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    Car revving quite high at low speeds - EDC

    When in normal auto mode, my car has started to rev quite high when going from 2nd to 3rd and sometimes 3rd to 4th. It's not all the time, however when it happens 2nd to 3rd is hitting 4-4,500 and 3rd to 4th hit 5,500 today. All at just low-mid power, not putting the foot down. Has anyone in a...
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    Favourite and worst upgrades??

    What are your best and favourite upgrades? Or not... Inside, outside or underneath... I have a list for the coming year, but want to keep it tasteful. Interested to know who's added what, are you happy or do you regret any upgrades that you've introduced to the car.
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    Republic of Ireland

    Any members in the Republic of Ireland?
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    New Clio - 18" Cup wheels help

    Hi All, Just new to the community having bought my first Clio RS last week. It's an RS 200 EDC Lux with Cup chassis and I have a question/concern about the wheels and tyres. As I said they're the 18" glass black cup pack wheels and while the tyres and rims line up on the front nicely, the rear...
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    Clio RS virgin, not Renault Sport virgin from Ireland

    Hi All, Just bought a new Clio a couple of weeks ago. 200 EDC Cup. I'm from Ireland, however bought my car in the UK. I had a Megane R26 F1 edition a few years ago for a short period of time. A new house put an end to that drive, but now very happy to be back in an RS car, and I must say I'm...