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    Red trophy in cardiff about 1pm

    You parked next to me, lovely looking trophy
  2. D

    Black 182 newport road

    Spotted you on newport road cardiff at around 2pm anyone on here?
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    Silver 182 penarth road cardiff

    Silver 182 penarth road at 7am this morning, anyone on here?
  4. D

    Had a longlife fitted yesterday, need help

    So yesterday i had a cat back fitted from longlife, it sounds amazing but the guy said theres a part just infront of the cat thats on its way out, i think he said it was an "olive" section or something that needs to be ordered from renault, anybody have any idea what it is? Cheers
  5. D

    Anyone up for a meet?

    I live in cardiff, havent met up with anyone off here yet, ive seen a few 172/182s in cardiff Anyone fron cardiff on here???
  6. D


    Thinking about putting one in my Artic blue 182 not sure what tho, thinking about the renault sport sticker( in pic ) in dark blue on a black sunstrip? Any ideas or pics of your own? Cheers
  7. D

    Black 182 newport rd cardiff

    By sainsburys at the top of rumney hill, anyone on here? I was driving the artic 182, i would have beeped back but the horn dont work
  8. D

    Clio 182 clutch??

    Drove my 182 yesterday and had trouble getting it into 1st and 2nd, crunched going into reverse. Drove it today and it seems fine, does this sound like i need a new clutch? Anyone got a rough idea on how much itll cost to have done please???
  9. D

    More problems with the 182

    Hi guys wondering if anyone can help, Last week went to start my 182 but it wouldnt start, it cranks over but doesnt start, its happened 3 times in the last week, ive pushed started it to get it going everytime, ive had the battery tested and its fine, so im thinking starter motor? Ive just...
  10. D

    Silver 182 marshfield cardiff

    Anyone on here? Seen you on rumney hill last week too, you have a headlight out lol
  11. D

    Racing blue 182 heath park cardiff

    Spotted yesterday, everytime i go to heath park its always parked up there, any one on here?
  12. D

    Silver 172/182 going down rumney hill cardiff

    Spotted around 7:15 this morning, i was driving the blue 182, just to let you know you have a headlight out
  13. D

    Clio 182 warning light help

    Service and airbag warning light coming on and going off happens about every 20 seconds, any idea??
  14. D

    Clio 182 cat help

    My cats on his last legs, are the sport cats off ebay any good? Seen a company cats4u?? Thanks
  15. D

    Burning smell 182

    When doing 70mph + in my 182 i get a burning and sort of eggy smell, any ideas?
  16. D

    Looking for dashboard trim

    Im looking for the dashboard trims and steering wheel badge in artic blue if anyone has some for sale??
  17. D

    Steering wheel upholstering help

    The steering wheel in my 182 is in sh*t condition, i need it upholstered but its my daily drive, anyway of having it done without having to wait over a week? And who does them and what price? I live in cardiff
  18. D

    Clio 182 lambda sensor help???

    My engine management light came on the other day, had it plugged into diagnostic machine, and its saying the 02 sensor pre cat, the car is idling fine, no loss of power and its not using anymore fuel than normal, the exhaust sounds a little bit louder with a slight rattle, is it the lambda or...