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    Your car when you first joined and now?

    Aye Mille miglia ht3 still a good looking wheel now
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    Your car when you first joined and now?

    When i joined in 2002 And now 13 years later Can't beat a shonky old clio for the lol's
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    Brake Cooling

    Few pics of My brake cooling setup when I was fitting it (on a mk1 ) Ideally you want to force air up through the centre of the disc to cool it evenly the only problem with this is as I've found is a lot of clio discs are vented from the front instead of the rear and it really doesn't work...
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    All the Best Cars seem to be miles away

    If I'm goin buy a car that's far away I always have really good intentions of getting the train then if it's mint I can drive it back but if it's rough I can just get the train back in reality after spending hours on the train I'm just happy it's got 4 wheels a seat and a steering wheel and end...
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    My pictures from today's TOPO meet.

    Ill give u a quid lol Few things hav changed since I last went a meet prob bout 9 year ago lol me and the car have got a lot older still quickest one there tho ;)
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    My pictures from today's TOPO meet.

    The old 1 with the funny bonnet that opens the wrong way
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    My pictures from today's TOPO meet.

    ​Hehe I'm getin that on a sticker for back window
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    clutch pedal stiff on a valver

    valver clutches are stiff anyway but they get worse when there routed the wrong way round the engine bay, if the cables snap regular theyve been routed wrongly adi
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    Quickest cars on forum

    yeh my old red valver ran 13.6 qtr at 104mph new turbo beastie i bought off nick read has ran a 13.3 at 107 with him at the wheel im yet to run it as ive only had it about 3 weeks adi
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    williams/valver nitrous

    i drilled an tapped the throttle body on mine wen i did it no-where else for i to go really worked pretty well cracked off a 13.6 sec qtr with it like that runnin 60hp jets adi
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    i got summat no1 else got in there boots that grabs peoples attension hehe
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    £5000 to spend!

    i kno my valver aint exactly standard with a 2.0, coilovers, 4-pots and 60shot of nos wen i feel the need but after drivin a 200sx, 340hp evo 7, 330ci bm , 225hp audi tt , 8v delta integrale, 2.0 nova , 5 turbo , saff cossie and quite a lot of other cars id rather own the clio than any of...
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    1/4 Miling Santa Pod / York times

    york aint no quicker all thru 2003 i ran 14.3s 14.4s and the odd 14.2 gettin 14 plus runs in most days at york first day of 2004 racin i went the pod 2nd run i hit 14.3 then a 14.4 an i got no more runs in after that most people i speak to reckon pod is quick if u can get it right if u can...
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    NOS insurance help!!

    i jus dont tell em hehe if i smashed my car i wudnt claim its not worth losin me no claims adi
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    York RWYB today!

    got about 4 or 5 runs i think could hav gone quicker i reckon with more time an runs we will have to see how it goes over rest of the year happy with 13.8 tho at 104 that means its gotta have a 13 sec 0-100 adi
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    York RWYB today!

    i ran a 13.8 at 104 on the gas was getin w**k starts all day too so im sure a couple of tenths can be had off was good day bit busy tho adi
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    valver camber setting

    they replace the bolts in the top hole where the strut bolts to the hub there jus eccentric bolts u jus turn them to adjust camber i got mine from demon tweeks but imagine there exactly same as the k-tec ones they didnt cost nowhere near 30 odd quid to make though i bet adi
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    valver camber setting

    bought some adjustable camber bolts for me car last week because its so low at the front its got quite a lot of negative camber and scrubs the inside edge of the tyres im gonna spend a bit of time marking it up for diff settings 1degree 2deg 3 deg e.t.c, it handles really well at the min but...
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    All you 16v/willy owners....

    mongoose best and nicely loud doesnt fit as well as a magnex tho adi
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    Is this utter poppycock or what

    nah looks great ill have 2 a bargain at 35 quid :p adi
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    power steering drone

    yep mine was a right noisy bastid till i put some of that slick 50 stuff in its a miracle cure seriously i was well impressed i jus drained the P/S tank and filled it back up with the slick 50 stuff adi
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    Peco powermaster

    pecos do the job but its a bit like havin gola trainers if u kno wot i mean adi
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    182 Best Hot Hatch Ever

    thats a bit rude considering all the probs we hear about 172s mines never let me down once even wen passing 172s for fun adi
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    182 Best Hot Hatch Ever

    well red an blue makes a sort of pinky purple colour so imagine how fast that wud be adi
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    182 Best Hot Hatch Ever

    oh dear handbags at dawn u neednt worry cos u all kno my valver is way quicker than all ur cars hehe jus cos its red adi
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    quickest 1.8 16v 1/4 mile time

    mine still ses 1.8 16v on the log book lol 14.2 hehe adi
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    16v Engine question

    beauty of the 2.0 megane bottom end or willy conversion is that u dont have to tell the insurance the f7p engine number can even be swapped over 2.0 is the way to go adi