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  1. cb10

    Return of the RB

    Evening all. Well thought I would get a little tread going. I used to own the car about 3.5years ago and regretted selling it as soon as it went, anyway it was replaced with a megane 225 which I enjoyed but was a money pit and just didn’t make me smile like the 182 did, that lasted just over 2...
  2. cb10

    197 steering wheel on 182

    do I need some sort of washer to fit a 197 wheel on my 182, pretty sure I have seen something about one been needed. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  3. cb10

    Dam alarm!!!

    Just wondering if anyone can help, my alarm keeps going of. I can lock the car as normal and it be fine for several hours and then just keeps going of. And as you can imagine its rather annoying at night time. Unfortunatly im no mechanic but any advice would be great. Only thing i can think is...
  4. cb10

    Help and advice please.

    Hi guys. My 182 seems to be running very rich, there is a strong smell whenever the car is started and if i just leave on tickover. Just want to no whats best to do or why it would gave started running so rich. Plugged it in to small handheld device and it came up with a air inlet solenoid...
  5. cb10

    Corbeau club sport seats

    Has anyone tried any of these? There a new design for 2014 and look very similar to recaro pole positions. There only £300 for a pair so thinking about some for the RB. Anyone with any info on these would be great Cheers craig
  6. cb10

    10mm to 16mm spacers

    I had some 10mm spacers on my last car and im thinking of getting some 16mm for the fronts of my 182. I still have the longer bolts that came with the 10mm so do you think i would be ok with those or do i need longer still. Any advice be great. Cheers craig
  7. cb10

    C02 emissions?????

    Had the car moted today, had to put my standard cat on and also put a new 02 sensor in. Came to the test and you are allowed upto 0.20, mine read upto 7 and nothing below 5.65. Anyone any advice what is wrong as this is major high. Its def been running rich for a good few months now as its...
  8. cb10

    Camber set up and tracking in huddersfield area

    Hi guys Im replacing my shocks and springs in a couple of weeks (oem cup dampers and eibach sportlines) and just wondered best place to get it tracked up after. Also it has eibach camber shims on the rear, i have some eibach camber bolts for the front but never fitted them, would you recommend...
  9. cb10

    How much brake fluid do i need????

    Im replacing my front ABS rings as one has split so thought i would change the fluid as to my knowledge its never been done. So just wondered how much i need and also whats the best to get. I dont do any track days. Cheers Craig
  10. cb10

    De cat, sport cat or standard cat

    Hi all, im currently running a full stainless system made by aas. It's a fantastic bit of kit, the thing is its also got a decat which I think is great but it's coming upto the forth time now that I have to put the standard cat on for mot and it's annoying, I'm also on my 2nd 02 sensor as it's...
  11. cb10

    Eibachs, cooksports & prima racing springs

    Im ordering some new 172 cup dampers for my non cup packed 182 next week. My question is what springs to use. Im currently running the prima spring which looks great but is quite a hard ride especially on the roads round me (terrible pot-holed rubbish) so was thinking about using the eibach...
  12. cb10

    Machine polish in huddersfield area.

    Wanting my RB machine polishing to get the swirls out nothing major but just annoying me. Can any of you guys help at a reasonable price? All help appreciated. Cheers craig
  13. cb10

    Solid engine mount.

    My 182 has a solid engine mount on. It came with the car and although it looks really good i do wonder if i actually benefit anything from it? I dont track the car and it doesn't have the solid gearbox mount so all i seem to gain is some vibration!!! Haha. Not been in one with a standard mount...
  14. cb10

    Which front dampers????

    This has prob been asked before but i have a 182 non cup packed and im looking to replace the front dampers with some genuine Renault ones but was wondering which is my best option just to go for the 182 variants or the 172 cup variants? Im not sure what difference there is really and if i will...
  15. cb10

    RB 182 (aka GGo)

  16. cb10

    Rear shockers OEM

    I fitted new genuine rear shockers to my 182 14 months ago and looked under car today and one is leaking oil everywhere already. Is this normal? I no i havent hit any big potholes so surely they should last longer? It is lowerec on sportlines but even so i would have thought they were good for...
  17. cb10

    Front abs ring

    My front abs ring has split on my 182. Just wondered if anyone knows best place to get one and if there expensive? Any info would be great cheers
  18. cb10

    Air bag clip on drivers seat

    Tried to take drivers seat out today on my 182 but can't seem to unclip the airbag switch under the seat. Can anyone help please cheers Craig
  19. cb10


  20. cb10

    Prima racing springs

    Hi guys and girls. Does anyone have any info on the prima racing springs for a 182? Been looking at them for abit and just wondered if anyone on here has them or used them before? They look to give a nice drop 35mm front 45mm rear. I'm running 15" wheels so they look abit lost with the eibachs...
  21. cb10

    Help o2 sensor?????

    Hi, a little help needed please. I noticed a few weeks back when I started my car it smelled like it was running quite rich then a few days later the engine management light came on. It hasnt gone into limp moad or anything but it does seem to have been using a fair bit of fuel even before I...
  22. cb10

    Help please, grey pro race 1.2's on a RB

    Hi guys does anyone have a pic or can photoshop me on with a RB on dark grey pro race 1.2's pref 15". Any help would be fantastic. Cheers Craig
  23. cb10

    Wheel help please, change needed!

    Think I want a change from my pro race 1.2s. They are 15" form in black and although I love them and look great and the Michelin exaltos are awesome and cheap I just feel I want a different look. Maybe back to 16s and possibly silver? Just can't make my mind up. Don't really want to spend much...
  24. cb10

    16" pro race 3 style rim pictures

    Does anyone have any pics of a 182/172 pref racing blue please with some 16" pro race 3 style wheel. There a 5 spoke design for those that don't no. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Craig.
  25. cb10

    Headlight bulb??????

    Not sure if this is the right section but just need to no if the standard bulb on a 182 with xenons is 4200k or are they 6000k?? Any help would be muchly appreciated. Thanks Craig.
  26. cb10

    Help please

    Hi guys, I'm wanting to get my car machine polished soon ready for summer and get rid of the swirls, it's not 2 bad as its only 2 years since was done. Just need some advice on were to go or if anyone on here can do it that lives in the west Yorkshire area. Any help would be great. Cheers Craig
  27. cb10

    182 inlet manifold gasket

    Hi all. Painted my inlet today and when I came to take it off there was quite abit of oil about. So thought it would be best to put a new gasket on, would anyone advise to use any gasket seal aswell or will the new gasket be enough. Cheers. Craig.
  28. cb10

    Headlight washers

    Does anyone know what size the hole is in the bumper where the washer jets are bolted in? Cheers Craig
  29. cb10

    Rear shockers

    I need some new rear shockers for my 182 non cup pack. Are the cup ones any different and where is the cheapest place. I have found some 182 cup ones genuine Renault on ebay for 90quid including delivery is this the cheapest I will find? Cheers Craig.
  30. cb10

    Sorry a TYRE question!!!! HELP

    Right am sure some of you are fed up of answering these questions now but really need some help. I am running 15" pro race wheels on my 182 and i need some new tyres as the ones that are on now are rubbish that just came with the alloys. I no most will say PE3s but unfortunatly my budget is only...