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    Omex wiring diagrams

    Any wiring diagrams out there for the clio 172 with regards to Omex 600 ecu. I am abounto purchase a set of bodies/ ecu and looking at what wiring requirements are needed. TIA
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    Front suspension setup

    After some advice on what is best for some track use. At present I have PMS top mounts and strut brace along with full progoex black series bushes but unsure as to what suspension setup would be best. And decent coilovers or springs people have used? Budget isn't massive just after some...
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    Gents I am after some advice, Timing up the engine and the inlet cam seems to want to look on the horseshoe all the time. Last time I did it I recall I didn't seem to have this much an issue. I've tried putting a feeler gauge in there but the inlet cam still springs back on the horseshoe, and...
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    Alternator - battery Cable size

    I'm going to make a new cable going from the battery to alternator, starter motor. I did not take the size of each before rushing to work this morning. Anyone able to confirm the size for me please?
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    having some dramas with the timing of the engine. all parts and tools genuine Renault and have done this timing belt 4 times before without any issues. I have currently rebuilt the track car engine, and having dramas setting the camshafts. The inlet seems to spring back, and the timing tool...
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    197 cams

    Gents I am after some advice regarding 197 cams. I have installed them fitted new cam seals also, however I need to know if the exhaust cam dowel and dephaser retaining bolt are all the same as 172 before I purchase them. Thanks in advance
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    Clio 197 cam dephaser bolt size

    Gents hit a bit of a problem. I have bought a genuine dephaser and cam seal kit however the bolt that's meant to hold the dephaser into the cam is too small in diameter. I've never seen this before. Anyone able to shine some light on the issue
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    dephaser help required

    doing the timing tomorrows gents and cant remember if there is a spacer that goes behind the dephaser pulley as it looks like it has contact with the cam seal??
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    Sump gasket

    Gents good afternoon. I am currently rebuilding the engine and have a drama with the sump gasket. I have been sent one that does not fit. Are there differences between the 172/182 versions.
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    braided brake lines

    gents after some advice really. I have a proline brake line kit, however they weep at the joints. So hence I have been unable to complete the full bleeding process. Just a generic question revolving how tight they need to be. Im guessing its as easy as just nipping them up tighter, but im...
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    Cylinder head dowels

    Gwbts anyone know where I can get a hold of some cylinder head dowels. Or even the size of them?? Thanks in advance
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    Piston ring positions

    Gents I am in some need of where the piston rings sit in relation to each other on the piston itself. I have searched everywhere for a diagram but can't seem to find one. Anyone able to point me in the right direction. As always many thanks
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    Dephaser nut size

    Removing the dephaser ge ts, what size is the nut/bolt that holds it in place. Can't seem to find the size of it anywhere.
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    Piston ring gaps

    Gents I'm after some advice. Doing a standard engine refresh and after the Piston ring gap tolerances.
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    Track engine possibilities

    Gents debating what route to go down. I want to keep the engine standard ish but thinking of the following options. Just need some advice as to if its worth it or not. Currently I have replaced Main bearings Big end bearings Full gasket set Sump Water pump Heads been ported But now...
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    Main end cap bolts

    Gents good morning, I am after some advice regarding the main end cap bolts to hold the crank into place. I am refreshing the bottom end and was told they need to be replaced as they can stretch ever so slightly over time. So in my wisdom I threw the old ones away and now cannot seem to find any...
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    Engine rebuild

    Gents where is best to source parts for a bottom end refresh. Renault parts direct? Pure motorsport?
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    Bottom end refresh

    Afternoon gents, I am currently doing an engine rebuild, just a bit of peice if mind next year for the track more than anything else. Possible spec: bottom end rebuild, ported head, matched inlets and 197 cams. I am looking at replacing. Main bearings Big end bearings Thrust washers...
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    Engine rebuild tolerances

    Looking at doing an engine refresh, ready for reliability on track. Where can I find the tolerances for bores, bearings, crankshaft and piston rings. Any advice welcome
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    Engine refresh advice

    Good morning gents, Looking at doing a full engine refresh in October and would like some advice on the following. What micrometers are you all using I've read up a bit and one's seem to give 0.1mm accuracy and others 0.05mm accuracy. All I'm gonna be doing is a full engine strip down...
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    Clio 172 conversion

    Gents, After some advice. I have recently Converted a 1.6 k4m track car into a F4r 2.0. Upon starting the car it turns over imobiliser light goes out but doesn't seem to fire up. I have a feeling its relay related. Replaced all spark plugs and I believe coil pack and leads are good. Checked...
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    Clio 172 cup track car wiring

    So gents I have a set of wiring diagrams, and looking to lighten the loom a little bit. What can I remove? I am guessing. Stereo wiring Airbags Speakers Electric doors and mirrors Any problems to be encountered whilst removing any of this ?
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    Clio 172 throttle body wiring issue

    Need some help! Basically I have some issues regarding a fault with the throttle body on my clio 172. I have replaced the associated relay and fuse, and also replaced the hrotrl body itself. Upon starting the car up it revs constantly. And throttle body makes a horrendous screeching noise...
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    Track Car electrical fault.

    I have been building this track / potential rally car for a few months now and have been suffering from an electrical fault. basically ive replaced the full car loom uch ecu and key / barrel lock. connected everything up, all earth's I believe are good, and battery has been replaced. upon...
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    Clio 172 development

    So after I get the Immobiliser sorted on the 172 rally car i have built. I will be looking at sourcing a 2nd engine and developing it myself. My question is I'm looking to get around 200-210bhp. Plus. How? Well I'm looking for answers here really. Obviously choice would be a set of throttle...
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    Loom help

    Basically cut a long story short I've done a 172 conversion for rallying. All loom and plugs connected up. Installed new battery and as soon as I connected the earth it sparked and the started motoring didn't stop spinning. Only waited 2sec before disconnecting straight away. Is this a bad...
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    braided fuel hose

    Gents I am after some advice with regards to braided fuel lines. I am building a budget rally car, and looking to Install some braided fuel line from the pump to the fuel rail, and a bit unsure of the size and what connectors to purchase. Any recommendations advice is most welcome
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    Gearbox bellhousing bolt size

    Gents anyone shed any light on the bolt size i require for the gearbox bellhousing to block. Many thanks
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    Driveshaft Compatibility

    I have been building a track Clio over the last few months, and need some advice on the following. I currently have a JC5 129 Gearbox which i believe is from a 172 Cup? and need to clarify what drive shafts fit this gearbox. Many thanks
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    Jc5 130 gearbox advice

    Gents need some advice. I bought a clio 172 with no gearbox as part of an on going rally car project. Basically me and my brother are gonna have a go at the sport on a budget. Cars undergone a full rebuild, including Perspex windows, mark fish x door bar roll cage, 172 engine refresh, and now...