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  1. Geordie-Chris

    Can anyone confirm these rear disc spacers are correct?

    Hi guys, Fitted my stub axel spacers/camber shims today. First time I've had the rear discs off, does this spacer washer look correct? I've had no trouble with bearings, but other ones I've seen on here seem to be more of a top hat shape.
  2. Geordie-Chris

    Coolant temp sensor thread size - anyone able to help??

    I need to know the thread size of the coolant temperature sensor in the thermostat housing . Does anyone know, or have on their able to check for me. Any help appreciated, Chris:)
  3. Geordie-Chris

    Pic request - carbon bonnets on Clios, Mondial Blue if possible.

    I've got a carbon bonnet that has laquer peel so is going into the body shop. I can't decide between just getting it relaquered or painted body colour to match my car. I've searched but pics of Clio's with carbon bonnets are a bit scarce. Any help appreciated, Chris
  4. Geordie-Chris

    multi room audio/music with phone/tablet as controller??

    Hopefully someone will be experienced in this field. I have a home PC running windows 7, and have approx 1.5tb of stored music/movies etc. I'll be re decorating soon, and was interested in putting speakers in different rooms (ceiling mount?),and be able to use some sort of app on different...
  5. Geordie-Chris

    Adjustable lower arms.... by the guy who makes the cheap ebay roll cages

    Browsing eBay, like you do and came across these... I have seen all the debates about his cages etc, but if you look at his website he's not just some cowboy out to make a quick quid, seems to be well into his motorsport fabrication, and...
  6. Geordie-Chris

    Silver 172 Newcastle from Holiday inn roundabout, no fogs and tow strap....

    Anyone off here, I was in the Blue Cup, had a play up the dual carriageway which was boring as both cars were evenly matched.
  7. Geordie-Chris

    Sunflower, Trophy and 182, Hartside.

    Was up over Penrith last night, spotted you three on your way towards Hartside with a Corsa VXR. On the way back stopped for a photo at the Cafe and you were all up there. Was in my mates Merc, was gonna take my Clio but he was delivering parts and wanted to save on the fuel costs so took his...
  8. Geordie-Chris

    Dark blue, 172 on Anthracite 2118's and Whitline RARB. Lemington Spa

    On my way to a training course and noticed this going the other way. Looked good, anyones off here?
  9. Geordie-Chris

    Help - rev counter and speedo wire colours .....

    Can anyone help me locate the rev counter wire and speedo wire on the back of the dash on my 52 plate 172 Cup. Any help much appreciated, thanks, Chris
  10. Geordie-Chris

    Why use 'camber bolts'?

    Looking to set up my geometry on my 172 Cup this weekend, I'm lucky enough to have access to a laser alignment machine at work so can do it all myself. I'm wanting to increase the front camber for an upcoming track day, and was wondering do I NEED camber bolts? Only looking for -1.5° nothing...
  11. Geordie-Chris

    Royal Purple Gearbox oil - any good??

    I'm looking into the confusing world of gearbox oil for my 172 Cup, to try and help protect it on trackdays etc. My local (and very well respected) tuner is trying to sell me Royal Purple. Just interested to hear anyone's experiences using this oil, or has anyone got any other solid...
  12. Geordie-Chris

    Very low, possibly wide, White Clio with orange wheels??

    Saw this travelling North on the M1 about 6.30-7ish (god knows I was shattered and it had been a long drive!!) I was travelling south but this thing stood out, properly low, Ph 2 sport front bumper, with bright orange wheels filling the arches. Looked good, just wondering if there's any pics of...
  13. Geordie-Chris

    My 1st Clio - 172 Cup, hopefully track day car!

    Thought I'd throw a few pictures up of my new to me Clio 172 Cup. I've been a life long Vauxhall fan, owning everything from a 1ltr Nova 1st car, onto Mk 4 Astra GSi and SRi turbos, aswell as my long term 2ltr, twin carb'd, Quaife Diff'd Nova. After buying our first house 4 years ago money...