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  1. fake ben taylor

    Pms breather plate bolts

    Hi all, Got myself a second hand pms breather plate but no bolts - tried the oem ones but they bottom out before tightening the plate. Anyone know thread size/pitch so I can get some ordered? Thanks
  2. fake ben taylor

    Whiteline arb dimensions

    Hey all, Anyone got a rear arb off the car and fancy measuring it for me? need the lengths of the bar long ways and short ways, save me crawling under the car on the drive with a tape measure lol edit: its the whiteline I need, just realised PMS mounts differently
  3. fake ben taylor

    Rear beam favour?

    Hey guys (and girls?) I don't suppose anyone has a rear beam local to hull/brid (ish), I could grab to refurb with the pms strengthening kit and poly bushes and then give my beam in exchange? The car is my daily and so can't take that one off and don't want to end up paying Renparts £90 for...
  4. fake ben taylor

    new sump - only main stealer?

    Hi, Suspect I've cracked my sump during a bit of an off at snetterton. Is the main stealer the only place to get a new one? I was convinced I'd seen some on eBay but now can't find them :(
  5. fake ben taylor

    bucket seat help

    I know it gets asked ALLL the time but i cant find anything on a search :( Got my bimarco futura in the clio on an omp subframe and its REALLY far forwards, i feel like im wrapped round the steering wheel. How has everyone else gotten around this issue?
  6. fake ben taylor

    need an exhaust in a hurry what are my options?

    NEED my car back on the road before friday evening as the mrs is unavailable to give me a lift. The exhaust snapped on friday and ive spent since then dealing with ktec's lack of customer service. Had renparts as a backup option as they said an exhaust on next day delivery was no problem but...
  7. fake ben taylor

    fitting cup lower arms

    Hi, Cup lower arms arrived today but im having a nightmare week and im working all weekend, but have a track day at donington on Monday id like them fitted for in an ideal world. How easy is it to do? Ive tried searching for a guide on here but havent found one. Just trying to work out if its...
  8. fake ben taylor

    Project 'Daily'

    Hi all, Bought myself a Monaco 172 recently after finally giving in to Dan@519's constant 'buy a Clio they're awesome' comments whenever i was looking for a new fun car. Its an 02 plate which had blown a head gasket and had a 67k engine fitted with new cam belt done by Owen:s on here and a new...
  9. fake ben taylor

    leaking cam end seal

    Tried a search but not having much luck :( My cam end seal is leaking (gearbox side of the engine) and chucking oil out over my exhaust manifold. Really need to sort it before in on track on 31st of july, so whats the best way? Ive read that the rocker cover holds the cams in so taking that...