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  1. scott.kir

    Track day phone holders.. whats best

    hello! All that do trackdays, Who uses their phones for laptiming? What phone mounts do you use, I do plan on getting an AIM Solo at some point but for now im just going to use an app on my phone. Just want a good mount to use, Whether its a vent one or suction mount. could you show where...
  2. scott.kir

    Sw motorsport heel plate

    Has anybody got one of the heel plates that sw motorsport have just started selling for the 172/182. I want a heel plate but would rather one i can step on as i get in and out of the car, These don’t look like they come back very far towards the seat.
  3. scott.kir

    Rota TFS3

    Hello, Has anyone had any experience of fitting Rota tfs3’s to a clio? You can get them in 15x7 and quite a few different offsets but unsure if regardless of this some wheels just wont clear the calliper or not?
  4. scott.kir

    182 Wishbones where to buy

    Morning everyone, Does anyone know if you can get new 182 wishbones from Eurocarparts or any parts supplier? If anyone has before could you send me a link or part number? Thanks
  5. scott.kir

    Harness mounting points

    Hello, I’ve not properly looked into this yet but when i had a quick look at the car i was abit puzzled how to mount the harness spreader plates on the floor. As for the crotch strap coming up from under the seat, How have people mounted the spreader plate as the floor looks double skinned...
  6. scott.kir

    Motamec seats

    Has anyone got/used motamec seats before? Been looking at them and they seem really good value, Just unsure on quality etc
  7. scott.kir

    Seats with R022 cage

    Hello everyone, can i ask anyone thats got a safety devices R022 cage fitted what seats your are running? I bought a seat and it physically will not fit! 😤 im fuming as i looked into seats and thought this would fit before i purchased it. iI don’t want to go buying another seat and having the...
  8. scott.kir

    Vibratechnic engine mounts

    Hello, Im looking at buying some uprated engine mounts for my 182, When i research online Vibratechnics state they make road engine mounts and competition ones? Im after competition ones but cant find them anywhere? All im coming across are the fast road ones can anyone point me in the right...
  9. scott.kir

    Engine mount question

    Hello, Long story short, I changed my sump gasket yesterday... what a **** job! 😂 anyway, I had the engine lifted right up in order to do that with the 4 bolts attaching the engine mount to the chassis removed. when i lowered the engine back down, The rubber part of the engine mount stayed...
  10. scott.kir

    Inline fuse

    Hello, Im just in the process of relocating the battery in my race car, Has anyone got a clue what size fuse i need to run inline, I cant see anything on the oem fuse thats on the positive battery terminal to work out what size i need? any help would be appreciated thanks
  11. scott.kir

    Solid top mount install

    Hello all, I’m fitting my coilovers/solid top mounts this weekend, I don’t intend on running a strut brace however im assuming if i ever want to in the future i need to make sure i drill the holes for solid top mounts in the correct place. So does anyone have a guide/photos on solid top mounts...
  12. scott.kir

    Engine breather plates

    Hello everyone, just looking for some clarification as to why there are different engine breather plates? i’ve seen ones that have holes in the top and ones that are blanked off. The one on my 182 is blanked off however my standard inlet manifold has a hole in it that matches upto the blocked...
  13. scott.kir

    Engine fuse/relay box tidy

    Hello, could someone point me in the direction of a thread where somebody has tidied up the fuse box/relays in the engine bay behind the passenger headlight area... and maybe moved the ECU to on top of the gearbox mount. im assuming someone would have done it on here, I’ve tried having a...
  14. scott.kir

    2 outlet master cylinder

    Could someone confirm to me which outlet of the master cylinder feeds front/back brakes thanks in advance
  15. scott.kir

    Braided hose fittings

    Does anybody on here on the off chance know what size brake pipe fittings are needed to fit to the master cylinder when replacing the brake pipes with braided hose?
  16. scott.kir

    HELP pure motorsport exhaust 182

    Im trying to fit my exhaust today, The car previously had an aftermarket exhaust on it when i got the car. I think the car is missing plates that the rear silencer mounts mount too.. Im assuming the 8 studs coming out the boot floor are for a mount to be attached and then the rear silencer...
  17. scott.kir

    PAS delete

    Whats the better option loop the steering rack or remove the piston? Same result or not? thanks in advance
  18. scott.kir

    182 Carbon exhaust trims being made for sale interest?

    Hello everyone, Got a friend thats able to make carbon exhaust trims for 182’s, He’s just making them for me but just seeing if anybody else is interested in some? Going to be made to order and will be £45 a pair including postage. They will need bonding/sticking on as wont be able to be made...
  19. scott.kir

    Fuse box/Body control module mounting

    Can people share how they’ve mounted the in car fuse box/body control module under the dash in their race cars. I’ve caged my 182 and had to cut the dash and the original fuse box bracket has had to be cut off. so just wondering how people have mounted it all thanks in advance
  20. scott.kir

    Engine oil breather plate

    Hello, ive just bought a 182 which im building into a race car, Im completely new to Clio’s. I removed the inlet the other day, After finding the 2 10m bolts holding the back of it down (either side of the coil pack) have had the threads stripped previousl also noticed the oil breather plate...
  21. scott.kir

    Bilstein B14 vs Cup shocks + H&R

    Hello everyone, I purchased an Alien green 200 yesterday, It is currently fitted with Bilstein B14 coilovers however these aren't what I'm wanting for the car. Has anybody had standard cup shocks with H&R springs before then swapped to Bilstein B14's and can let me know how they compare? The...
  22. scott.kir

    Looking at purchasing a Clio 200

    Hello, New to the forum and especially Clio's, Have not yet purchased a car but I am looking at getting one in the next couple of weeks to use as a track car (but road legal) Knowing nothing about Clio's I firstly would like to know if buying a 200 for a track car is it worth getting a CUP or...