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    My daughters C2 -£4,20ono

    autotrader advert here...
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    Liquid Yellow R27

    M1 this morning, around 7.00am in the roadworks 10-6 looked glorious !! :cool: :D
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    Thank you Bubbles and Funky Monkey

    for spotting the Trophy in Costco :cool: thought you would have recognised "Animal" :cool:
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    Blue 53 plate V6 255

    spotted this morning on the M3 - heading towards Southampton, and turned off at the Eastleigh turning - every time I see one it makes me miss mine even more !!!
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    Insurance Comparison

    did - lowest quote £675 did - lowest quote £400 try it out :)
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    New Concept in Insurance

    visit this site:- you put your details up, and then brokers outbid each other for your business. just worked for me for the Trophy .... :cool:
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    ** 04 RUK - Bedford?

    anyone on here - drive past it quite often on the way into town
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    black clio in MK

    not sure what it was, but it had a very illegal front number plate (small one) :o in MK (Walnut Tree area) tonight, around 6.30pm, think you noticed the Trophy?
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    J9 *** Private Plate Trophy

    somewhere between Bedford and Cambridge this afternoon, followed us in the Trophy for quite a while - anybody?
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    Black 06 V6 on M1 heading north

    this morning - I nearly crashed !!! ;)
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    Bye Bye V6

    it's gone, sold :dapprove: We will miss it a lot :( Still, onwards to the next, whatever it may be. I hope the new owner enjoys it as much as we did !! I'm sure he will :D :D
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    Inferno 182 - MK

    today, around about 12ish, on the Total r'bout up by J14. think you spotted the Vee !
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    Petrol Blue (is that the right name?) 182

    spotted this morning, just before 0900 in Ampthill - going towards Bedford
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    Mr T

    on the M1 yesterday morning, in the roadworks I believe it was (good job the specs are not working yet !!!!) in his NEW yellow V6
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    54 plate 182

    on the M1 - around Junction 4 heading northbound tonight, about 6.30-6.45 pm anybody?
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    Tescos Petrol, Kingston

    05 (I think !) silver 182 - anybody - tonight around 8.00pm
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    2 x Black 182's

    very close behind each other, Leigh Road, Chandlers Ford, this morning about 9.10am one female, one male
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    Trophy in Fenny Stratford

    behind me this afternoon - I was in the Vee
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    W21 ***

    racing blue with stripes, in Pear Tree Services, this morning, Monday 30th, about 11.30-12.00 ish
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    Hv03 ***

    Black 172, with "viper/racing" stripes each side in silver - looks cute actually !! on back of a recovery truck today, going south on A34, between 11.00 - 12.00 today, Monday 30th
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    Racing Blue 182

    Buckingham, around 12.30 ish, today - I was in Trophy and flashed you, Vee was behind me
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    Trophy M1 SV55***

    tonight, heading north, saw you between 6a and 8 what number's yours?
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    N2 *** - Hutwood Court

    Black Mk1 172 spotted in the underground car park yesterday - with a CS sticker in the back window?
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    smug :)

    in good company today ....
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    red one
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    inferno 182

    last night - going towards the BP / A421 roundabout in Milton Keynes ... anybody?
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    buckets-full - A34 & M3

    of 172s/182s this morning - on the A34 north and the M3 - towards London - anybody on here?
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    racing blue with stripes

    this morning just joining the A421 from Junction 13 - I flashed you and you acknowledged me - I was in the black vee anybody here?
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    HK ***** Cup

    just by the junction of the M3 - Eastleigh, you have K-Tech stickers and sunstrip, turned up towards the "local centre" from Leigh Road tonight at about 5.45pm - I was in the Vee waiting to turn right onto the M3 to come home
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    Black 172/182 *** JDA

    B&Q and Asda today, Chandlers Ford - parked next to the Vee in the car park at B&Q