 with Cup pack? 2-How much? 3-Do imports have the full 3yr warranty? 4-How much % is friends...
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    Anyone passed MOT with de-cat’d Williams

    Ive got a scorpion de-cat on my williams 3 - whats tha chances of it scraping throught he emissions test? (aside from the fact its post 1992 and should have one) Ive heard from my mechanic thats various sprty cars he has had sail through the MOT without the cat
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    Willimas Power steering pumps - all same

    I need a new power steering pump (loud knocking when cold rather then the usuall whine) Im planning to try and source a second hand pump but can anyone tell me if they are all the same? i.e 16v will do? R19 16v? RT with power steering? any help much appreciated
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    Cheapest - Williams front spring

    i thought they had both been replaced when i bought it but it appears the nearside front spring has broken on my williams menaing proably only one was replaced - anyone know where the cheapest place to buy one is? do Euro/GSF supply the correct one? thanks in advance
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    Rad fan switch - low temp / standard fit

    i need a low temp Fan switch in a hurry so cant wait for BB/ktec etc to deliver, is there another car that uses the same fitment switch with a lower cut in temp? i need to be able to get it by tomorrow lunchtime so need a definite model to ask for! anyone know what the cut in temps are as...
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    Jacking point with a trolley jack

    its a stupid question because i have been doing this for years in various places but where is the best place to jack when using a trolley jack? i hate using the sill but other areas on the front are a bit out the way
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    16v/williams cat gaskets from Euro

    dont buy them - they dont fit althought they are listed they are actually too small - just thought it might help a few people in the future
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    is a rattling cat an MOT failure

    took the cat off my williams for a de-cat and the middle bits are rattling around fairly noisily, if i put it back on for MOT will the rattling make it fail? (even if the emissions dont?)
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    16v/Williams water pump same as diesel

    im getting my cambelt and water pump done on my williams done next week, i got the pump from euro today and it states clio diesel 1.9 on the side (amongst other things), im guessing its OK as the block/crank is the same but can anyone confirm? im a bit worried because the Cat gasket they...
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    Williams manifold/front pipe removal

    Ive got various buzzs and rattles from the exhaust of my Williams, the cat back im happy with but ive not removed the front pipe or manifold on a 16v/williams before and i want to know how hard it is?? reason im thinking of removing it all is so i can re-fit everything perfect with new gaskets...
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    DIY 16v/Williams Cambelt change

    I’m struggling to find a likely candidate to change my cam belt and I’m weighing up the pro’s and cons of trying it myself, My limited knowledge suggests it’s a matter of supporting the engine via trolley jack block of wood on the sump, removing the big mount on the left, loosening the others...
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    king Stormba - clear PM’s ref exhaust

    just sent a big PM but inbox full so I lost it!! Crack appears on the manifold just before the flange at the joint with the front pipe. I was told it could be welded insitu but looking at it I think it would be worth taking the time to remove it because its pretty tight.
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    quickest 16v/williams cam belt method

    Ive heard all sorts of theories and times quoted for replacing the cam belt and tensioners on a 16v/williams. quickest i heard is 2.5hrs by Nick Hill - there must be a special method to be able to do it that fast. Whats the best approach in simple terms? e.g engine lift/drop or remove the...
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    Engine bay fuse box - fuel pump

    a while back i changed my fuel filter and in an effort to de-compress the fuel system i tried removing the fuel pump fuse from the fuse box under the scuttle panel (engine bay) and found the folloing Without the fuse the car wouldnt even turn over If the fuse is removed once the car is...
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    N/S Electric Window Stopped working

    My passenger electric window stopped working this morning, it’s been very slow since I’ve had the car but this morning I tried both my switchs - both driver side and the passenger side one and it didn’t move an inch. Any ideas what might need replacing? I heard the motor is over £150 or...
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    F7P/R Oil pressure sender unit

    like many my Oil pressure gauge dosent work, it was working intermittantly but now dosent work at all. Iv ruled out the easy fixes and it looks like being the pressure sender unit on the back of the block. I find it unlikley that the unit will have failed (after working intermittantly for a...
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    F7R Tappets/Hyd lifters - refurb

    at 110k some of my tappets are taking more then 5 mins to quieten down (i know its cold!) is there really a possibly drop is performance due to lessened valve lift from this? Or are BB marketing for my £180 for 16 new ones?? Im edging closer to get the bottom end re-built and need to...
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    Torx head tool kit

    any found a good Torx head kit? i could reallu do with a good set of standard Torw head sizes that compaitible with 1/2" drive ratchet and also will either have a seperate set or will work with hex fit interchangable screwdriver etc.. Anyone reccomend a good one?? Needs to be cheap of course...
  20. L

    Renault Cambelt Warranty – Supply only

    I hear there is some sort of warranty when you buy the full cam belt tkit from Renault despite getting it fitted elsewhere? How far does this extend I’m palnning on getting my mechanic to use the full renault kits (inc belt tensioer and idler) and what come back to I get in the event of...
  21. L

    Cambelt Tensioners Williams/16v

    Can anyone confirm that the Cambelt tensioners are the same for a williams engine (F7R) as the ones for the 16v (F7P) ??? Anyone found anywhere cheaper then Euro/GSF for them?
  22. L

    Jobs to combine with Williams Cambelt

    My cambelt is over due by time rather then mileage so better be safe then sorry im getting it done. While the engine is half out (will be coming out the top i believe) is there any other jobs i can combine with this? so far im thinking - -Cambelt & Tensioners -Aux Belt -Coolant (inevitibly)...
  23. L

    Tonys - 2ltr conversion

    just wondered how its going on? did you use a F7P head in the end? Any further problems?
  24. L

    Cylinder bore glaze bust - how

    i saw the pics of a before and after on F7 block and its looked fantastic. How does this process get such a precision hard wearing finish (assuming it is?) what would the process cost exc. refitting etc - purely the glaze to a bare block?
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    Williams bottom end re-build £

    By bottom end re-build i mean big end shells, piston rings, oil pump and all the relevant gaskets - assuming the crank is fine im thinking around £300 for parts But what about labour?
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    Williams Fuel Filter

    how oftenm do they need doing? i replaced mine on the 16v, a bit of black gunk came out the tank end which was pleasing but not noticable improvment, im guessing at 109k its a worthwhile replacment now? i take it de-compressing the fuel system is the usuall fuse and run it till it dies like...
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    freeing / servicing rear calipers 16v/wil

    as above - any one done it easily? mine bind on a little bit as did my previous valver, meaning new rear pads needed changing every 9 months and performance and MPG. any ideas?
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    williams wheels re-furb best place

    anyone reccomend a good wheel refurb place for williams alloys, the service im looking for would need to be full sand blast, powder coat, paint and diamond cut to outer rim (to make silver) then laquer. but wheels supplied and collected without tyres and balancing etc. been looking at...
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    Bleeding the power steering fluid

    Anyone know whats involved in Bleeding the power steering fluid?? Got an exceptionaly noisy pump even by normal 16v/williams standards
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    Cheapest Williams De-cat

    A de-cat pipe isnt exactly a swiss watch so i just want the cheapest one possible (apart from gutting my own one) any suggestions?