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    Tuner GP pics
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    Cadwell Park 13/03/05 pics A few pics from a track day at Cadwell Park last Sunday. Not 56k friendly. Best to wait for all the thumbnails to load 1st.
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    Track day noise limits

    Im looking to do a track day soon but I am worried about my exhaust been too loud I have a supersprint 70mm system straight through, as any of you have heard this will know its very loud. the track limit is 98db(drive by) but that dont mean anything to me. Is my car likely to be able to run?
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    identify this catalytic converter

    this was with the turbo kit i bought a while ago, that was sold on last year but i ended up with this left over. im not sure if its from another renault in the range or is a custom cat
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    weight of a 172 mk2 wheel

    anyone know the weight of a 172 mk2 wheel (with no tyre if possible)
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    172+head work +cams +unichip

    finally got all my mods finished today had the car mapped at Nobles in chesterfield made mailto:190bhp@fly">190bhp@fly can people who had there cars on the rollers there (172/cup owners) post there bhp. From memory most made around the 160 mark as nobles tend to give low ish figures...
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    Just ordered one of these from Chris @ southend, another step on my road to 200bhp:D. just not looking forward to fitting the damn thing. for anyone that has one is it worth getting the silicone elbow that hill power sell?
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    172/cup LSD

    Ive tried before to gauge interest in a group buy of LSDs for the 172/cup from quiafe before without much success. From speaking to them last time i think they wanted around 20 orders before they would make a 172 LSD. Given that there are now alot more member of this forum than last time i asked...
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    R-Sport ecu

    after this has been fitted to a car can it then be fitted to another 172 or once registered to a car is it somehow locked re alarm and imobaliser etc? If it can be re used im going to get one as if I want to change my plans at a later date its not a total loss.
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    top gear survey

    clio came 111 from 137 no suprise there then
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    = loudest exhaust in the world

    Thanks to Chris at Carnoisseur (Southend) I now have a supersprint full exhaust including decat on my car ( no warning lights). After seeing/heering Dogmauls last week my mind was made up that it had to be this one. Its just so LOUD its untrue, I know it will settle a bit just been enjoying...
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    broken exhaust worse than I thought
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    exhaust has had it

    My 172 is exactly 2 years old today. When i started it up this morning the exhaust started blowing quite badly so seems its on its way out. Are there much options other than a ktec or magnex, also Im tempted to get a custom decat pipe made up to get fitted at the same time
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    A few months back my tyres had the toyos really cheap on their site. I ordered 4 * toyos 195*45*16s for £110.80 following this I had massive problems with them been out of stock etc. They tried it on saying that orderes would be automatically cancelled after a short time but I kept in there...
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    As you regular users probably know I usually host lots of car videos and pics well the good news is that ive now got my new site address and lots of hosting space through. the bad news is I have very little web site design experience but that will come in time...
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    Topgear 172 vs vts clip to d/l heres the clip youve al been waiting for. Top gear hot hatch showdown ending with 172 vs vts I have re encoded this to divx from mpg (was 108mb now 38.5mb)...
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    Top Gear 172mk2 vs Cupra R (30MB) silver mk2clio 172 vs Cupra R reviewed by Vicki BH
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    Assorted clio v6 pics+extras
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    Largest ever spoiler on a clio
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    Top Gear clio V6mk2 video clip (22.5MB) this is the Top Gear review of the mk2 clio V6. Got it the other day and Im sure a few of you would...
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    TOTB2 pics pt 2 from Siggsy

    sorry Siggsy the 2nd emeil didnt come through for ages for some reason
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    Brake fluid/brake disks

    Where is the brake fluid bottle on a mk2 172? its not where my book says it should be. had a look round and just cant see it. also does anyone know what the minimum width is for the front and rear disks on a 172? thanks
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    172 LSD

    Im after an LSD for my mk2 172. I emailed quaife on the matter and heres their reply Dear Mathew, Thank you for your enquiry, although we do not currently manufacture a Quaife ATB differential for the Renault Clio, it is possible that we will be looking to develop such a product in the...
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    more french car show pics these are mainly from the clio sport stand
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    more racing videos from craggy JON vs CTR (2.9MB) JON vs ADI (2.3MB)
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    Motor Bike cc Rules After Passing Test

    As im 25 what bike would I be able to ride, would I be limited to some lawn mower engined bike? Im sure someoe told me if you do your test on a larger engine bike you can ride up to that cc.
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    Nick R’s clio turbo - video clip a short drive by clip of Nick Reads Clio 16v Turbo:D
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    Does anyone know if there is an LSD available for the 172 yet? Last time I emailed quiafe they would only do them if there was a big batch and from previous posts there didnt seem much interest in them.
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    24,000 service

    Just booked my 24k service in at Renault Leeds. I asked them what the discount was for providing my own oil and they said £20, now im sure it was £35 on the 12k service but i cant find the paperwork. They quoted £150 all in. For only £20 it doesnt seem worth getting my own oil. As anyone got the...
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    craggy’s totty videos(donny) 3 more...