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    Clutch Slipping! need help...

    hi all, Ive owned my 182 for 4 months now, just yesterday the clutch began to slip pretty bad and its looking like it needs a new one! worst timing just before xmas. I was wondering if you know how much it should cost to get it done, and if any1 knows a good person/company somewhere near high...
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    BG 172..Manchester City Centre...Good looking lady driver lol

    Lowered balck 172 with cliosport sticker in the rear window and i think it was on 2118s. I pulled up in my BG182 and waved but got no love, must have been that time of the month.
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    I bought my 182 about 4 weeks ago off of a dealership in essex. The sale price agreed included a full M.O.T/service. Anyway im driving it home through london and 2 warning lights came on. ABS light and the service light?i carried on, and got home, i turned the engine off and when i turned it...
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    HELP!! opinions welcomed!

    ive just bought my 1st 182, wanted one with both cup packs in black but that proved too hard, they had either done too many miles or were in scotland! So its gt the standard silver sport alloys and im looking to get the anthracite alloys. In your opinions, is it better to get the ones ive gt...
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    New member from bucks, bought my 182 today!!

    hi all, just wanted to say hi, bought my 182 today, il post some pics as soon as possible, very nice car, sounds great, its got everything but the anthracite alloys which im looking to buy, anyone know where i can get some? ebays a bit pricey, im not shelling out £700 for speedline turinis like...