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  1. hsustyle

    I need to start trading in clio cups........

    Lovely car, sold this via collecting cars.
  2. hsustyle

    Mk2 RS prices

    Even better when you have 4 Low mileage Cups.. 🤫
  3. hsustyle

    New Track Saxo

    Do it or pass info onto me! 😂
  4. hsustyle

    Trailer advice

    Exactly same position im in! Need something that's easy to handle and collect new stock with.
  5. hsustyle

    Trailer advice

    Looking to buy a used trailer ideally for track days and for collection cars. Basic low one car trailer. Any for sale? Reputable brands? What can I expect to pay? Thanks! Amin
  6. hsustyle

    New to the forum, looking for a 182

    I was going to view this today but it had already sold. you've got yourself a rare car there :)
  7. hsustyle

    All 197/200’s on the forum. Get in here!

    Picked up my old 200 last week. Recaros, Cup Chassis, GT spoiler
  8. hsustyle

    Facebook Marketplace

    I've sold a few on Facebook market place. A decent ad and good pics and a very clear price will help avoid some idiots. I have a look on there for projects, have had a few bargains!
  9. hsustyle

    172cup vs 200cup

    I had both for a year. 172 cup was a tad quicker in a straight line, more raw, punchy and frantic. Everything felt like an event when you're really pushing on.. Corner, straight, corner, corner. Definitely demanded more concentration. The 200 was more clinical, the handling was immense and I...
  10. hsustyle

    Clio 200 edc disappointed ..

    I hear you! I just didn't gel with it like I do, with other Renaultsport cars. Found a nice black 200 with Recaros and cup packed, picking it up on Tuesday.
  11. hsustyle

    Clio 200 edc disappointed ..

    You're probably right with it being a car that's more sublte and needs a bit longer to gel with. I was just expecting a bit more performance from the engine compared to my 182. Trophy is out of budget so I'll look at 200 with cup chassis and Recaros or a Meg 250.
  12. hsustyle

    Clio 200 edc disappointed ..

    Just went to rest drive a 2015 cup packed 200 edc Lux and have to say I was quite disappointed. Seats are lovely and it's definitely a nicer place to sit in than my 182 but I didn't notice much difference in performance or handling! Will be looking at mk3 200 again as I loved my last cup...
  13. hsustyle

    Holtye golf course BG 182

    Just spotted a BG ff 182 coming past Holyte golf course. Sounded fruity. Not sure if you spotted me, I was in a very shiny bg 182 in the golf course car park.
  14. hsustyle

    A 11 ph1 172 Exclusive

    Ph1 Exclusive spotted. Just now in Elveden, Suffolk by the A11. I was in a black 182. Anyone on here? Ktec exhaust?
  15. hsustyle

    Best sounding exhaust?

    I was on the lookout for one for ages, found one on gumtree in the end and had a mate knock up a non res mid section. It's the Janspeed ktec system, 2.25 inch, single backbox
  16. hsustyle

    Best sounding exhaust?

    Ktec 2.25 inch System with decat! Raspy but not silly on motorway.
  17. hsustyle

    Who can adjust my timing -south East

    Good one, I'll try him on Facebook.
  18. hsustyle

    Who can adjust my timing -south East

    I'm back in another 182 and it feels a bit flat up in the higher revs compared to some of my previous ones. Belts were done 18m ago by a used car garage so my money is on timing out. Anyone able to take a look? Cash and beers! I'll order some cam seals Kent /East Sussex
  19. hsustyle

    Rb 182 on 2118s A11

    Spotted a lovely clean cup packed racing blue 182 on the A11 around 5.20pm Was on some anthracite 2118s. Anyone on here?
  20. hsustyle

    Ht53 Tunbridge Wells 172 Cup

    Spotted this around Tunbridge Wells a few times while just working on my 182.
  21. hsustyle

    Clio 172 cup owner finally!

    Very nice. You say no more but I don't see a Trophy on your drive Anthony.. ?
  22. hsustyle

    Black 200, Eridge bypass - Crowborough

    Black 200 with Recaros Around 1pm? Heading towards Crowborough. Went well.
  23. hsustyle

    Black V6 - Tunbridge Wells

    I've seen this in Tunbridge Wells a few times over the last couple of years.
  24. hsustyle

    Photoshop request ,wheels

    Thanks dude!
  25. hsustyle

    Photoshop request ,wheels

    Rough ?
  26. hsustyle

    Photoshop request ,wheels

    Can someone please photoshop these steels wheel onto the saxo? Same size, both are 15 inch In white Gold Gunmetal grey Any other colour that works? Thanks! DSC_3081-01 by Amin Abdalla, on Flickr 1930k3xwfxa8rjpg by Amin Abdalla, on Flickr
  27. hsustyle


    Amazing stuff, what a badass! All the best with it!
  28. hsustyle

    Mini JCW Checkmate

    Interesting! They do seem like a good package.
  29. hsustyle

    Mini JCW Checkmate

    I like the Look of these. How do they perform against a 1*2 with the usual mods like springs etc?